“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”
Orson Welles

When I Fell Lonely…
by Maya

Fortunately, not too often I feel lonely, being by nature and thanks to lots of interests very much “employed ” woman. Still, there are moments in my life, when I sit down, with my eyes closed and thoughts, which I often sweep aside, immediately use the opportunity to fill my head, as waiting for my attention. Just as my little Yorkshire Terrier, girl Kimi, jumps up on my lap, enjoying my padding her…

After living a very stormy life, as I have mentioned in the introduction “About Maya”… nowadays, being a widow and not having really relatives who would deserve to be mentioned, my life has a very special and different structure than is it common for others.
At the time of meaning “intellectual” growth, it was ongoing learning, reading, wondering, visiting places, experiencing, tasting…and although I never thought about it this way, collecting…

Sure thing… collecting, without one realizing it, memories nicely accommodated in the brain, experiences becoming useful in daily life, anywhere and everywhere, often it seems as one knows a lot, which can’t be because of the “theory of the impossibility” by Socrates, “We know we don’t know.”

(Only those who Do Not know, could think that “nothing” they know is all there is to know…so, actually, they are happy how smart they are…This may seem a bit ridiculous, but…it is actually the truth… even truth could be ridiculous, depending on which way it is “twisted.”)

Well, one day, my brain brought me an idea that this short, easily memorable quote of mine with realization, what our life should comprise, is actually expressing very well… what we should do, how should we approach life to capture some of the most important of it… Here we go:

I could have been satisfied with this result…on the other side, why not share it? Perhaps others would like it as well…so let’s give a try…and this is how my first website was born:
“mayakas.com” on the “note”…
Personality unique, develop yours, etc…it is still available on a “waybackmachine”…

Since then, I was never alone, meaning feeling alone…
Suddenly I had so many followers around me, so many comments…which disclosed how many souls are there, somewhere, anywhere, who want also to be part of something connecting us, humans, to share, to give (although just in a comment way) but still of value…So these thoughts came to me today when resting with my little Kimi…
I got up, dig a bit into the past, at the same time feeling the satisfaction I am starting again, now as a widow, to share what I know, how I think…shortly, my mind, my knowledge, my friendship, my love for all art, music, all creatures, nature…no borders anywhere…

So, here are some of my happy moments when I was active online, first time offered my way of thinking and knowledge to others.
Thank you very much and I really will be very happy, If, by some miracle, one of the visitors re-discover what has been lost and now found…

My first comments…

June 10, 2009 – Rachel Cormier
Maya, Maya, Maya!!! You are an outstanding person!! I read every word of your articles….so very interesting and well written. Absolutely you are an author to be!! I stand in awe and admiration of your ideas and attitude. I was doing my internet ‘stuff’ and somehow tripped on you….how – where – I don’t remember. I feel like I struck gold. I love that you are part of this community. Please let’s stay in touch.
All the best to you my enchanting friend.
Response: My deepest appreciation for this “unreal” comment, that was my first article, first writing.
Perhaps this is that push? Saying “Go ahead and write on?…” Well, I sure will try…
You be well, Rachel, all the best to you and trust me…I always keep this praise on my mind and in my heart…
Love, Maya

The mix of comments on my writings….

*Keren Major December 10, 2010
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*Jane -December 5, 2009
Thank you so much for the calming and relaxing videos. At least for while one can relax with your pages from everyday stress and hassle. After seeing your videos I felt like coming from another world back to Earth. Thank you so much for such enjoyment.
Best wishes to you, Jane

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Maya’s Response…
CHEERS!!! to all of you!
So I tell you… One can’t be boring when in a desire to convey something worthy.
Put your mind and heart and soul in it…you’ll see a difference, as this great quote suggests:

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the inflamed, human soul.”
Ferdinand Foch

Enjoy this post in which I put a lot of myself;

I love you all and appreciate highly your words, your time, and your own hard work as well…
Maya at “mayakas.com”

Take to your heart this poem, it would help you in your difficult moments… M.

I overcome everything

It is true that my heart is broken
But it will heal again,
I just need some time
To analyze it all in my tortured mind
To make sense at all

I stand at the intersection
that has so many twists and turns
I know which one to take
My fight will lead me right.

I’ve fallen so many times,
Was shaken and in half-broken
But I pick up and go on
That’s only what I can do.

Nobody can call me
cowardly, although I’m often weak,
Sometimes it’s so forgiving
and that it is my fault.

There is a lot in my heart
mysteries, deeply buried,
But somehow making me a stronger one

Forcing me a smile and feel alive
without heavy scarring.

Tomorrow begins the new day
And I know I’ll make it through again
I’m going to throw my suffering
And I’ll start over, new time.

In the darkest corner
It’s a bit of light
My strength will lead me,
And I’ll be just
following without fight.

I say just “See You…”
listen to this melody and words dedicated
to you, my followers…
Thank you for visiting…
All The Best!

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