“Revolution ends when its leaders are securely sitting on the throne and their wives are dressed in furs.” 

The Finger Theory
All fingers are not alike.
If you cut bigger ones to make all equal it is communism.
If you stretch smaller ones to make all equal it is socialism.
If you do nothing to make all equal it is capitalism.

“Truth” (series) The “Fingers” Theory-part 3
(Living Under Communists)
By Maya

In this chapter of “Truth”, it was my intention to introduce you to some major aspects of life in (former) socialist countries, but I realized I’m not ready for that as yet.
The reason is that I feel there is more to be said till I get to it. To understand the basis a little better, to analyze “ideology(s).”

The “Fingers” theory (my own way of calling things) is simply ingenious for this purpose…

I believe real examples and similar props are most of the time the best help in explaining, analyzing, and even great for memorizing. Just like using children rhymes -:)

Ideologies… how very innocent they might seem when reading about them, studying them, even teaching them… and how very disappointing, even dangerous they could become upon their realization. Sometimes they are used as original thoughts to the point, or they are carved, tweaked, outright twisted, and then delivering at the end various, often unexpected, and almost always undesirable results.

All those “isms!”…. Let’s face it, it is not too difficult to come up with some new “isms,” but it is fascinating how some are being accepted, as a word of the “Bible” and followed like a religion, often by those who have no idea (or sometimes they do) that the very ones followed now were already put in practice once before and didn’t work out at all. However, they are being forced regardless.

Being forced on innocent people (meaning obviously kind of politics) and as I already mentioned in a previous “chapter” by those, and I repeat that… who either do not know the history about what already did and/or didn’t work or simply accept that particular theory as a manuscript to push it through anyway as a tool proven in the past how to achieve desired results in obtaining – Power!

Yeah, proven very well, after all… Stalin did it, Mao did it, Castro did it…

When Marx and Engels were the “pioneers” with their introduction of the communist ideology, it obviously wasn’t tried or put to test in real life ever before. It was just an idea, ism, theory. But for certain individuals, it became an ingenious blueprint right then.

Yes, there always was poverty in this world, there always were people struggling, fighting for survival, or just for a better life overall. There always were people uneducated, unsatisfied, uninformed, or outright gullible.

Now here was an idea that could have been even good in some aspects and workable for some practical use.

Well, now… how about applying it to get to the power. By using these masses, their huge numbers to reach this goal.
It really wouldn’t take that much. Just cleverly, patiently, convincingly present an idea and it could become a wide, open and welcomed path, supported, even celebrated by those masses, which eventually shall help to elevate carriers of it to the throne. All that happened already just this very way.

Unfortunately as it is said and became cemented truth:

“Revolution ends when its leaders are securely sitting on the throne and their wives are dressed in furs.” 

For those who didn’t grasp this simple but truthful quote, this is what it really means. Leaders themselves, more often than not, coming from the lines of the “poor” class, shall enrich themselves, will become assured with their achievement of power, would feel “power of power” and now it’s time to hold unto it. Under any condition and by any means. And a nation? What nation? They served well, those gullible idiots and now they have it. Now they’ll comply with rules or else…

This story repeated itself several times in history but still there are those, even today, (seems impossible right?) who would follow those empty promises…those poor, those uneducated, those desperate, those trusting, those hopeful, those often innocent…because there always be those who would unscrupulously, but convincingly offer them.
In a time of peace, this could happen via “inspirational” promise, in all speeches; in a time of war winner gets all
like an Eastern Europe fell into it as spoils of war.

EDUCATION would warn, KNOWLEDGE of history would warn because history repeats itself. After all, what child would touch a hot stove again when burned already once before?

In Eastern Europe, Hungary in 1958 did stand up to Russia and they were “put” right back in their place. Czechoslovakia in 1968 did stand up also with the same result… as well as Poland… after all, what would you expect, when an ant starts revolutions against an elephant? Now tell me, why do you think those nations risked it all? Out of happiness living under communist regimes?

There is a lesson right there, actually two lessons. Still, those hungry for power, hungry to conquer masses go ahead, using just the same blueprint, knowing well it works. It Does Work!
But it becomes somewhat more difficult to put this whole thing in practice when facing nations that know the meaning of Freedom, a nation well educated, well informed and that way also knowing history.

Those who go forward using any means to get to power, who push the bigger government and that way by their words “better” (later Total) control, those who fool people that they’ll be taking care of better than before, often change their names.

Progressive could be one, Liberals another… just as an example, because to put it all open as it really is… socialists, communists… would be to give it away too blatantly. One must use a bit new strategies and act more cleverly, more stealthily, out of the side, sort of speak…

Still, tactics are just the same…going over “dead bodies” with an idea. After all, those tactics worked already before, their pushers know by now the manuscript by heart… didn’t it bring others to power over nations? All it takes now is to go slower with an unshakable conviction of demagogues. Well, I think this is just enough about the truth of the matter.

So what about this “Finger theory?”
I know you didn’t forget 🙂

Well, let’s analyze its real meaning. But remember to take into consideration nature, people, how it works in real life, and, you’ll be able to solve it yourself.
(I’m reminded of Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie detective stories using these words…but it just came out naturally now, I didn’t mean to imitate 🙂

Look at those fingers now:

“If you cut bigger ones to make all equal it is COMMUNISM.”
Yes, it is that… So when in a capitalist economy (example from one nation…more in next chapter) those capitalists, those industrialists, owners of big and small companies, job creators… were destroyed, their “property” was converted to whom? People, right? That was a promise! Please, every joke possibly used here would turn out as a bad one no matter how witty…

To the government, of course! So control changed hands… but also heads! The problem became, when those who are actually merely politicians, try to ran now something they don’t at all understand…And even when appointing those who do to some extent, those will have their hands tight up with the rules, politics and being servants of the government. Again, about all that in the next chapter…
So fingers are now equal, or are they?

“If you stretch smaller ones to make all equal it is SOCIALISM.“
Yes, it is that. But that stretch is really quite painful. An example could be when the government confiscated private holdings, imposed impossible taxation… (again, about this in the next chapter) and now there are riches…

And look, all those who thought that now came their long-awaited time… why they helped to vote, they helped to realize that big dream…” take from the rich give to poor…” Now, what poor? Who is poor? There are no rich anymore and now there are no poor because NOW the government will take care of you… LOL!

In a normal, healthy society, where there is a just government allowing and supporting education, encourages businesses, inventions, support real talent, etc… poor could achieve, actually there are no really poor. Even rich were not always rich, they learned and worked hard and went through losses and successes during their lives. But they had an opportunity!

Everybody had an opportunity. (About nations without opportunity in next chapter) They could and should use it. Children should be brought up as well – educated. Then every opportunity becomes easier reachable and the lives of people become better. So the creation of jobs and opportunities should be of the utmost importance. And then no one who is only after the power promising to take care of the nation would be trusted. One huge giveaway is big promises, all that sounds too good to be true, generalization of the term “change” when one doesn’t know exactly what that change should supposedly be is dangerous and suspicious. Upon hearing the first time the “change” during this past election, the first thing that came to my mind was:

“Sounds like only change left in our pockets.”
The next thought was “where to emigrate now?” And this thought came to mind to many others who came to this country seeking freedom, as I was able to discover soon. Because they detected danger, something they lived through once already, they DID know!

Then what I saw happening lately when handouts were given to the “poor” just to get them as voters, get their support, just to persuade them of greatest intentions that are in fact only deceit and then it shall be the end of the story. Such poverty should not have been even present in this rich country. Those poor were created and then used, deceived, as it always was, is, and always will be…

This notion is well expressed in saying:
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life.”

If the government gives handouts and considers that “done deal” and then becomes stronger in numbers and in power, it is an outright wrong and dishonest use of the innocent poor people. Such help is a bubble that bursts the moment it is received and poverty stay put. Then the cultivation of the notion “rich against poor and visa verse” could never bring peace in a nation’s life.

So what was that “great action” all about? To let people spent handouts and stay poor? What a shame! But simple people would still think; those now in power must be better, they gave me a few bucks.

“If you do nothing to make all equal it is capitalism.“

Regardless that I was brought up under communists, I acknowledge that capitalism is a natural way of things. Actually capitalism with some adjustments. None of those were employed yet though.

(After all, I lived under all three regimes, so I can judge all that very well)

It is because it takes into consideration human nature. People are naturally ambitious, would like to achieve, to have an opportunity to achieve, use their individual talents for creation, invention, you name it… It is that engine that moves the world ahead. After all, how many times capitalist countries provided an only available opportunity for many from socialistic countries, whose talent was totally wasted in their own countries, and thus making possible to let their genius and skills fully grow and use for future progress in every corner of our lives…industry, art, etc…
(Again more about this aspect in the next chapter).

Anyway, I think it is not good, neither smart nor beneficial for the nation when companies/individuals accumulate “too much” and that leads to the accumulation of never-ending greed, corruption, then power and abuse of it. Some countries deal with this very well and assure a better life for their people by using a good taxation system, such as Sweden and Denmark to name some. But, of course, it would also take an honest government to deal with it accordingly for the welfare of all. So why not have it? Smart, not to mention free nation should be able to establish good government.

Unfortunately, how this, so very important matter is handled, is a big joke. To be able to win an election just because having more money is simply ridiculous (there is never justice and truth in it, only desire to beat the opponent and push demagogue ideas) so there should be a finally different system put in place.
The best candidate should win, not one with more money. The second could be elevated by the mafia, for example, or by socialists…(nothing comes to mind now?)
And here we are coming again to the power of people, power of the nation. Stand up for yourself and your nation, educate yourself, never allow to be humiliated, insulted, and treated like a sheep. Because YOU are The Real Power. You are the ones who could turn the tide.

Always! Why be a sheep following the bad shepherd, when you could fly like an eagle!
Now viva to what? After all, it is always about FREEDOM! Socialism doesn’t allow you freedom!
A great future for you could be a real thing, not just a dream…

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