“Change is your friend, not your foe; change is a brilliant opportunity to grow.”
Simon T. Bailey”

As the dictionary informs us, a galaxy is a system of millions or billions of stars held together by gravitational attraction.
Well, here we are…. gravitational attraction is our mutual interest and in this instance, it could be…let’s say…

“Online marketing”.
It is a never-ending, continuously challenging and developing, and surely exciting matter.
“Starting a new business or similar idea”

So, what about those “STARS!?”
Well, aren’t they of constant wonder and puzzle to us? Aren’t we putting so much accent on them in our daily lives without even realizing it? Our vocabulary is full of them, just to name a few;
“movie star, starring so and such, he/she deserves the star, five-star hotels, banks, services, and so on.”
Stars are mentioned in songs, in fairy tales, we watch them at night, making our wishes, often thinking how very far they are and how we would like to capture one… perhaps give it to our beloved…I can go on and on.

So this is the secret behind the name. I told you, all is quite simple…
However, the name is “hiding ” more than meets the eye.
I would like this idea to become an inspiration to you, no matter what you do or your interests are…
Mayagalaxy was actually a business part of my main (blogging) site http://mayakas.com originally dedicated to

Self-improvement and Personality development.
Both sides were very much alive and informative with their own ultimate goal.
For you, it could become quite productive, educational and also money earning helper pointing at sources of the mentioned and providing an opportunity to those interested to gain besides all that also very special knowledge that I acquired during my life, studies, research and work experiences, which is not readily available and that I gladly convey to you as time goes…

Like a galaxy of stars being so vast and endless, so are your opportunities. There are stars just waiting for you to earn, deserve, being rewarded with. And when this happens and your very own success in life lands on YOU, I guarantee you shall be watching stars on warm evenings, sitting on a terrace of your beautiful, paid for! home, with very different feelings; with the secret knowledge that some of those stars are not so far away from anymore, they are your own now. You DID earn them and nobody will take that feeling of deep satisfaction and happiness from you, ever!

I wish you, my friends, and future friends on your journey to success all the best. There is no doubt success is there now, just waiting for You. It could be much closer than it seems and shall be yours; perhaps not tomorrow, but not too far away. Not for free, that’s for sure, but with some learning, effort, dedicated work, and some sacrifice, it shall be worth it. I personally guarantee it!
So, come on, make your resolution, and go for it! It is time to reach for your stars!
And…plan on naming some as yours already 🙂

With you expecting always a huge success,

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