“There is only one good, and that is knowledge. There is only one evil, and that is ignorance.”

History, Philosophy, Art…My Love
by Maya

“Who wants to move the world, let him first move him/herself.”

“The ultimate task is not theoretical knowledge, but the practical art of living.”

“Knowledge is infinitely more valuable than all the world’s pleasures.”

Perhaps because I was born in Central Europe, surrounded always by history, I became a history lover in every way. I love history, no matter what century, place, whether reading books on a subject or seeing some superior architecture, I am always capable of transferring myself in those times, when thinkers were highly valued and were bringing mind and soul enrichment to all inclined to such a sphere.

Since early youth, I was an avid reader, coincidentally interested more in a subject not suitable for my age as yet, however, that didn’t stop me. What I didn’t understand, I somehow felt.
Hence, at the age of 10, I already started my aphorisms/quotes collection written in a nice, hardcover notebook. and by fifteen I was done with a reading of many major history writers and started with philosophers.

I managed to keep this interest through my life and missed very much those times when people were able to carry on an intelligent, worthy discussion, having quite a rich vocabulary to express their thoughts, actually even having some quality thoughts themselves.

I am often irritated nowadays hearing after every sentence “you know”, you know what I mean” as a speaker would be conveying something so ingenuous only the smartest would understand…

However, in a way, I am also glad the English language has an expression: “LIKE” otherwise skipping that when I hear specifically young people talk, there be just a “quiet land” around us. Who would have thought something LIKE that would be a problem in such a developed century.

Well, enough of that…my original purpose was to share totally different beauty I do admire a lot. And those are statues, beautiful statues all over the world, and specifically statues which could be seen at certain European cemeteries.
I am absolutely taken with those. Not just with a talent to create such by hands, but capture for all ages those times and expressions. The expressions are something to behold!!
I am very alert to such and trained to understand it’s a special value at a glance.
Interesting is that such creations could be possible to see up to years 1930.40-50…then, totally new (in every way) generation stepped it. Entertainment went way up, intellectual thinking way down…

When you look at any pretty woman, let’s take well-known ones as an example, there is none of today to compare. Again I am talking about seeing deepest emotions, goodness, warmth, the soul in a facial expression…it is impossible to see today.

I also plan to add to my writings those times, I didn’t live but very much admire. Add as a memory, as a lesson, kind of culture, that should not be forgotten, because what is to see today, I do hope that will be by future generations forgotten.

I do hope that people realize again, they are only creatures on this earth of real intelligence, not just surviving on feeding strictly their stomach, and creating new generations, but totally forgetting to feed their mind.

That they should get rid of pounds on the body and add in a bit of weight to the brain. So, let us look at some statues from the past, women from the past a… ( soon would follow) to tell you the truth, today’s stars do not get my attention whatsoever…on a contrary…

Thank you for visiting. Those who found the strength to pay attention the whole time, you have a notch from me…
Try to look sometimes a bit deeper into what I like, perhaps visiting me just here, again, the one who claims:
History, Philosophy, Art…My Love
All the best in the west…

Our Intelligence

Appreciate all, who survived reading this post, not typical for today article, so thumbs up!
Best regards,

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