“We do not have to choose our favorite among the seasons.
It is only necessary to rejoice in the beauty of their differences.”
Evelyn H. Lauder

Beauty of Winter
By Maya

Sometimes it is just a whim that grabs me and holds me tight. And I simply can’t escape, so strong become my desire to write.  Express what I feel. Well, it seems that even rhyme appeared suddenly just now, so any remnants of hesitation (it is an advanced hour on this winter evening) to leave it all and go to sleep is for this moment forgotten.

Actually, this time I even don’t feel the force of desire conveying something important, as I sometimes do, but just a sharing thought is most likely the thing.
Such are sometimes winter evenings, quiet and warm, close to the fire and that could bring on reminiscence. Of years past, of winters past, of loved ones passed too.

Besides, now I wanted to write about winter’s beauty…I’ve tried always to remember good and in a way, I think that that is fortunately coded in us.
We more often forget bad and remember good. And that’s a good thing.  So I remember white winters in the woods where I took my walks with my dog and couldn’t get enough admiration how wonderfully Mother Nature did spread whitest white shimmering blanket all over the land and all was so quiet. That is what’s so special in winter.

This is the only season that when you visit nature there is total silence. It is possible to listen to silence, did you notice that? But you must stand still to enjoy it because otherwise your feet crunching snow shall disturb the magic.

Look at the trees how heavy their branches are bowing heavily adorned in their winter coats. I always felt like being in a “White Kingdom.”
I know beautiful fairy-tales about that magical land and if you were closer I would tell you some. This evening is just fitting. But now I am alone so let me be lost for a while in that imaginary land, all right? 😉

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus

Yes, this is the truth, I love summers very much. I was born in a country where there were 4 ideal seasons, but that was, I think, only until I reached the teenage years, then all somehow started changing and seasons became more unpredictable.

Regardless, I shall write about the summer when its time comes due… Otherwise,  I’m looking forward to it, always… So back to winter…
Mr. Camus, do not divert my attention, please?”

“When winter first begins to bite and stones crack in the frosty night when pools are black and trees are bare, ‘this evil in the Wild to fare.”
J. R. R. Tolkien

Yes, yes… The frosty night is visiting me just now. But I don’t mind, I’m warm and feel comfortable and just thinking about winter’s beauty.
And with it remembering film Doctor Zhivago, where winter could be at the same time beautiful and ugly, good and cruel, all depending on events of the day. And there were some events. I think that besides a wonderful story about life itself, all so packed in it that few people could even imagine living in such turbulent times, a life full of danger, revolution, history in making, the hardship of war, pain and suffering, sacrifice, losses…

And still love story of enormous magnitude developed and united two people at the time, when really there wasn’t any favor of anything playing for them. Their winter was greedy and killing but also somewhat generous. It was a time for love just allowed.
For a while, but such moments are always memorable.

“It happened in winter of 1917” they would say and it shall have its significance forever, it stays in memory, never ever forgotten.

Well, it is really getting late and I should go to sleep. So I wrap all this up including myself and say “goodnight.”

Tomorrow is another winter day and I do hope it would become a tiny bit memorable. The story is contagious I suppose… And why not then dream about it?… Now, I’m leaving you and besides good night wishes also with an optimistic quote, so please remember it! It becomes handy when you would complain about the weather.

As a bonus here is a piece of music from the film and also some lyrics, which not too many know… how harshest winter kept flame of love on…
“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”
John Ruskin

That makes sense, doesn’t it? So, John, thank you…

Beauty of Spring

“Somewhere, my love…”
transl. by Maya

Somewhere, my love,
There will be songs to sing
Although the snow
Covers the hope of spring.
Somewhere a hill?
Blossoms in green and gold
And there are dreams
All that your heart can hold.
Someday we’ll meet again, my love.
Someday whenever the spring breaks through.
You’ll come to me
Out of the long ago,
Warm as the wind,
Soft as the kiss of snow.
Till then, my sweet,
Think of me now and then.
God, speed my love
Til you are mine again.

Francis Paul Webster/Maurice Jarre

Also known as the Love Theme or Lara’s Theme
from the movie Dr. (Doctor) Zhivago