Nature gives you the face you have at twenty;
it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”
Coco Chanel

“As a white candle in a holy place,
So is the beauty of an aged face.”
J. Campbell

Aging Smart & Beautifully
By Maya

Aging! How very dreaded is just an expression?
Of course, we all would like to stay young and beautiful forever 😉 but… we also know that is impossible.
And that is because one day our mirror tells us unmercifully; your youth is gone, now deal with it! Reasonably, accept it philosophically and don’t despair.

Therefore, until then…well, the truth is that you can postpone the time very well just with certain proper And regular care.
And I don’t mean just pickle ourselves in tons of cosmetics. It takes to tackle a good regime, not skipping any step of the puzzle, take it seriously, make it part of your life and then…the above quote from Coco Chanel would be a reflection of the picture in your mirror not just at 50, but much, much later.

In any case, this article is not intended to describe any “must-do routine”, that will come another time… just watch out for it…
Yes, there are proven ways “how to” and when that really becomes an essential part of your life, you could postpone your visual age quite a bit, even 20 years.

All that really requires discipline and dedication. Then, as anything else receiving this kind of attention will pay you back the dividends.
Regardless, it would be a task that for some could become a goal, for some obsession, for some just temporary play….but if accepted with your heart and soul, it would become so natural, so much accepted that when you master its parts, it would become your companion until your last days.

Surely, many might give up down the road for various reasons, perhaps just really high age stops consider it meaningful, although it shouldn’t, because it would keep even your movements younger. Your look in a mirror and compliments accepted down the road shall keep you at it and you’ll be assured this is the right path you have chosen, with which you stick for the rest of your days.

Until then, I’m presenting you with a TON of information and help right here. Click on the link and explore the site that is dedicated to keeping you young, healthy, and beautiful!
Don’t worry, I shall not forget to help with keeping you young even from Inside!

Health, Wealth, Beauty and Happiness wishes from

About Woman

With you, always young,

Sadhguru- my star-
“How to Live Joyfully No Matter What”

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