“There are things I like and create, but dislike limits forced in my way.”

Foreword: (bit personal, but survivable)
Since a very early age I loved reading…at first of course “fairy tales”, then going up with my choices steadily and eventually came to understand that I simply cannot live without books. So those became an irreplaceable part of my life. My small library was growing, receiving books as gifts for my birthdays or any other event was “The Thing.” Nothing else could beat it. Must also mention aphorisms, which I have feverishly collected, and by age of 15, I was an owner of my very precious thick, hardcover notebook, safekeeping… well, I stopped counting after thousand up…

I grew up in the communist era, (central Europe) so, as with everything else there wasn’t easy to buy a good book, however, I was lucky to live in a building where my neighbor was a wonderful, smart old lady, which I adored for all she was and had and taught me. She was 83 and I 13 when we met and were friends until she passed away at age of 93. I actually posted an article on how she set up bases for me to become a lady, etc…
She represented everything I needed for my knowledge in every way.
Considering the above “strong influence” of very high quality, it made me become confident and independent as well.
Now, going to the point, which is not really the above “chat”, but something quite important to convey here…

So, I never ever be a person who would comply with something that limits me.
I value my freedom highly, (growing up in socialism and didn’t know what freedom really is) and never, ever allow anyone to dictate to me what and how I should write, just the same as I would be told what to wear, how to color my hair…

I am quite allergic to SEO, controlling, counting, forbidding, constantly suggesting something to do, or not to do, not this, but that, not that way…as writers are some machines and must work as dictated. Looks as nowadays they are and even don’t realize it.

Seeing articles on any topic (with an exception, I do hope book writings) practically all have numbered parts, such as:
12 ways how to put it together in writing, 8 ways how to read it, 6 ways how to make it more like this /or that…fulfill someone’s prescription doesn’t fly with me.
It is really a “killer” of personality, talent, real expression as people should use in their life. Such a way is suitable and usable let’s say for recipes and matters, which must be strictly described for its use.
This is going on now for some time and what I see is just boring, even those same way-looking statements. Such a way is certainly a culture killer as well.

I understand SEO might be important for people/companies… who post advertisements, making some introduction to their products…to get better ahead, still, such shouldn’t be applied to ALL who write “online.”

Vocabulary is limited, expressions as well, all beauty of writing is practically gone. When I see my own reviews/results (I maintain strictly creative writing, besides adding some interesting facts and or humor from elsewhere)) it bothers me in a way.
I don’t want to see that I used already more than 2O words in sentences. This couldn’t happen not that long ago, actually, that has been even praised, because it showed a greater ability of expression, knowledge of wider vocabulary.
I wish it would be possible to hear what our forefathers would say to that. At those times creativity didn’t have barriers, the language was rich, the class was something very important to present in society, where all had its logic and where was always clear the difference between good and bad, smart and stupid, etc…

So, here we go with a nice example…Analysis results of randomly picked my article.

Problems (1)
Subheading distribution:
You are not using any subheadings, although… your text is rather long.
(So this could mean that when I start telling a story, I have to realize on time…
“Oh, my God, I have been carried away with writing and forgot to count words/or make an estimate of the length of what I just said… Gee, this I must correct right away to lower that negative number… nervosity sets in!…

Improvements (2)
Sentence length: 29.2% of the sentences contain more than 20 words, which is more than the recommended maximum of 25%. Try to shorten the sentences.
WOW! Again I got carried away with my thoughts and attention to content and totally forgot to count words! Well, let’s see without which words this thing can survive its sense…well, let’s give a try to remove some and keep sense as victorious.

Transition words (3) Only 24.3% of the sentences contain transition words, which is not enough. Use more of them.
Yes, yes, I certainly correct this part…I must remember such necessary fact…

Good results (4)
Flesch Reading Ease: The copy scores 71.3 in (btw here should be “on” )the test, which is considered fairly easy to read. Good job!
YIPEE, I got praise!!! This could mean I have a talent!!!

Passive voice: You’re using enough active voice. That’s great!
What a relief, I somewhat felt I am an active person…still, its just great to hear it directly from SEO!

Consecutive sentences: There is enough variety in your sentences. That’s great!
Yeah, that’s what I was trying to be…CREATIVE! And it worked!!! I AM!

Paragraph length: None of the paragraphs are too long. Great job!
Well, this one sounds quite nice, still, I wished to write a bit more, than taking a lesson from last time tough critique, I better take care of this one right away, cut off those last words/readers could fill it in themselves…

*Please note: I randomly picked one of those “analytical judgments” but didn’t make the final decision on how to call it as yet…still some are better, some worse, I”m not sure what to think… well, not exactly…I know what I think… just I am a lady, so I didn’t say it, meaning publicly,
well, if it turns “ingenious” I’ll let you know…

!!! However, I am not done yet…I wish you would read the following and then tell me if I still should be trying to climb up the tree, or sit happily under it because here really 2 totally different poles telling me what I am as a writer… and it is kind of confusing…well let’s see…

Copied from this (mine) site, see intro page, on the top left is SHOP, you can find original there…

The below-copied excerpts are just randomly picked because I’m getting such practically every week:

We want to send you stellar stats and awesome achievements!

AUGUST 05 – AUGUST 11 2019
Your Weekly Writing Update
“You chose such great words last week that you set new personal records in both vocabulary and productivity! Way to boost your skills! Keep up the great work.”

“You used more unique words than 99% of Grammarly users.”
* 10,150
unique words used: JUL 21-JUL 28-AUG 4


Your Weekly Writing Update
Amazing vocabulary and productivity last week!
You’ve wordsmithed your way to new personal records. Way to go!

Grammarly writing streak
3 weeks

You were more productive than
99% of Grammarly users.

words checked

Sep 22-29 Oct 06-13


You were more accurate than
84% of Grammarly users.


You used more unique words than
99% of Grammarly users.

unique words used

Sep 22 – 29 Oct 06  – 13


total words checked by Grammarly
since Dec 03, 2018 (119,628 last week)

My response to Grammarly:
Thanks,  Grammarly,  not just for this week, but you sent me such praises all the time and even do not mind my “blushing.”

I am actually very pleased, especially because English is not my native language, it is actually 4th I learned and I never have a need to use a dictionary.
I would like to keep my rights as far as content is concerned, same as expressions, length, etc…
I simply do not accept some of the newly invented rules (calling those upsides down) because for me the preference would always be
common sense, good/original idea, simply something worthy to read plus the ability to express it well. No matter if some sentence by some artificial rule should have few words more or less to fit into some tables. Writing is a creation, otherwise, we are talking about announcements.
Well, actually I might call this also kind of announcement, or expression of opinion? I don’t mind how it is called, as far as my freedom to write my way isn’t disturbed. Content could be freely chosen by readers, so let’s leave it up to writers. This might be called justice.

About My Blog

I’ll try my best to help you with your needs and looking
forward to meeting those who could use my writing abilities…
Always judge what kind of writing you present. Idea or merely suggestion/explanation or story…
All should be approached by different rules.

My best regards and wishes of success!

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