“Love is when you give the other person the ultimate power to reduce you into pieces and trusting them not to.”

“Forgiving is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”
Mark Twain

Philosopher’s Secret?

What do philosophers know that others often forget?

The world wouldn’t qualify me as a philosopher but deep, deep down I believe I am one. At least an amateur one.

Love is utter surrender. 99.9873% of the times “I love you” is a question without a question mark. People expect a response when they declare their love for you. They’ll be elated if you say yes and…well, you know the second half of the story.

Now, philosophers know that love is something utterly spontaneous. It has no logic and it can never be converted into a business contract.

Love is never about the other person. It’s about you. Your ability to be in love. Your capacity to surrender. Your capacity to indulge, to commit, to go deep, and all this without consuming the other person. You take nothing for granted.

Heck, the other person is a God(des) in your eyes. They’re way beyond you and you consider it a miracle when they agree to give some space and make some time for you. I repeat love is utter surrender.

If you happen to meet someone who loves you, never, ever let them go. Ever. Keep them and pamper them with your love. Not because it’s a business deal but because you are given so much love that you need to pour it out or you’ll burst. If you find one, consider yourself tremendously lucky.

Forgiving is supposed to be a natural phenomenon. Did you know that half of the people you’re angry with don’t know about it and the other half don’t care? It’s hilarious actually.

Forgive. Forgive even before you are asked for an apology. Forgive even when the person doesn’t deserve it. Forgive, because you deserve peace. The moment you put emotions into your thoughts, it becomes karmic in nature.

Good and bad thoughts both alike will come back and get you…because…er..the earth is a sphere! So you might as well give out some good vibes and be chilled.

Believe Always in Best

Philosopher’s secret?
Let your mind calm now, breathe deeply, listen to music, relax, your nerves would love it…
All the best,

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