Gift to Yourself…

It is just that our experience of time varies depending upon how intensely we live or how slack we are. If you are very slack with life, it looks like time is passing by very slowly. If you are very intense, time just flies by. But in reality, time is happening to all of us at the same pace.

Welcome, My New Star!

Great day going to be today for me…How do I know?
Well, I do not mean the weather, that is never guaranteed, but
I decided to open the door to one live person to enter my website, meaning as a “contributor”.

History, Philosophy, Art…My Love

Perhaps because I was born in Central Europe, surrounded always by history, I became a history lover in every way. I love history, no matter what century, place,


Our Intelligence

Before I delve into what I consider a sad task:
Finally, we see publicly admission of the fact that education in this country is in a very, very sorry state, but I really do not need statistics to show me how far low on a scale compared to rest of the world it is.