“I have no solution to world problems. I have nothing new to tell you. Instead, I offer you one of the things that you have known for the longest time; that, which you are looking for, and have looked for, and love and admire, is within you.”

I simply offer you a way to be able to reach that.

Individuality – Walking Alone?
By Maya

The following was written as a response to the question from the reader…

…Your question caught my attention because I AM such a person… Actually, I became one due to how my life has been molded, due to life’s twists and turns and unusual life experiences, including living under several very contradictory regimes.
The motto of my life can be expressed by the following say, and I can prove any time, that I earned it over and over.

“I’ve never gone where a conventional path leads. I made my own path and left the trail.”

The truth is, and there is no doubt about it, that being able to accomplish something of worth, either in various personal achievements or simply overcome difficult life “hurdles” alone and at the same time helping others on the way, takes a stronger individual. I think that one of the differences in how to approach life is also embedded in upbringing, education, and… reading.

Obviously, I am not talking here about those who are just “shy” by nature and somehow “keep to themselves” for that specific reason.

In history, all “big thinkers”, philosophers, musicians, poets, artists… took a path through their lives, which was a path of individualism. And more hardship in their lives, more prominent, or possibly more dramatic was their achievement.

There were times, however, for example in Russian history, when superbly talented people, especially writers and “big thinkers” were absolutely forbidden to express themselves. The need for expression in such individuals is so powerful, that if their outlet for creation is so totally suppressed, they “burn” themselves out. Such is the definition of this phenomenon (expression translated from Russian). Their life expectancy was drastically shortened, not to mention that many of them were destroyed in camps, such as in Siberia.

What thought comes to mind about loses in cultural contribution to history.
So now I’d like to compare (being a pianist) compositions of Beethoven, being stormy, full of strong, dark emotions as the opposite of Mendelssohn’s pieces that are lighter and happy, as his own life had been.

Then, also in times when and where individualism and talent had been supported well, we have priceless heritage all over the world, and it is valued and treasured highly. An example could be the art of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

I have mentioned all of this because I grew up under a communist regime and at those times individualism was totally suppressed. Without a doubt, this fact “killed” so much talent, so many inventions, so many hopes…. on a personal note, even my own.

Therefore, individualism should be respected and in every way possible supported. People should have the freedom to be what they were destined to be and be able to choose how they wish to live. But being looked at strangely or criticized as such is wrong and those who do that have no right in that direction. They should look at themselves first and justify why they are doing it. Often it is just a simple lack of understanding, sometimes even jealousy…

My conviction is that nobody should and be allowed to set limits on anything that is right of another, with no exception. Because once you do that, you try to limit a person’s freedom, and then another could be dissatisfied with some of your own characteristics and try to correct you?
Value your freedom of expression while you have it. It is very easy to lose it and it might never be recovered.

Surely, I could be living proof that regardless of being a strong and independent person, I am still a very good and loyal friend to many and enjoy the company of others employing wit, fun and all wonderful life has to offer…
It doesn’t mean that people who choose their own path to follow their goal and dreams are some kind of introverts, hiding from society and should be labeled as such.
On the contrary, I shall always make my voice loud enough to be heard by all who try intentionally or otherwise limit the development of individual human beings or better say a human being individualism.

“When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.”
Charles Evans Hughes

Taking That Golden Middle Way

Think of this content…
Regards to all,

“Родник.” Жанна Бичевская.

transl.by Maya

If failure befalls you
If you can’t dispel the longing,
Autumn is soft, autumn is quiet
Go quickly come to my spring.

Behind the spring is a white temple,
The cemetery is old.
This forgotten land
Russia left us.

If the eyes are fogged with moisture
Splash eyes from the spring.
You can cry, calmly cry
Who will figure out
where is the water, where is the tear?

You see, cranes flew over there,
Did their scream melt near the horizon?
… And if you’re sick, bedridden,
Let you dream of a healing spring.

Behind the spring is a white temple,
The cemetery is old.
This forgotten land
Russia left us.

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