“Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.” 
Leonardo da Vinci

Discipline = Path to Achieve
by Maya

What comes to mind when thinking of this so ordinary a word, but so powerful in its realization? How many just “d” words come immediately to mind to describe it?
Difficult, demanding, dreaded, dull, despised, not to mention numerous stronger expressions. But why? The answer is very simple.

When realized, discipline is reaching too powerfully and forcefully into that so-called “comfort zone” of ours. It would take you from your favored chair, force you to wake up too soon, dedicate hours, seemingly without end to certain activity and repetition of it, doing things you perhaps despise, even causing you physical pain, then you might need to force your brain to accept new knowledge by being committed to studies, I can go on and on…

However, the indisputable truth is that no success or achievement EVER had been accomplished without the employment of discipline. It is a must. No book was ever written, no musical instrument mastered, no sport perfected, no invention realized, nothing of worth was ever done or created without the employment of discipline.

People tend to fail in many aspects of their life simply because of a lack of discipline. Even in our sometimes loved and/or hated Online/Home business struggle, depending on where on a scale from “smile to frown” its position in your case at the moment is, failure is a big sad number, over 90 percent. This is obviously too high.

The question comes to mind, why? Aren’t we wishing so much for success? Is that “discipline” really so very hard to conquer? Can we harness it effectively to reach out goals? Dreams?
Now, when you think about it, you are actually already somewhat in the power of it. It governs you every day without you realizing it.

Don’t you go to work? Get up every morning when that pleasant sound of your alarm clock lets you know at the “best” hour of the new day that you must? Driving sometimes- long distances, fighting rush hour, workday after day-long hours somewhere where you possibly even hate it, but you must go on to make a living?
When you do this activity repeatedly without fail, what would you call it?
(Meaning officially, not a curse word here :D).

Do you know what in this instance the right word for your actions is? You are doing your “duty” via implementing discipline. Now, what this duty brings you? A paycheck? Yes. Satisfaction? Sometimes. Happiness? Seldom.
However, that paycheck allows you to feed your family and keep a roof above your head, purchase what needed to live, and occasionally there is something left for that more colorful part of life, according to everyone’s tastes.
So you’ve accepted that “duty”? Hm… Yes, it must be fulfilled, no question about it. You had to accept that dreadful daily discipline to help you do it. And spend the majority of your life doing it. Voluntarily! Wow!

Then let us look at the other side of the coin. Dreams. Do you have those? Are they pretty big? Are they about a better life? Are they so nice you are longing to realize them? ASAP?

But do they seem to be somewhat too far away? Because to reach them you need to do more, and not just that, but actually something totally different, but you already know that, don’t you…
Now, those involved in online/home businesses are already stepping ahead. Even if still working their “duty” they realize that there is a bettered way, faster way, shorter way, and more promising way to reach their dreams.

They know that they are chasing the real thing from examples of many successful ones, not just fairy tale dreams. Many already have found which way to go, which “system” to follow, duplicate, whatever.
But even then, working towards the fulfillment of their dreams, discipline is often the last activity they employ. They do things without real concentration, plan, not following straightforward, shortest way aiming towards reaching their goals, they go in all directions at the same time, getting distracted by unimportant things, many become of new and again new systems collectors… you know very well what I mean here.

However, there is a time when you need to become kind of “machines” doing things repeatedly to achieve the desired effect. And put up with some sacrifice too.
There is a saying: “Repetition is the mother of wisdom”.
So, when you repeat what needs to be repeated, unfailingly, you reach your goals and this would mean subsequently reaching your dreams.
Each goal obviously takes various amounts of time, but yours (success in your online/home business) is doable in a matter of a few years.

Doable via discipline.
What this could mean is, you would be able to abandon your “slavery duty” of working your whole life, constantly overcoming possible struggles on the way, and eventually embrace your dreams.
But first, you must embrace discipline; then perseverance in discipline brings you to the fulfillment of your dreams and from there you shall reach something totally unexpected.

Something divine…. your life could become Divine. Perhaps you’ve never thought about it in that connection, but trust me in this. When you achieve perfection in something, even small, unimportant, you’ll reach some higher “plateau,” you’ll feel a kind of personal satisfaction, pride inside because you actually defeated your supposed inability to achieve, even your laziness 😉

Your worries shall become nightmares of the past; your days will be spent in peace and joy. No bumper stickers “I’d rather go fishing,” you’ll just pack it and go… whenever!

You shall be able to give back, teaching others, help, and advice… feeling is priceless, simply Divine.
This is a road to success. It is worth it, every minute of your fight, struggle, sacrifice, because the reward is not that far away, it is not some uncertain pension at the twilight of your life, your 
reward is the Divine Life Itself and only you can determine how soon.
And then that so dreaded discipline you’ve mastered shall be honored and appreciated by you. It was sometimes hard and unmerciful, but worth it. It’ll make you a stronger, better person, even an admired one.

And lastly, a word about myself.
I am a master of discipline, can claim even being an “authority” on it. I don’t think there is a title for it, most likely it would be DD (discipline doctor?) but I rather won’t use it in connection with my name. (Just to avoid a possible lawsuit for unauthorized use 😉

Regardless, when you finish reading this blog and care to peek into my bio, you’ll see why. I reached perfection or at least a high degree of achievement in a rather decent number of accomplishments, with no other help besides the use of strict discipline. I love and value discipline.
Those who feel they need a helping hand to take them through the start, rough times, advice on how to or ask questions, please feel free to address me. Thank you for your time and I wish all of your the greatest success!
Master your self-discipline and fulfill your dreams! I trust your journey from “duty” to “Divine” shall be fast, minimally painful, and conquered with flying colors.

With you in success and happiness,

Do you think there ever be a time in our lives when we can say:
“Now I am perfect. Now I know everything. I do not need to improve, neither my body nor my mind.”

Hm… Well, for those who Do Not think so, there shall be quite a bit of “Food For The Mind” on this site. So please visit it periodically…
“Food For The Body” is to be found in the “health” category…
Hope you took some great value out of this post today! I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure you leave a comment down below with your thoughts or questions…

*****Please note, this article was the first I ever wrote for the public…

Actually, the first comment, I received, was from a lady, Rachel Cormier, (see below) who provided to me some kind of self-trust and encouragement to continue with my writings…(randomly picked some others…)
Since then I wrote about 400 articles. Had some longer pause due to my husband’s illness and eventually him passing away… but now I am ready to go on doing what makes me happy.
Thank you again to all for your generosity!

RACHEL CORMIER Wed, 25 Feb 2009
Maya, Maya, Maya!!!
You are an outstanding person!! I read every word of your articles….so very interesting and well written. Absolutely you are an author to be!! I stand in awe and admiration of your ideas and attitude. I was doing my internet ‘stuff’ and somehow tripped on you….how – where – I don’t remember. I feel like I struck gold. I love that you are part of this community. Please, let’s stay in touch.
All the best to you my enchanting friend.

I Hope, it would bring you some courage to accomplish your plans and desires as well.
All the best to all of you!

Since then I created 4 websites. Last year I wasn’t active at all after my husband passed away.
Now I am commencing my activity, I would say with my last website and enjoy creating it, and writing again, hoping for at least 1/2 success than I had before… and hundreds of readers who followed me, eventually thousands…thank you all!
This is what a writer needs, it is important as water for life…

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Discipline: Path To Achieve
by Maya
has been posted in the category “Personal-Development” on my first website, mayakas.com. (just a memory…) then 3 others were created (those now could be seen only via “timemachine” saved by Google. And a last one is this one, mayagalaxy.com.

A sin would be leaving you without an appropriate song…
I think the best choice would be something from Leonard Cohen:


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Best regards,

3 Comments on “Discipline-Path to Achieve

    Wed, 25 Feb 2009
    Maya, Maya, Maya!!!
You are an outstanding person!! I read every word of your articles….so very interesting and well written. Absolutely you are an author to be!! I stand in awe and admiration of your ideas and attitude. I was doing my internet ‘stuff’ and somehow tripped on you….how – where – I don’t remember. I feel like I struck gold. I love that you are part of this community. Please, let us stay in touch.
 All the best to you my enchanting friend.

  2. James
    September 7, 2009
    First I’d like to say thank you for being the first comment on my blog. I will never forget you for that one single act alone. 
Secondly, this post on discipline is amazing, and I do think it could be a twin or a well-suited connector for my “Attitude Check” post, they really do go hand in hand. Discipline to me is by far one of the greatest skills any one person can master. I commend you on becoming a “guru” on self-discipline. It is something that I constantly battle day in and day out. Your post has given me a new light on the term and I thank you for it.
    I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with you of trading insights and thoughts – Great Work Maya!

James Anthony

  3. Lena
    June 10, 2009
    What a great blog, Maya! Congrats. Look forward to seeing a LOT more from you in the days to come… Shine bright,

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