“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings;
the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

Winston Churchill

Please note that my site is ABSOLUTELY NOT SUITABLE FOR:

The undereducated, mostly young generation, not well-red, minimal, or no knowledge of world events, non-existing desire for knowledge, without being interested in higher intelligence status, etc…Those, by my experience, are in every way …see below…

We live in times of knowledge and overall culture decline. In such an environment, anyone who just thinks and reads a bit realizes quite fast this reality. And that without any data or explanations being handy or available for you as proof. For the first time in history, data disclosing really sad and shameful status. Today’s generation is the FIRST generation not reaching as those in a past always did. The “STEP UP!”

Well, it seems playing games and following “doubtful” celebrities doesn’t make it.
I can also judge this situation by questions receiving on Quora and other sites. Those are often more suitable for “children in grammar school”. So, the only logical conclusion to this sad and quite shameful situation is –
America is in serious decline!

Then considering quite a nowadays dramatic situation, we are not facing anymore some badly behaved kids. Today we are facing serious criminals. Those must not be tolerated! Here the government ahould consider serious approach, otherwise, matters could turn into
very dangerous for the population.

Below is an enclosed link to one from my 6-part series “Living Under Communists” published already in 1990.
As a warning based on my personal experiences and history that can’t be in any way adjusted or changed. It is done deal…

Here is something to check out. Real thing, highly recommended!!

“Toilet Paper Lines-Living under Communists”

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