“Live life so completely that when death comes to you like a thief in the night there will be nothing left for him to steal.”

Living Your Own Life
By Maya

When I think about life and all its “mysteries” I admit sometimes finding myself in a maze. I always say; “there are so many things between heaven and earth” that we’ll never know…But still, there is an endless, bottomless well of knowledge to be found during our lives through reading, learning, observing, experiencing, listening, so much breathtaking beauty in nature; mountains and seas, rivers and meadows, forests and flower fields, sun and moon, stars in the night, music… so many happenings short just of miraculous that could take our breath away at any unexpected moment, events in life that often cause even wildest fantasy to fade out…love and happiness could be found and make life so fulfilled and worth living every minute of it.

Of course, there is sadness and sorrow, hardship and worry, stress, and the daily fight for survival, but that is also part of living. It is needed to make us stronger; when we conquer our difficulties, makes us smarter by taking a lesson from what we experienced and it also makes us more human when we find compassion for others when we share…

I do not wish to repeat what I have already said about my own life, how rich it was on unusual events and hardship and losses… but to confirm again how strong it made me as a woman and human being and how it taught me to value life, appreciate every day, finding joy in the simplest things and always seek to know more, to learn more, to understand more. I’ve been told that I know so much…well, perhaps, but comparing to whom, to what? I know nothing. These are words of one of my favored philosophers, great Socrates, and I keep it in my mind, always.

Regardless, how much you learn, how much you think you know, there is so much more to know that thousands of lives can’t absorb that knowledge. We are so limited, but at the same time always have sufficient things to discover, learn, admire, enjoy. I can continue in this line for miles, but…
You might wonder why I’m telling you all that?

I do have a specific reason for it.
You know there is one thing that would always be amazement for me.
I shall never, ever understand it and I freely admit it. Actually, to be more precise, it is even shocking for me. Nevertheless, it is so wildly spread that sometimes I think I am simply from another planet and not being aware of it.
 Do you wish to know what it is?
Of course, I must tell you, coming that far…

There is a phenomenon that seems to be accepted and even not considered as weird, which is following and admiring celebrities and that without any discrimination. Following their movements, habits, fashion, opinions (that’s a good one!) their very life. And through that activity, really living, at least imaginatively, their lives, not your own. Spending so precious time of your life hunting after every low gossip, randomly taken picture, awaiting anxiously (mostly really so revealing stupidity) every word… this is just incomprehensible to me.

I can’t imagine myself to waste even a single second of my life to pay attention to any of that. You know, I love to live my own life. Above, I gave you some ideas about why. And trust me, it is just a fraction of all the reasons I could come up with. 
I do not wish to offend any celebrity, it is not my intention at all, I just simply don’t care. Unfortunately, one can’t avoid that entire “hallo” around them, because all media making living out of something that so many are so fond of.

Again, I’m sorry to say this, but very seldom I could overhear something any celebrity does or says that warrant the slightest attention. Intelligence in those circles is scarce. I suppose that’s why they try to sway attention showing their “butts” all the time. But it seems to work and so much desired attention (and that’s what they thrive on) is always needed and rewarded.

Sometimes I think this fact itself is entertaining. The people themselves are. Don’t get me wrong, I do not expect from actors, models and similar to produce any deep thinking, because that can’t happen even if they try very hard. What I mean is, it would be much better for us and especially for them not to try to express ANY opinions on politics, economy, environment, etc… besides so very few and those I could name counting my fingers. (On hands only 😉 )

When you know something, a little, about history, it is all matter of time. The acting was always in history considered as the lowest of occupations. Small acting groups traveled constantly across the land and performed their plays wherever they had a chance, often for a pittance or only food. They were real beggars and had no social status. (Actually, doctors had practically very similar social status in those times.)

Now we live in times when cards did turn around and those who became popular enjoy great wealth and attention, are celebrated by their admirers. How very lucky for them. But all that money and good life don’t make them smarter, better, or extra special. Or, rather say, they might be special, but not in always acceptable behavior, again, not knowing any better. You can’t take the country out of Johnny. So we can’t expect a wit from young girls without manners, basic morals and lack of education. You got what you see and that’s not much, really. You accept it, well; it’s your choice.

However, by accepting too freely and live by admiration of real emptiness, you are destroying your own life that could be richer, better, happier, and most of all, your own. You could create your own memories to cherish and tell your children;
“Your mama loved and lived and felt her own life.”
That beautiful tale before your child falls asleep certainly should not be only about your knowledge of what celebrity XYZ had on, showed off, and coughed up.
That wish should have your own “lived-in” experience and that way has something more of value to convey. Want to be a woman of your own, not just a shadow of some empty-headed creature that has been made famous by those who chose her/him as a source of income for various media, that is still only: “known today and forgotten by tomorrow.”

Realize that acting is, in reality, the only occupation. Occupation imitating someone else. It is great to have entertainment, of course. I also like good films, etc… But for me, these people are doing their job, as you do yours. It is just as using some product someone made in a factory, by a human unknown to me. For their benefit, they coincidentally live in times that are favorable to their particular occupation and provide greater reward than it should. That’s all.
All the best wishes,

When I Feel Lonely…

The rest is totally uninterested for me. I couldn’t care less what any actress/actor does in their personal life.
 I have my own life to live. Try to live yours and dig into richness of everything there is offered to you by just being alive. Trust me, you could become so happy and involved with a real thing, so fulfilled… that when someone mentions to you what at that particular moment some “celebrity” said, did…you might say: “Who?” Hmm….and smile secretly inside…
I wish you all happy, fulfilling life!
Best Regards,

Oscar Benton “Vitta Bella”

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