“In modern war… you will die like a dog for no good reason.”
Ernest Hemingway

WORLD WAR 2- December 4, 1941
Piece of history…let’s learn in….

December 4, 1941 – Hitler 30 km before Moscow. Russian victory in Stalingrad – in Germany the Day of National Mourning. “The sons of the homeland” – an anthem of Russian youth. And “Europe is weak because its men are weak”.

Since Hitler’s assault on the Soviet Union in June 1941, nearly six months have elapsed, Hitler troops reached Moscow, December 4, 1941, 30 km from Moscow, and the Kremlin was allegedly seen by military binoculars. After extremely difficult defensive fights in the autumn of 1941, however, the Soviet armed forces managed to slow down at the expense of huge losses and eventually stop the Wehrmacht process and on December 5-6, on an almost nine hundred-kilometer front even unexpectedly go into the counterattack.
It was the first defeat by then the invincible and state-of-the-art army, which had a successful European campaign at that time. The world received a message of defeat with enthusiasm, and even in the United States a film was created in 1943 that not only blasted the heroism of the Russian nation but also describing why Russia has to defend itself during the whole of its existence with the attacks of various armies – about Russian resources (time from the 6th minute of the document “Why the Eternal Fight Against Russia”).

At the beginning of December 1941, the Russian command decided to move into a counterattack, but on December 4, Hitler said: “The enemy’s fighting capabilities are not so great as to be able to start with the current forces against offensive “. But the next day the Germans were very surprised – the documentary “The Battle of Moscow” (time from 40:30):

Battle of Staligrand – “No step back”

The Battle of Stalingrad (September 3, 1942 – February 2, 1943) was one of the most important events of the Second World War. It can be said that it is a so-called “break on the eastern front”, as the German army advanced into the interior of the Soviet Union until the time of the outbreak of the battle, but after that battle, the “card turned” and the German troops set off to retreat before the Soviet units. In the spring of 1943, attempts were made to reverse the development on the eastern front, but it can be said that this offensive, despite the fact that it infused a few hopes from the beginning, has failed (source and more)

In the spring of 1942, the Sixth Army was nicknamed “Capital Slayer” and appointed a new Supreme Commander.

Hitler translated his headquarters into the Vineyard in the heart of Ukraine. The decisive factor for Hitler’s decision to move to the south was something that was determined to him quite often, not a strategic one, but an economic situation. Americans were constantly supplying material to the Russians through Persia, the Caspian Sea, and the Volga-through the supply. If the Germans could stop him, they would have a very valuable strategic advantage and would seriously damage the Russians. This was the plan to conquer Stalingrad and occupy the Frozen oil fields. Because of this, Hitler divided his powers. It seems, however, that the capture of Stalingrad was mainly about the political significance of the name; in Hitler’s fight against Stalin, it was one of the great political triumphs that he wanted to weaken. Stalingrad’s occupation could have interrupted the flow of oil from Baku and US aid to Moscow, but that could have been achieved outside of Stalingrad, a little further along the Volga. In particular, Stalingrad was a symbol for the Russians, it was their city built in their time, and was named after the leader of the Soviet people (although not all of the beloved) Stalin.

On July 23, 1942, General Hader reported to Hitler that the Soviets deliberately avoided the battle. Hitler was angry at him: “Nonsense !! The Russians are struggling to the fullest, but the forces are over. They just can not recover from the wounds that we have planted in the last few months !! “

In Stalin’s headquarters, they know the situation of the Sixth Army and plan to help Stalingrad. Vasilevsky plans to use Paulus’s weak wings, which are under-equipped by the Italian and Romanian army, plans to encircle Stalingrad. Stalin was initially opposed, for he was worried if the Red Army was so powerful to such a maneuver. Stalin just wanted to increase the pressure around Stalingrad. In the end, however, he was convinced by his probably best general Zhukov to plan to encircle Stalingrad. 19 November 1942 a counterattack was launched. Two thousand T-34s launch an assault, coming from both sides of the Sixth Army. The Italians and the Romanians have nothing to resist. The Germans wanted to retrofit their wings with anti-tank guns, which was just as little and the Germans could not deliver the material in time. Romans possessed old 37mm caliber guns, which were called door knockers, and the T-34 was in no way sufficient. The German Army Staff stopped reporting, no one knew what was going on. There was confusion, and the Russian attack was noticed until November 20, when the Russians were already in Golubinka. The army staff in reluctance retreated from the approaching Russians. The Soviet divisions are so prevalent that it will not make them more difficult to crush the allies of the Wehrmacht. The power of the Soviet attack is unprecedented. After four days, the Russians managed to close the encampment of Stalingrad near Kalač and thus to trap more than 260,000 soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Paul repeatedly asked Hitler for permission to retreat immediately. Hitler always answers: Keeping Stalingrad is crucial for war …

The Battle of Stalingrad (present-day Volgograd), together with the Battle of Moscow (1941) and the Battle of Kurska (1943), represents the most significant and decisive engagement of the German and Soviet troops during the Second World War. The Red Army conquered the historic victory by first surrounding it and eventually completely destroying the German 6th Army under the command of Field Marshal Paulus and causing the Wehrmacht significant material and human losses that were one of the reasons for the retreat of German troops. Today it is one of the greatest war clashes of all time ever. (Official Wikipedia summary)

It is not an anniversary like an anniversary – what is in Russia a reminder of the patriotic defense of the country, it is in Germany The Day of Sorrow for Innocent Victims

We have the 4th December and the anniversary of the defeat of the Nazi troops 30 km before Moscow in 1941 receives a place of recognition and gratitude to the Russian nation for the rescue of the world, a touch of rewriting history so that Russia is blamed for the fact that Hitler was almost in Moscow like Napoleon in front of him), and that Russia was defending (just like others throughout its existence).

Today is seeing how close to NATO’s base is Moscow, but it is Russia (and who remembers today that there was a Warsaw Treaty that Russia dissolved after the collapse of the USSR under the promise of the West that NATO bases would not shift even towards the East?), who is referred to as an aggressor to defend himself against.

The first thing that happened after the fall of communism was the change of the end of the war – the new war did not end on May 9 in Prague, but on 8 May in Plzeň – the end of the war did not deserve the Red Army, but the troops of the United States. And since human manipulation is creeping, the older generation is rejoicing in this “fact” while the new generation accepts it as a finished thing.

However, a humane way of manipulating mankind has recently taken a “higher level” – when it turned out to have even experienced the new Russian generation! And I mean Russian students at the Bundestag taking part in the money of foreign funds (!), Where one of the students regretted the death of a German soldier in the so-called “Stalingrad boiler”, a soldier of the 6th Army whom he described as “innocent” of the deceased.

It is already in itself a warning and a good thing, since giving the equinox of innocence between the challenger and the attacker has no logic. But more importantly, there is another fact: a Russian student told the world of the Bundestag on the anniversary of the Red Army surrounding the Wehrmacht soldiers in Stalingrad (19 November 1942), but for Germany, the day that is labeled the Day of National Sorrow for Innocent Victims . And to be little, a Russian student, as an example of an “innocent victim”, has just given the soldier of the 6th Army (!) (For more see VV Pjakin).

Everyone who reads a little between the lines (and in the end, the current campaign against Russia must already see the blind) must be clear that something is wrong and that the game is similar to what has been repeated in history at times. And when President Zeman recently met with Mr. Putin, who said he did not learn history, he had to experience it again and quoted a statement by the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Jaceňuk, that Russia was moving to Germany while occupying Ukraine, so it was probably not the message.

And when we add the recent statements by Teresa. May, see “Although” eurocrats “are carefully concealed, in fact, the” Eastern Partnership “project is directed against Russia,” especially the V4 countries should consider whether or not they are playing games.

“Whoever does not learn history needs to experience it again!”

In accordance with this quotation, I have reminded the events connected with 4 December 1941 and 19 November 1942 (and 19 November 2017).
And I will add that every decent man has to be ashamed of such a rewriting of history as he is after 89. And that every decent person who listens to the Moscow radio broadcast on June 22, 1941 – see video

Note to this content by Maya:
I, fortunately, didn’t have to live/survive any war. I was born after horrible event as was WW2. But I know all about it. I studied history.
You know, when you think about it, just a bit is enough, you surely would realize what this horrifying matter means.

Killing humans in any way possible, just, let say, to win some territory.
Well, there is quite extensive part of this website content dedicated to the history, important events, even “horrors” of what one nation could do the other, better say, what human is capable to do to another…most of the time innocent (children included) and simple people who lived their life in peace and suddenly an “evil” decided to “visit.”
PLEASE, learn how to avoid such, save your future to live in peace, happily, bringing up new generation, unharmed and with healthy memories on their childhood and worry-free about such ongoing. You have no right to be in control of individual humans, just simply try living in a humanly order, peace, and happiness. Such a nation could claim its success. Such achieved America, which the whole world envied and I do hope that commies power that has been deceitfully building up undercover for many years shall not reach its goal.
Peace and Freedom to all!
Regards, M.

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Smart Words…

“If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.”
Dr. Roopleen

Smart 24…plus

1. Your presence is a present to the world.

2. You’re unique and one of a kind.

3. Your life can be what you want it to be.

4. Take the days just one at a time.

5. Count your blessings, not your troubles.

6. You’ll make it through whatever comes along.

7. Within you are so many answers.

8. Understand, have courage, be strong.

9. Don’t put limits on yourself.

10. So many dreams are waiting to be realized.

11. Decisions are too important to leave to chance.

12. Reach for your peak, your goal, and your prize.

13. Nothing wastes more energy than worrying.

14. The longer one carries a problem, the heavier it gets.

15. Don’t take things too seriously.

16. Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets.

17. Remember that a little love goes a long way.

18. Remember that a lot . . . goes forever.

19. Remember that friendship is a wise investment.

20. Life’s treasures are people . . . together.

21. Realize that it’s never too late.

22. Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

23. Have health and hope and happiness.

24. Take the time to wish upon a star.

***Let’s close with humor… the day is nice, good mood present, so…here is a short clip from church:

A Divine Right

Several years ago, the Catholic Church required women to wear a head covering in order to enter the sanctuary. One Sunday a lady arrived without her head covering. The priest tells her that she cannot enter without it.

A few moments later, the lady re-appears wearing her blouse tied to her head. The shocked priest says,
“Madam, I cannot allow you to enter this holy place
without your wearing a blouse.”

“But Father, I have a divine right,” she says.

“Yes, I see,” he says. “And your left one isn’t bad either, but you still must wear a blouse to enter this church!”


“The only way to make strong people is through struggle. One grows tough mentally and spiritually by putting up a strong resistance to hardship, to obstacles, to suffering.”
Norman Vincent Peale

“Truth” (series) Toilet Paper Lines-part 4
(Living Under Communists)
By Maya

I’ve always hated standing in lines. No matter when and what for…I consider that “activity” actually the most wasteful, unproductive part of living. And I did have to stand in many, many, many lines. Yes, you read well. I had to…together with all others who wanted/needed basics for living…It was simply part of life. But let’s not jump ahead of those events. I’ve already mentioned that the best understanding is always easier when there is a real example presented.
And I’m happy to say that I’m able to do just that.

The reason being is that coincidentally I was born in a country that was a “shop window” in Europe before WW2. Located in the center of Europe, a highly culturally, highly educated nation (illiteracy unknown) was making it all and it was something to be proud of. Yes, all was just booming, industries, trade,  economy, and life. There was true freedom to do business, to trade with a world, export, import, invent, travel, and live…Tiny nation of only 10 million did it all and shined in all.
There was a saying:
“Czechoslovakia makes everything from a needle to the locomotive.”
And that was the truth.

Only 10 million people and we made trains and planes and cars and motorcycles, we made famous glass and jewelry, we put shoes on half of Europe (actually building shoe factories as well, ex. in England) our beer “Pilsner Urquell” was Europe #1, Prague’s ham was famous, Moravia’s pickles considered best in Europe, our restaurants were sought after by visitors just the same as historic sight-seeing… Our coffee houses were centers for intellectual discussions on all possible and impossible topics, (famous pastries served) our composers (Antonin Dvorak was known even in America, just to name one) and many other artists (classical music, opera, etc.) were performing all over Europe. Famous concerts were always conducted in a past in Prague as well as in Vienna and Paris. Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt…. all knew Prague, and Prague knew them. I can go on and on and still forget something, such as our guns were superbly made, the USA used those, then fabrics…simply, you name it, we made it, being totally self-sufficient.

You might think now: why is she telling us all that? Simple. This is very much needed as a base for comparison with what was about to come. And I wish you would pay great attention to this, because if that puts a light on in your mind, great! If not yet, it might soon… But trust me, the sooner the better…

Then WW2 happened, which events details  I skip here…I just would like to mention that Germans, fortunately, did not destroy much in Prague, because they liked and valued this beautiful historic city and obviously intended to make it their own one victorious day. That, as you know, never happened, because Russians came and brought us freedom in 1945, actually also Americans who freed part of the country as first, (but no credit could have been made public) Russia claimed it all then.

That was a time when we acquired freedom from the war although at the same time lost it as a nation in newly founded peace. We were very thankful for heroic Russian soldiers, of course. They survived hell on earth. But people and government are two completely different “species” and it would be a good idea if people always, for all times keep this in mind.

Nobody expected though that a completely new regime was being prepared for us, a new idea already established in a neighboring  Russia.

Communists were put on Czechoslovakia’s “Throne.”

I obviously wasn’t an eye witness of all those new and strange happenings, but later we, younger generations talked to our elders and had a lot of questions and tend to blame them for the present situation.

So, those were their answers:
“We were young, it was a time after the war and there was a lack of everything, we had to rebuild our country and our lives. There came those who promised us all to be so good, a new,  brighter tomorrows, freedom, equality, people in control, people owners of it all, new system, best in the world to be envied by all, to live happily and worry-free live under the greatest government that would answer to people and will be voted for by people.
Speeches were superb and people listened, all wishing for a good future, followed…
And even if nobody would have listened, we were a tiny nation, strategically by country location very important (central Europe) and our destiny together with other Eastern European nations was already decided regardless. We would have to comply either way. Because we acquired a “new boss” now.
Big and strong and persistent.

So people rebuilt what was damaged and lost due to the war, but their economy and lifestyle have never been rebuilt. Because there was another plan coming to life, a socialistic plan under communist leaders. These were led by the hand of Russian advisers. It was easy for them, a good time to “place things” under control in post-war chaos that under normal circumstances would perhaps not be possible, or would take much, much longer and meet resistance.

Well, people worked and the new government worked as well.  And busy it was… With something most important to its leaders. Securing power over everything. Great speeches were presented ongoing… All will be yours, nation!
We shall clear up this country from those rich capitalists, industrialists, wealth owners, we will put all they own,  into your hands. Trust us, this is a new era, something that never happened before, we have the greatest example and leader in our brother, Soviet Union. (Realize that there wasn’t free radio anymore, no TV as yet anyway, no newspapers, just “new” editorial, “new” kind of news of course…)

You will be The most progressive and free country in the world. No bosses, no exploitation of the workforce, no rich and poor, wealth will change hands, just watch….

Yes, people did watch.  They watched bloody processes, interrogations, of course, all “justified”, imprisonments, murders, confiscation of everything the government wanted.  There were suicides of those who lost it all overnight and then there were those who were lucky enough to get abroad and start over in the West. Because now there were 2 Europes.  West, where freedom governed,
under capitalists, and East, where communism governed.
East now behind  an “Iron curtain.” 
Then there were those who were caught running to the West and were dealt with on a spot and many others who were murdered by “guides” when crossing borders in a woods carrying with them some money and jewelry to start a new life in the West, but never did…There were films showing stories about those strange and scary times later on.

So when the veil from people’s eyes fell and fog from their brains evaporated, it was too late. The government was in total control of  EVERYTHING, even their lives, obviously also what was left of their lives included. Because not only the rich were divested from their riches, EVERYBODY followed. Every single individual was “invited” to their bank together with their “savings” book and received a stamp in it, meaning something like “seized.”  That clearly indicated there is no money anymore, zero balance.  So this was done and done for good. We were all, at least considering the property, equal. Starting from ZERO… So this is how “redistribution of wealth” looks like in a real life. Oh yes, all was “nicely” redistributed and nobody should be upset, because actually, nobody else got rich from the efforts of others.

The government was now the new owner and don’t you remember? They now take care of you, all they control is still yours, it belongs to you, people…
Unhappy? Well, you might still be in a grasp of that old thinking, aren’t you? Capitalistic ideas still surviving? Perhaps you should have some more of an enlightening education about your attitude in order to understand it all better…. Informers were very busy and very well rewarded. All information was welcomed. “Comrade officer, that woman, my neighbor, dresses up suspiciously well, I saw just last week she had 2 different pairs of shoes on and red lipstick on always. I wonder where she gets her money?” “Comrade officer, I overheard what such and such were discussing, they had anti-government ideas”, etc…

People were scared of each other. So my family ended up just the same as everybody else. There were cases when people couldn’t get work for many years. Life was just great poverty and constant fear…there were those who lost someone by escaping to the “west” and had nightly visits from secret police… people were afraid to talk to them or help,  just to avoid being stalked themselves. (Case of my husband’s mother, if not for her parents she would have died with her little boy from starvation.) Father was one from capitalists. There wasn’t enough food anyway, coupons were issued only for a specific meager amount of this or that. “
Great New Times” was here for real…

But, no worry, all would be better in a short future, it is time now for a new way economy to put in place. 

So, all those rich- capitalists, imperialists, industrialists, meaning experienced business owners, big and small were gone. Those, who stayed were really humiliated and insulted and given only the most unqualified work like cleaning, (they had to accept to survive) to show to the nation they are now equal and deservingly punished… didn’t they exploit their workers by “providing jobs” for them? However, now we’ll do it all in a new way. And they did. Leading all, deciding all.

So, the first thing to do was to create some plan, it is surely good to have a plan, isn’t it? One can’t go just blindly ahead.

Then first an ” ingenious” called 5-year plan has been worked out. (There was a special name for that plan, not possible to translate exactly, people gave a nickname to it.) Although the results of the “shiny brand new plan” were to be seen rather soon… Hmmm… somehow not all was just what one would have expected, was it?

Unfortunately, being a member of the communist party somehow didn’t provide experience to lead factories and other similar establishments. Directors were named. Directors and managers everywhere. Remember, no owners! To own business was OUT! To set-up, any business was OUT!  For good! We cannot create other capitalists. We are and we will stay all equal. (LOL!)

So this thing didn’t work out as expected? Obviously, it is still folds of those capitalists… Harvest in a field wasn’t greatest? It is just the weather’s fold. We didn’t make enough of this or that what we have planned? Capitalist sabotages, that’s obvious. But directors and managers, (remember all equal!) just really do deserve theirs, you know…(members of com. party) must receive their annual bonuses… So all was made up somehow (?) to show that no capitalistic evil is possible here any more…. New vocabulary started forming and invented so-called politically correct expressions…

“God”,  I’ve never heard about this one here, or have I? (note: word, expression in any way of “God” was not allowed!)
Commies see in this expression competitor and you suppose to acknowledge them as only one/ones to listen. Visiting churches, FORGET IT!
Well, we’ve produced somewhat too much of “this or that”, the planners “overestimated.” What to do with it? We could not export to the West anywhere, (by the way, those had real quality products actually, so we cannot export anywhere… Those avenues were closed for good.
Well, Russia always TAKE! it. So many people, who need it. And it is being said they are giving us cheaper gasoline so we must be grateful…and so it went.

There was a shortage of everything!!!!
Let say they planned only black and blue pants to be made in the factory, so if one wanted a different color, actually even his/her size… out of luck. They forgot to plan for “this,” oh sorry, wait for the next 5-year plan. Flexibility? Adjustment? What’s that?  After all, we still make plenty of shoes, the old capitalists built factory still works well and in Russia, there is always a shortage. They TAKE! it. They did and did not care a fig about such unimportant matters like sizes and colors, people happily bought any size, any color, any style and they exchanged it among themselves. Yes, every Russian from those times would confirm this. But THE main thing was to be in the right place at the right time to obtain necessities. Conversations there:

“Oh, thank you for letting me know there is a new delivery from Czechoslovakia, otherwise I would go barefoot this winter.”
In other words, as you can see we had a great example of how to handle the economy in a new way, don’t you think so? Toilet paper? They “miss-planned” for that, sorry, just limited supply… and so all it went daily about like this:

“Mrs X… hurry up, my neighbor just told me they’ve got  toilet paper delivery at the store at xxx…/ Mrs Y… today they have at xxx this and that, hurry up!

There really wasn’t too much leisure time for the women, actually, a better name for those would have been “huntress.” Every Saturday when there was some meat at butchers, lines were something to behold… well at least once a week to have some meat for dinner. Bananas, somewhere in my article I wrote a joke about this one…
Well, such a situation applied to everything. Services, repairs…better have someone handy in a family…

Well,  I am over 2000 words already in this “novel” and still, there is so much more you should know… serious and/or even funny…still, because forewarned is to be forearmed…so see you soon right here with part 5 of my series..named
“Behind Iron Curtain.”

With all of you (ALWAYS) politically incorrect

Short follow up on response from one who knew….

Hi Martina (so the majority would understand, I continue in English)
I highly appreciate, with an accent that it was a woman! who presented the Real truth in her comment. Shame falls on many countries around us, for abusive treatment, robbery, lies, deceit, stealing, and other better unnamed negative approaches towards educated, talented, hard-working Czechs, who just suffered for others. Only because we are a small country and in central Europe, always close to all bad going around us. I shall not repeat all Martina said, I just stress that ALL she mentioned here is the truth, historic truth, and nowadays truth. It is always easy for the elephant to step on an ant.
But as a nation, we were never just tiny ants.
Here you read the truth about what we were before communist Russia confiscated us after WW2.
However, poor Russian people had it even worse than we did.



“Revolution ends when its leaders are securely sitting on the throne and their wives are dressed in furs.” 

The Finger Theory
All fingers are not alike.
If you cut bigger ones to make all equal it is communism.
If you stretch smaller ones to make all equal it is socialism.
If you do nothing to make all equal it is capitalism.

“Truth” (series) The “Fingers” Theory-part 3
(Living Under Communists)
By Maya

In this chapter of “Truth”, it was my intention to introduce you to some major aspects of life in (former) socialist countries, but I realized I’m not ready for that as yet.
The reason is that I feel there is more to be said till I get to it. To understand the basis a little better, to analyze “ideology(s).”

The “Fingers” theory (my own way of calling things) is simply ingenious for this purpose…

I believe real examples and similar props are most of the time the best help in explaining, analyzing, and even great for memorizing. Just like using children rhymes -:)

Ideologies… how very innocent they might seem when reading about them, studying them, even teaching them… and how very disappointing, even dangerous they could become upon their realization. Sometimes they are used as original thoughts to the point, or they are carved, tweaked, outright twisted, and then delivering at the end various, often unexpected, and almost always undesirable results.

All those “isms!”…. Let’s face it, it is not too difficult to come up with some new “isms,” but it is fascinating how some are being accepted, as a word of the “Bible” and followed like a religion, often by those who have no idea (or sometimes they do) that the very ones followed now were already put in practice once before and didn’t work out at all. However, they are being forced regardless.

Being forced on innocent people (meaning obviously kind of politics) and as I already mentioned in a previous “chapter” by those, and I repeat that… who either do not know the history about what already did and/or didn’t work or simply accept that particular theory as a manuscript to push it through anyway as a tool proven in the past how to achieve desired results in obtaining – Power!

Yeah, proven very well, after all… Stalin did it, Mao did it, Castro did it…

When Marx and Engels were the “pioneers” with their introduction of the communist ideology, it obviously wasn’t tried or put to test in real life ever before. It was just an idea, ism, theory. But for certain individuals, it became an ingenious blueprint right then.

Yes, there always was poverty in this world, there always were people struggling, fighting for survival, or just for a better life overall. There always were people uneducated, unsatisfied, uninformed, or outright gullible.

Now here was an idea that could have been even good in some aspects and workable for some practical use.

Well, now… how about applying it to get to the power. By using these masses, their huge numbers to reach this goal.
It really wouldn’t take that much. Just cleverly, patiently, convincingly present an idea and it could become a wide, open and welcomed path, supported, even celebrated by those masses, which eventually shall help to elevate carriers of it to the throne. All that happened already just this very way.

Unfortunately as it is said and became cemented truth:

“Revolution ends when its leaders are securely sitting on the throne and their wives are dressed in furs.” 

For those who didn’t grasp this simple but truthful quote, this is what it really means. Leaders themselves, more often than not, coming from the lines of the “poor” class, shall enrich themselves, will become assured with their achievement of power, would feel “power of power” and now it’s time to hold unto it. Under any condition and by any means. And a nation? What nation? They served well, those gullible idiots and now they have it. Now they’ll comply with rules or else…

This story repeated itself several times in history but still there are those, even today, (seems impossible right?) who would follow those empty promises…those poor, those uneducated, those desperate, those trusting, those hopeful, those often innocent…because there always be those who would unscrupulously, but convincingly offer them.
In a time of peace, this could happen via “inspirational” promise, in all speeches; in a time of war winner gets all
like an Eastern Europe fell into it as spoils of war.

EDUCATION would warn, KNOWLEDGE of history would warn because history repeats itself. After all, what child would touch a hot stove again when burned already once before?

In Eastern Europe, Hungary in 1958 did stand up to Russia and they were “put” right back in their place. Czechoslovakia in 1968 did stand up also with the same result… as well as Poland… after all, what would you expect, when an ant starts revolutions against an elephant? Now tell me, why do you think those nations risked it all? Out of happiness living under communist regimes?

There is a lesson right there, actually two lessons. Still, those hungry for power, hungry to conquer masses go ahead, using just the same blueprint, knowing well it works. It Does Work!
But it becomes somewhat more difficult to put this whole thing in practice when facing nations that know the meaning of Freedom, a nation well educated, well informed and that way also knowing history.

Those who go forward using any means to get to power, who push the bigger government and that way by their words “better” (later Total) control, those who fool people that they’ll be taking care of better than before, often change their names.

Progressive could be one, Liberals another… just as an example, because to put it all open as it really is… socialists, communists… would be to give it away too blatantly. One must use a bit new strategies and act more cleverly, more stealthily, out of the side, sort of speak…

Still, tactics are just the same…going over “dead bodies” with an idea. After all, those tactics worked already before, their pushers know by now the manuscript by heart… didn’t it bring others to power over nations? All it takes now is to go slower with an unshakable conviction of demagogues. Well, I think this is just enough about the truth of the matter.

So what about this “Finger theory?”
I know you didn’t forget 🙂

Well, let’s analyze its real meaning. But remember to take into consideration nature, people, how it works in real life, and, you’ll be able to solve it yourself.
(I’m reminded of Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie detective stories using these words…but it just came out naturally now, I didn’t mean to imitate 🙂

Look at those fingers now:

“If you cut bigger ones to make all equal it is COMMUNISM.”
Yes, it is that… So when in a capitalist economy (example from one nation…more in next chapter) those capitalists, those industrialists, owners of big and small companies, job creators… were destroyed, their “property” was converted to whom? People, right? That was a promise! Please, every joke possibly used here would turn out as a bad one no matter how witty…

To the government, of course! So control changed hands… but also heads! The problem became, when those who are actually merely politicians, try to ran now something they don’t at all understand…And even when appointing those who do to some extent, those will have their hands tight up with the rules, politics and being servants of the government. Again, about all that in the next chapter…
So fingers are now equal, or are they?

“If you stretch smaller ones to make all equal it is SOCIALISM.“
Yes, it is that. But that stretch is really quite painful. An example could be when the government confiscated private holdings, imposed impossible taxation… (again, about this in the next chapter) and now there are riches…

And look, all those who thought that now came their long-awaited time… why they helped to vote, they helped to realize that big dream…” take from the rich give to poor…” Now, what poor? Who is poor? There are no rich anymore and now there are no poor because NOW the government will take care of you… LOL!

In a normal, healthy society, where there is a just government allowing and supporting education, encourages businesses, inventions, support real talent, etc… poor could achieve, actually there are no really poor. Even rich were not always rich, they learned and worked hard and went through losses and successes during their lives. But they had an opportunity!

Everybody had an opportunity. (About nations without opportunity in next chapter) They could and should use it. Children should be brought up as well – educated. Then every opportunity becomes easier reachable and the lives of people become better. So the creation of jobs and opportunities should be of the utmost importance. And then no one who is only after the power promising to take care of the nation would be trusted. One huge giveaway is big promises, all that sounds too good to be true, generalization of the term “change” when one doesn’t know exactly what that change should supposedly be is dangerous and suspicious. Upon hearing the first time the “change” during this past election, the first thing that came to my mind was:

“Sounds like only change left in our pockets.”
The next thought was “where to emigrate now?” And this thought came to mind to many others who came to this country seeking freedom, as I was able to discover soon. Because they detected danger, something they lived through once already, they DID know!

Then what I saw happening lately when handouts were given to the “poor” just to get them as voters, get their support, just to persuade them of greatest intentions that are in fact only deceit and then it shall be the end of the story. Such poverty should not have been even present in this rich country. Those poor were created and then used, deceived, as it always was, is, and always will be…

This notion is well expressed in saying:
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life.”

If the government gives handouts and considers that “done deal” and then becomes stronger in numbers and in power, it is an outright wrong and dishonest use of the innocent poor people. Such help is a bubble that bursts the moment it is received and poverty stay put. Then the cultivation of the notion “rich against poor and visa verse” could never bring peace in a nation’s life.

So what was that “great action” all about? To let people spent handouts and stay poor? What a shame! But simple people would still think; those now in power must be better, they gave me a few bucks.

“If you do nothing to make all equal it is capitalism.“

Regardless that I was brought up under communists, I acknowledge that capitalism is a natural way of things. Actually capitalism with some adjustments. None of those were employed yet though.

(After all, I lived under all three regimes, so I can judge all that very well)

It is because it takes into consideration human nature. People are naturally ambitious, would like to achieve, to have an opportunity to achieve, use their individual talents for creation, invention, you name it… It is that engine that moves the world ahead. After all, how many times capitalist countries provided an only available opportunity for many from socialistic countries, whose talent was totally wasted in their own countries, and thus making possible to let their genius and skills fully grow and use for future progress in every corner of our lives…industry, art, etc…
(Again more about this aspect in the next chapter).

Anyway, I think it is not good, neither smart nor beneficial for the nation when companies/individuals accumulate “too much” and that leads to the accumulation of never-ending greed, corruption, then power and abuse of it. Some countries deal with this very well and assure a better life for their people by using a good taxation system, such as Sweden and Denmark to name some. But, of course, it would also take an honest government to deal with it accordingly for the welfare of all. So why not have it? Smart, not to mention free nation should be able to establish good government.

Unfortunately, how this, so very important matter is handled, is a big joke. To be able to win an election just because having more money is simply ridiculous (there is never justice and truth in it, only desire to beat the opponent and push demagogue ideas) so there should be a finally different system put in place.
The best candidate should win, not one with more money. The second could be elevated by the mafia, for example, or by socialists…(nothing comes to mind now?)
And here we are coming again to the power of people, power of the nation. Stand up for yourself and your nation, educate yourself, never allow to be humiliated, insulted, and treated like a sheep. Because YOU are The Real Power. You are the ones who could turn the tide.

Always! Why be a sheep following the bad shepherd, when you could fly like an eagle!
Now viva to what? After all, it is always about FREEDOM! Socialism doesn’t allow you freedom!
A great future for you could be a real thing, not just a dream…


“Change is your friend, not your foe; change is a brilliant opportunity to grow.”
Simon T. Bailey”

As the dictionary informs us, a galaxy is a system of millions or billions of stars held together by gravitational attraction.
Well, here we are…. gravitational attraction is our mutual interest and in this instance, it could be…let’s say…

“Online marketing”.
It is a never-ending, continuously challenging and developing, and surely exciting matter.
“Starting a new business or similar idea”

So, what about those “STARS!?”
Well, aren’t they of constant wonder and puzzle to us? Aren’t we putting so much accent on them in our daily lives without even realizing it? Our vocabulary is full of them, just to name a few;
“movie star, starring so and such, he/she deserves the star, five-star hotels, banks, services, and so on.”
Stars are mentioned in songs, in fairy tales, we watch them at night, making our wishes, often thinking how very far they are and how we would like to capture one… perhaps give it to our beloved…I can go on and on.

So this is the secret behind the name. I told you, all is quite simple…
However, the name is “hiding ” more than meets the eye.
I would like this idea to become an inspiration to you, no matter what you do or your interests are…
Mayagalaxy was actually a business part of my main (blogging) site http://mayakas.com originally dedicated to

Self-improvement and Personality development.
Both sides were very much alive and informative with their own ultimate goal.
For you, it could become quite productive, educational and also money earning helper pointing at sources of the mentioned and providing an opportunity to those interested to gain besides all that also very special knowledge that I acquired during my life, studies, research and work experiences, which is not readily available and that I gladly convey to you as time goes…

Like a galaxy of stars being so vast and endless, so are your opportunities. There are stars just waiting for you to earn, deserve, being rewarded with. And when this happens and your very own success in life lands on YOU, I guarantee you shall be watching stars on warm evenings, sitting on a terrace of your beautiful, paid for! home, with very different feelings; with the secret knowledge that some of those stars are not so far away from anymore, they are your own now. You DID earn them and nobody will take that feeling of deep satisfaction and happiness from you, ever!

I wish you, my friends, and future friends on your journey to success all the best. There is no doubt success is there now, just waiting for You. It could be much closer than it seems and shall be yours; perhaps not tomorrow, but not too far away. Not for free, that’s for sure, but with some learning, effort, dedicated work, and some sacrifice, it shall be worth it. I personally guarantee it!
So, come on, make your resolution, and go for it! It is time to reach for your stars!
And…plan on naming some as yours already 🙂

With you expecting always a huge success,


“Manners and politeness will never become old-fashioned.”
Auliq Ice

I like politeness. I like polite people. I am polite myself and I think that everybody who is “practicing” that virtue deserves just the same from others. 

What brought me to this short article? What thought was it? I tell you. Times. We live in strange times, where so many things take priority before us being nice and more attentive to each other, we are moving with reckless haste, not looking right or left, somehow not caring… We are missing possibly a nice smile from someone, possibly a chance to say hello to someone or even help someone.

I came from a country where politeness was valued very highly. Children at the moment they spoke first words were taught to greet elders. You’ve met the child in an apartment complex and you heard loud and clear “Good day!” Men always opened doors for ladies and were very chivalrous; I can go on and on… And I miss that. This is not to say that all are rude or disinterested in better manners, but on average, the situation in that respect is much worse than some years back and continues to worsen even more and that especially with the younger generation.

I remember, when I was growing up and in my teenage years reading anxiously my favored philosophers, I came across a short article from Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) on the subject. And I loved it and remember it like I’d read it just yesterday. 

So here it is: (my translation)

“Society of porcupines were pressing at each other during a very cold day to share some warmth. But very soon they started to feel the sharpness of each other needles and separated far away from each other.  However, cold forced them to gather closer again, but repeated discomfort forced them to part. That “evil” was repeated so many times, until… they found just the right distance for themselves and finally felt mutually comfortable. And that is called in human society “Politeness and good manners”.

Think about it… I hope you enjoyed short story and please let me know what you think about the subject.

Now I would like to include an interesting statistic:

I walk my dog twice a day and must cross the main road in order to get to the park and other open spaces. Cross lights are rather far away, so we (Brit and me) must wait for cars to pass. There is no really big traffic, so it depends on drivers if they slow down and let us cross. This is happening often and because I always wave and smile I know exactly who the driver is. So after close observation for some time this is my result, fairly accurate:

Men slow down (all ages) 8 out of 10
Women             (all ages) 5 out of 10
Women          (very young) 1 out of 10

Now, are men more polite? Or is it because I’m a woman? What do you think?

Politeness…Vanishing Virtue?

With deep politeness -:)


When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall – Think of it, ALWAYS.”
Mahatma Gandhi 

Truth” series-” Behind Iron Curtain” part 5 
(Life Under Communists)
By Maya 

Welcome you all who made a time to visit this part of the series. Please pay attention because what I describe here is a real picture of life in a socialist country under a communist government and no matter what you might think, you are on the way towards it if you do not wake up soon from your notion that something like that can’t happen here, in the USA. Trust me, it can and very easy, after all, you did prepare a grounds for it, although many still do not realize it. 

Please be aware that this content shall be about life in Czechoslovakia, a country that had it still best among those suffering countries caught in a socialistic trap. Second I would put Hungary and worst of all I would say had it Romania under that horrible tyrant Chauchescu with his slovenly, grasping wife. Russia, I did mention in previous parts. 

I would pick my starting point from my age of 15 because that was a highly significant point in the lives of the growing generation – becoming adult-citizens.
We obtained a so-called “citizenship passport,” which had to be carried at all times when one left the house. We could be checked at any time by police with questions such as: “Where are you going?”, “Where do you work?”, “Why aren’t you at work today, it’s Tuesday morning, isn’t it?” etc… We were checked at the movies if we qualify for a film rated age 15 up, at the times of longer hair fashion boys were often taken from the streets to police departments where they involuntary lost their tresses, heads shaved, plus received beating when resisted. 


I have mentioned in chapter 4 that there wasn’t any private company in existence anymore because All was nationalized and that way in government hands. So for that reason, the structure of newly created companies was just the same everywhere. Something like here is Postal service. (That one too, of course)
Now, in order not to leave the tiniest trace of that old, bad capitalistic system, no more company presidents as titles have been used. New bosses were members of the communist party, now named directors. Under the director, there were other departments, and their leaders were called actually “comrade leader” in an exact translation, but their positions were something like management. So besides personnel, wages, and similar basic departments every company had, then there were departments relevant to specific industries, obviously. 

However, under the director in every company, there was always a very special and most prominent department
(of course totally unproductive, not contributing ANYTHING of the slightest value to the company and quite a bit feared, but of course well paid) for which name there is no translation because it was newly created under communists, the first time in history, and had to do with “checking” and “judging” behavior of every employee where one stands regarding political beliefs. If you were a communist, “green light” for you. If not, which was of course the majority, we must be careful and keep in line, keep marching and keep our opinions and thinking for ourselves. So it happened that most often the brightest and most capable workers were paid much less and had no chance for any significant promotion, or similar, as the “elite” those being “elite” only in one instance already mentioned communists. 


That was very simply structured. If you were, for example, a clerk in the wages department, that same salary was paid everywhere in that particular department and that’s it. The salary itself was comprised of 4 parts. First, there was a base, let’s say 1500Kc (Czech crown). The second part was a plus, according to how one qualified for your position considering education. If one fulfilled requirements (high school, university, etc…) then received the whole portion, it could be for example 150Kc plus to add. The second part was for the length of experience. If just starting, nothing added, it’s fulfilling required years, plus another 150Kc could be added, or somewhere in between. The final, third addition was “political. ”No communist, no third portion. (better say no member of com. party) This was precisely what I always missed. And with me the majority of the nation. Sometimes that amount was so very needed to family, especially with more children, so here and here some people simply joined…then keeping their opinions firmly hidden.
My “political” boss was coincidentally a rather friendly woman saying often to me:
“Why don’t you join, we need people like you and you’ll get more money.” She obviously wasn’t too great a judge of character, because I was a so-called the “RIGHT” (meaning West wing oriented person) which I had to carry in my references, always) and also of strong character and conviction…so…no easy life…
Still, no matter being members or not, we had a lot of meetings, (not during working hours though) where we were forced to listen to the leader’s self-praise for extraordinaire achievements of the communist party, although we didn’t see any. But what did we know?
We were not elite and we were supposed to shut up and keep marching by directives. 

Leaving any position besides totally unqualified work (usually done by retired seniors to boost skimpy income, such as washing dishes somewhere in a restaurant) was extremely difficult. Depending on how many years of work one had, there was a set up a precise time when it would be possible to leave without facing consequences. It was up to six months. So how could one find a new job if not being happy with work or company or simply wanted some advancement? What company would be waiting for 6 months for an employee? But when someone would leave under “no matter what,” condition, this had been noted on one’s personal reference list and forwarded to a new company. It usually stated; “was let go for “absenteeism,” and that no matter if one worked somewhere for 10 years without a single day being absent for work. Then poor victims had a very hard time finding work. So that much for having a chance for advancement or promotion… That has been “reserved.” 

By the way, unemployment benefits were non-existent. Everybody must work. It was up to us to find work. Also when we were checked on the streets and asked where we worked and said “temporarily nowhere,” we were taken IN!! to see why, when, what, etc…The simple answer “looking for work” didn’t make it. 


Check the beauty of your own country and if you really want to travel, visit neighboring socialist countries.” That was it. The chance to see some other places came much later but were almost impossible to get a visa anyway. In the beginning, nobody could travel. But who would be interested to go somewhere there was poverty even greater than we had. Only the sea in Bulgaria was of some interest because our location Czechs) in central Europe didn’t provide that. Once in a blue moon when someone “got out” visiting “west” and that person upon return (if one did return 😀 – that was how people never came back and became refugees) was the center of attention and endless questions. (Mentioned in 1st part of series – prologue “The Border.”) We were simply like birds in a cage. 


Because there were no “Insurance Companies” in existence we all had universal medical and dental coverage. We couldn’t pick up our own doctors or so. We “belonged” to the nearest central clinics according to where we lived. If we moved, which happened very seldom because there was a tremendous shortage of housing of any kind, then we had to switch to the nearest medical establishment. All was always centralized in one large building, from family physicians to dentists. Waiting was endless….too many people in lines…
Dental was the worst as far as work is done. Not due to unskilled dentists, but they had to save on everything. No white fillings even on front teeth (that came much later, but never on back teeth anyway) so I saw even very young girls with dark fillings in front teeth, which was horrible, but no choice. There wasn’t a private dentist to go to either, obviously. Dentures, problem. Root canals often without numbing. I was actually surprised when I saw here they do it.
In a hospital (which were really clean and all that) were usually a minimum of 8 plus people in one room, with no dividers whatsoever, so all knew what was going on with others when doctors came on the main visit. And so on. 


When I came to this country and occasionally had a discussion about this topic, everybody was turning head, not believing that all stores were actually identical everywhere and had the same prices. Something like it is happening here, for example with “Home Depot” etc… but nothing in between. So textile stores, hardware, supermarkets were the same everywhere… that is with their logos including inside choices. 

Advertising was non-existent… after all, what for? There was nobody to compete with. Sales discounts were non-existent, except perhaps when there was a broken piece occasionally or so, one could get it cheaper.
I can tell you now a short, but rather funny story here…

When watching TV (shortly after coming to the US) we saw an ad from Sears on some linen sale that stated something like this: “Great sale only for 2 weeks, use this opportunity to save.I said to my husband with the greatest disappointment: “How very unfortunate that we do not have money to buy it, it would be so good to save on this.” I meant it seriously, I really thought that this sale was a one-lifetime event and I’ve missed it. I’ve never seen sale ads like this before. 

There wasn’t any choice in anything. Two brands of TV, one from Hungary, one ours. Take it or leave it. Same with only small, actually mini, refrigerators, stoves…Even when people saved some money, they had to wait in the longest lines for this or that, no choice, and often just returned home not being able to buy what they needed. Basics were lacking. People were handy, inventive, knowledgeable, talented, but no! That would be just a capitalistic way. No small
businesses. Nothing that couldn’t be controlled by the government from A to Z. 

Another story that amazed me when I lived in NYC. We both walked a lot to save money on public transportation so once during such a walk on a sunny day, suddenly started raining.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. In no time on street corners (it was NYC) appeared umbrella sellers. Like they would fall from the skies. And money was made 🙂 I thought how wonderful it is to be able to open up your own store, start your own business, do something that you want to do, and have a chance to do it. 

You know, at those times America was a “dream world” for people living in socialistic countries. It was tough to get any good information about life here; also propaganda was strongly negative, but still, occasionally some film made it in, and we could see something of what we also had before WW2 and elders remembered and communists destroyed. (See part 2-3…) 

FREEDOM! And we wanted it again. We wanted to pursue our dreams, utilize our talents, see the rest of the world. At night we tried to catch on the radio broadcast “Free Europe” from London, where at least we could find out a little bit of what was happening in the rest of the world. Some people had relatives overseas from times after war and earlier. Many people escaped in 1968 (Czech revolution against visiting us unexpectedly Russia) and then was again the end of chance. In those years escaped many talented people of various professions, such as Martina Navratilova and Ivan Lendl, tennis.

Although I intend to write a special, comprehensive article about education (in general) I would like to mention here that there was one great thing communists gave us. Quite superior education. I wasn’t aware of it until I came here, what high level of education we received.
But I also realized the real reason for it. They did it actually because they needed qualifying, skilled people in order to stay self-sufficient as a country, because trade with a “West” was impossible and us seeing what was available in capitalistic countries was undesirable for them. They tried to convince us how very bad you were… 

I do not see any other explanation. Because at the end that was their downfall. I knew it all, understanding why our communism was so hated… I was always avid reader and tried to discover proof of what I thought. Many did just the same. 

From Marx (Marx’s Capital was duty reading, I read it at age of 13-14.) through all history and all the rest. We knew we lived something that didn’t “match.” What we were told and promised all the time wasn’t reality. But “they” insisted it will happen. “WHAT?” Yes, it was happening just like it all starting here… sliding deeper and deeper in poverty and faster down the hill. 

But no, I understood with my young brain that “IT” (bloody communism) couldn’t happen and shall not happen ever anywhere because the idea of communism cannot be realized, EVER! (About this in the next chapter.) We studied languages. We studied everything. One of our universities in Prague is the second oldest in Europe after Sorbona in Paris, France. Exams to get accepted by universities were extremely difficult but were conquered. There also was very much used preferential treatment for children of communists, but still, they must fill universities anyway. Everybody wanted to study, wanted to know, wanted to understand. And we did. And our students made revolutions. In 1968 (Russia took care of it – unfortunately) but then in 1990 we have won. Russia was deeply in debt, having huge problems of their own and then, changes happened there also in a line with the dissatisfaction of suppressed lives of people, and… Berlin Wall Fell!
Families forcefully separated (by communists) joined! People found freedom again. Freedom from Communism! 

This sentence I am adding today on Sat.7 Nov. 2020
, due to the situation in the US.

Russia became THE most beautiful, rich with everything, deserves to be visited (visit Moskow you would be absolutely in shock) comparing it to the one from the end of the war in 1945 and start of commies revolution in 1946-1990-ties where poverty was a killer. Where families (not related) were sharing tiny apartments with hanging blankets to trying to achieve some privacy… After all, that was a communist Russia that caused all that suffering, prisons, poverty, lack of basic everywhere. Just prisons were nicely filled.

These were revolutions for Freedom!!! 

To get out of something that was unacceptable.
I’d like to digress here for a second…
I recently came across totally brain-washed via the wrong direction by Meghan McCain as she spoke so ridiculously and passionately for revolution. The poor girl revealed herself as a total dummy. Everybody with an ounce of knowledge of history and a glimmer of understanding of events I described in my series must know the truth and hold on to what you still have left with your life. Yes, you are going where you should never ever have turned and trust this new, obviously socialists government, but hopefully, you’ll see the light in time.
Although I must stress one other thing. You have a lot of work to do. Because progressives are brain-washing your children. History is not taught. They are actually 2 reasons for it. One I don’t wish to mention and another is that they (socialist and communists) learned well from mistakes that happened regarding educated nation…It is very difficult to conquer. It can’t be fooled with flowery, learned speeches, following socialistic manuscripts. 

No matter what commies tried, we never were fooled! We were forced as a small nation by giant Russia-it’s government (of course, commies) again, not by their people, those were the biggest sufferers of all socialistic nations) but we kept together. Yes, it was easier in the sense that we were one nation and small and we ALWAYS talked politics. We were always against tyranny. And we won.
So now, there (I am reminding you I am writing this in 1990-ties) they kept you less and less informed, they replaced real knowledge with sexual education and similar damaging nonsense for small children who are not ripe even to understand it and neither other ridiculous things. Children do not know how to read often in high school (statistics). How could one learn then? We had to read in 1st class at age 6-7-top! Otherwise no 2nd grade. And that happened once in a blue moon. Mostly only with a child that might get sick and missed some months of learning, so they had to repeat the first-grade class.
But more about education in my special issue.
You have problems now that were created by not decent, hard-working Americans, but greed and hunger for power. By those who want to destroy this country and take a direction to something that was proven several times as an ultimate fiasco.
And your students know NOTHING, DO NOTHING. What a shame! And are actually active against not just you but themselves! What an irony and weirdness of it! 

Hold onto your freedom, once lost it could be for good! Educate your children! Educate yourself! 

With you in freedom,


Absolutely Politically Incorrect

“When People fear Government, it is called Tyranny. When the Government fears People, it is called FREEDOM!”
Thomas Jefferson

Absolutely Politically Incorrect
by Maya

I do love to write. On any subject, really, because there is always certain excitement building during the process (at least I have that special feeling) and also a bit of challenge present itself to be conquered…

However, there is one subject I intensely dislike and that’s politics. Because I fear that my whole effort here could be discovered as divested of even the smallest vestige of enthusiasm, I am bringing that possibility right upfront.
But, still, in hope that all shall end up successfully, I’m moving ahead, calmed down that my readers would understand…
I actually never thought that I write anything anymore  “smelling” of politics because I’m a political refugee from a communist country and came to the US to “embrace freedom.” ( I’m not an economic refugee, to make it clear.) I’ve decided never ever to pay attention to politics anymore, my experiences were just way enough for one’s life…

However, events happening nowadays make me (and endless thousands of others who came to this country for the same reason as I did) very uncomfortable and to put it in simple English, I’m in perpetual shock nowadays. Knowing history very well and actually lived under all 3 regimes, communists, socialists, and capitalists,  I somewhat assumed that Americans know it also and realize with at least great discomfort what is happening around them.
Yes, I could see a glimmer of improvement lately thanks to some “heroes of the day” who at least try to put light on things and are not afraid of disclosing the TRUTH, but still majority of people simply “sleep”. And that fact could bring them such surprises, that they might wish to rather sleep forever than live through that new “life?” that is being so stealthily and surprisingly forcefully “gifted” to them.
But, not deep analysis today, I don’t want to talk about real politics, just about political “correctness”.
So, here it goes:

“If  you are politically correct then you voluntarily accepted membership in a herd”

Doesn’t sound good to you? No, it shouldn’t, but it’s the truth. I know it, I lived my life under political correctness longer than you and to be honest I think I could have been saved this one too.
So, what’s the deal?
The answer is right in the name of it:
Politically incorrect.
For whom? You? Your children? Your neighbor? Your friends? The nation?
Did you feel something was missing in your life before this “invention?” I tell you something. The Communist iron rule says this: “Who is not with us, is against us”.
Do you like that?
So please, kindly show me here the most important ingredient, the dialog! Perhaps someone helps me, I just simply couldn’t find it, I even have a strong suspicion it’s missing!  And I, silly me, always thought that the dialog is an alpha-omega of all decent dealings, of all open conversations… aha!
Oh, silly me, again! Conversation/dialog,  actually the same things, are non-existent here. I got it. Do you?
Well, you should, because you are heading that way, so you might as well get used to it…or do something!!!

Do you realize you ARE already being “formed” and “put in line” for the start because what political correctness is and does, is just that First step towards the loss of your Freedom, which is Freedom of speech?
Isn’t that simple enough even without analysis? Someone tells you,  you “Should not” (soon it becomes “Must not”) use certain expressions. Hmm… Don’t call things by their right name!

One, but it really must be one with very “innocent” thoughts and still in the embrace of the night dreaming who can say that it is just about some situations, sort of helping to take off the sting of harsher real expression.

What? Any and all justification of political correctness is a direct insult to all people with an ounce of brain. It is called POLITICALLY incorrect, not GRAMMATICALLY!! Wake UP! It’s see-through!

I have no nerves going now into the details and list here all these ridiculous inventions, so let’s mention just one most dangerous – “terrorism” instead of calling it what it really is, employing “careful dance” around it, even trying to justify it. You are giving a gun to the hand of the murderer, yourself staying unarmed.
I shall not go on here because as I say, I feel that peculiarity, shortsightedness, and outright stupidity of it, it’s notorious!
I’d like to warn you all of being in favor of this ludicrousness:

At first, I would like to remind you that the English language (my second, actually third, my parents being different nationalities) is rich enough. Unfortunately,  as time passes, fewer and fewer words are used and those words of great value, which were always used and practiced as expressions of higher intellect.
What replaced them gives me shivers any time of the day when overhearing conversation (if I can call it such) blossoming with WOW! and LIKE!
Sometimes I think that if not for those two words,  there will be total silence nowadays on this land 🙂 Oh, just a side note, sorry!
So there is just a right and proper expression for everything.  There is no need for twisting into pretzels words that supposedly are more understanding 🙂 
as an excuse.,

Political correctness is Killing you,  your life, your future. You are forced to say things in such and such a way and you getting to be afraid not to do that. Let me ask you?
Do you still think you have Freedom of speech? Now, tell me, Who is actually annoyed with using your own Good language?

Or you are just a puppet of some “gray eminence” playing its “intrigues” in the background? Do you realize, that all words involved are words to excuse, to make big wrong smaller or somewhat less significant? Not to mention the intent to encourage mediocrity and suppress a desire to excel, which is always bad, a bad thing for any society, and causing irreparable damages. This means also the suppression of education!
But of course, correction is intentionally desired of ONLY words somehow hiding negative!  Exactly where things SHOULD be called by their right names! Great! If all is so very innocent, why there isn’t an invention of some words expressing beauty better? Or knowledge? Or a positive achievement? (just an example of a few ideas.)
Why stealthily encourage bad? Doesn’t common sense tell you that bad should be punished not rewarded? Why is it so often put on a pedestal, The Wrong and The Bad?
Is there an idea to change the perception of things for you either? Do you realize what your children are taught?

It seems to me that everything is somewhat twisted. You are in the absolute power of misleading advertising, being taken, and fooled with unreasonable approaches hiding just simple greed. You already celebrate the wrong people and the wrong things without realizing it. But I might write about this next time, there is a never-ending supply of such…so please take this as another sidestep…

Who do you think came up with this idea of political correctness in the first place?  Someone who had your “welfare” in mind? Or is it “copying” of the communist’s way, preparing you for your new way of life?
To make a conclusion of this, because as I keep saying this somehow irritates my sensibility, let’s see here:
This is MY conclusion, so please compare and make yours:

Scenario One: Real Democracy and freedom of speech:

“I do not agree with what you say, but to my last drop of blood I defend your right to say it”

Scenario Two: Socialism and Communism.
Freedom of speech? What’s that?

“Politically correct”  (used to it already? )

As I see the situation developing, all that is just around the corner….

Regards, M.


“The love of beauty in its multiple forms is the noblest gift of the human cerebrum.”
Alexis Carrel

“The Most Beautiful In This World Is FREE”
By Maya

What life would be without it…What the world would be without it…
We might not think about it often, if at all, how much it is needed, how much it helps make everything so much better and more perfect, and that without a shade of doubt it is like water to the flower, like air to a human being.
Because I do not mean just physical beauty, or beauty of nature, but also internal beauty, that of heart, goodness, and soul.
I think I’ll write about it happily, whenever I see the opportunity to sneak some beauty in. From nature, from beautiful creations, from natural talents, etc…
So, here is one of my favorite subjects and I try to show “HER” natural existence, visible and also hidden where discovery shall be more of an adventure.

So let’s start with something beautiful, enjoyable, and admirable.
The beauty of movement created should please the eye and warm soul of every human being, not to mention leave us all in awe…
My compliments to you, young ladies!

AMAZING Russian Female Ensemble Beriozka Performs Marvellous “Gliding” Dance

Thank you for visiting my site and when anything reaches your heart or soul…let me know…I certainly appreciate it…

+ afterglow backlit beautiful crescent moon

“At all times, Dare to be!”
Steve Maraboli-
Life, the Truth, and Being Free


Dare To Be…

When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.

When there is darkness, dare to be the first to shine a light.

When there is injustice, dare to be the first to condemn it.

When something seems difficult, dare to do it anyway.

When life seems to beat you down, dare to fight back.

When there seems to be no hope, dare to find some.

When you’re feeling tired, dare to keep going.

When times are tough, dare to be tougher.

When love hurts you, dare to love again.

When someone is hurting, dare to help them heal.

When another is lost, dare to help them find the way.

When a friend falls, dare to be the first to extend a hand.

When you cross paths with another, dare to make them smile.

When you feel great, dare to help someone else feel great too.

When the day has ended, dare to feel as you’ve done your best.

Dare to be the best you can …

So, let’s give a try!!!

Best regards,