“An intellectual? Yes. And never deny it. An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself. I like this because I am happy to be both halves, the watcher and the watched. “Can they be brought together?” This is a practical question. We must get down to it. “I despise intelligence” really means: “I cannot bear my doubts.”
― Albert Camus

Our Intelligence
by Maya

Before I delve into what I consider a sad task:
Finally, we see publicly admission of the fact that education in this country is in a very, very sorry state, but I really do not need statistics to show me how far low on a scale compared to the rest of the world it is.
I am highly perceptive and even if I wouldn’t be, the daily show of people I observe in public places, just care how they dress and behave, just to hear their rich vocabulary overflowing with a “like” and “wow” (what a disgrace and mutilation of English language)
I better keep what I think about pieces of content of randomly overheard, “may I call it a conversation?” without misuse of this word?
I am sorry to say, but I practically never had a real intellectual conversation in the US since I left Europe.
All was always threaded with questions such as: “How do you know that?” “I never heard this before” I never thought about “this” like that, this is interesting…” But the part of the sentence I appreciated.

Who would care even get into any worthy subject? I gave up a long time ago. Please note that I do know many educated people and when I worked as a financial adviser I met with doctors, lawyers, etc., even generals when worked in Germany in that capacity for an American Air Force.
I am not saying here that these people were stupid or something like that, but their education has been limited to their specialty and not much space had been left and fulfilled with general knowledge to be able to keep this type of conversation.
It needs a wider knowledge about many things, not really always deep, but having an idea and be able to expand and using logical thinking (again acquired by reading and training meaning being used to such conversations that are not really part of American life) at all plus improvisation.

Now getting to the core of this “touchy” post, I am amazed how shallow and without the ability to be more interested in worthy matters, such as better knowledge, self-improvement, education, and information of value that would enrich life and bring it to higher “plateau” of achievement. I see people who could have the potential to expand their brains with some better thinking and logic and common sense, but still, their interests are so elementary and I dare say outright primitive that I am stunned.

It seems like all that is of value and worth give them a scare. Being frightened to employ the brain? Or incapable, because they were not taught well in school how to think, only accept what they hear?
This is where citing the “headlines” came from?
This is where trusting lies and nonsense came from?
This is where stupid questions came from?
Well, at least some questions, no matter how stupid are questions, “not taking all for granted” so there is still hope. Ask! Surely, ask! It is better than wonder in a dark or has doubts that could turn in the wrong direction.

I see a big difference between just curious people or inquisitive people. Although the dictionary says that curious is someone who is curious to learn and know something I consider plain curiosity just that, curious about “what happened?”

But inquisitive as there is one slogan:
“Inquisitive minds want to know”

means there is more to it than just plain curiosity.
I want to know more, deeper, more of it;
I am deeply interested in something;

A child could be curious, but an adult should be inquisitive, not happy with shallow answers. Needs to not just know but understand. Should be able to think about it, spend time turning it all around in his thinking, possibly going on further, getting more and more knowledge about it.

This is how we learn. Not just to know but to think, understand, desire to understand and follow that desire, many times with a result becoming an expert on a subject…
One might start with an interest in photography and eventually master the subject so well that teaching it becomes his beloved occupation.
So according to my dictionary, frivolous people are not capable of this at all. Being shallow they look only for what is easy, what would entertain them, what would have a touch of allowing them to say “WoW!”
Forget thinking, or putting up any of their efforts. And more laud, twisted and ridiculous that is, it hits the target better.

A good example of this would be Lady Gaga. To be honest I have never watched any of her appearance of my own free will. Only what hits me unexpectedly via various media, because of course I am involved with the Internet and watch some news, etc…as well.
I was absolutely stupefied when I discovered that over 40 million people are following her on Twitter. I still cannot believe it.  I don’t know the woman and certainly would not be interested to know more of her I already saw, ever!

There is no way that any person with a trace of intelligence would do that.  It is so easy to see the frivolity of Americans in everything. Even the condition of this country reveals it. People cannot think! Cannot judge! Cannot understand basics and if they think they do, they are not willing to consider another side of the matter. Why would they? It is a well-known thing that

“Wise man would listen and Fool thinks he knows it all.”

Other examples could be my websites. All are intended for real readers and those who wish to discover something interesting and of some value. When I post something really informative and educational, I never have as many visitors to check this out as when I post something humorous or light on content with a hint of a frivolous, not to mention something totally frivolous.

Example: I have this SEO Pressor software, which shows me scores on keywords and, here are just a few for the sake of proving the point:

Self-confidence- 4.44 
no surprise here, really, because doesn’t matter people are lacking it.
( For me it would mean to strive to acquire it, but, for the frivolous waste of time, LOL! )

Human, humans – 6.67
(people should really be more interested in matters pertaining to their own species… hmm)

Warning, cautious- 14.95 
(getting better, people are still naturally aware of possible dangers around them, but I suppose self-preservation instinct would be just a right meaning)

Dirty- 44.35 
(now argue with that…what did I tell you? I cannot imagine any reasonable, educated person would go after such a keyword more than previous ones)
And it was just an innocent post named: http://mayakas.com/2010/11/top-ten-things-that-sound-dirty/…

I close my case… my readers, have great days and frivolous ones, but please do not bother to discover anything of value for yourself here, there are lots of places where frivolity blossoms and many like you, I correct: All like you would keep you company there.

After all discussion about lady Gaga’s new impossible ridiculous and totally trashy costume could be the peak of your day. And who from celebrities owns a bigger butt… you definitely cannot miss that!
Tough, but right,

Taking That Golden Middle Way

Facts about myself: At age 10 I had in my big notebook written collection of several hundred quotes, which I loved always and consider those as short wisdom. At 15 my chosen readings were philosophically oriented books, history…well you get a picture…
All the best in your life!

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