“When People fear Government, it is called Tyranny. When the Government fears People, it is called FREEDOM!”
Thomas Jefferson

Absolutely Politically Incorrect
by Maya

I do love to write. On any subject, really, because there is always certain excitement building during the process (at least I have that special feeling) and also a bit of challenge present itself to be conquered…

However, there is one subject I intensely dislike and that’s politics. Because I fear that my whole effort here could be discovered as divested of even the smallest vestige of enthusiasm, I am bringing that possibility right upfront.
But, still, in hope that all shall end up successfully, I’m moving ahead, calmed down that my readers would understand…
I actually never thought that I write anything anymore  “smelling” of politics because I’m a political refugee from a communist country and came to the US to “embrace freedom.” ( I’m not an economic refugee, to make it clear.) I’ve decided never ever to pay attention to politics anymore, my experiences were just way enough for one’s life…

However, events happening nowadays make me (and endless thousands of others who came to this country for the same reason as I did) very uncomfortable and to put it in simple English, I’m in perpetual shock nowadays. Knowing history very well and actually lived under all 3 regimes, communists, socialists, and capitalists,  I somewhat assumed that Americans know it also and realize with at least great discomfort what is happening around them.
Yes, I could see a glimmer of improvement lately thanks to some “heroes of the day” who at least try to put light on things and are not afraid of disclosing the TRUTH, but still majority of people simply “sleep”. And that fact could bring them such surprises, that they might wish to rather sleep forever than live through that new “life?” that is being so stealthily and surprisingly forcefully “gifted” to them.
But, not deep analysis today, I don’t want to talk about real politics, just about political “correctness”.
So, here it goes:

“If  you are politically correct then you voluntarily accepted membership in a herd”

Doesn’t sound good to you? No, it shouldn’t, but it’s the truth. I know it, I lived my life under political correctness longer than you and to be honest I think I could have been saved this one too.
So, what’s the deal?
The answer is right in the name of it:
Politically incorrect.
For whom? You? Your children? Your neighbor? Your friends? The nation?
Did you feel something was missing in your life before this “invention?” I tell you something. The Communist iron rule says this: “Who is not with us, is against us”.
Do you like that?
So please, kindly show me here the most important ingredient, the dialog! Perhaps someone helps me, I just simply couldn’t find it, I even have a strong suspicion it’s missing!  And I, silly me, always thought that the dialog is an alpha-omega of all decent dealings, of all open conversations… aha!
Oh, silly me, again! Conversation/dialog,  actually the same things, are non-existent here. I got it. Do you?
Well, you should, because you are heading that way, so you might as well get used to it…or do something!!!

Do you realize you ARE already being “formed” and “put in line” for the start because what political correctness is and does, is just that First step towards the loss of your Freedom, which is Freedom of speech?
Isn’t that simple enough even without analysis? Someone tells you,  you “Should not” (soon it becomes “Must not”) use certain expressions. Hmm… Don’t call things by their right name!

One, but it really must be one with very “innocent” thoughts and still in the embrace of the night dreaming who can say that it is just about some situations, sort of helping to take off the sting of harsher real expression.

What? Any and all justification of political correctness is a direct insult to all people with an ounce of brain. It is called POLITICALLY incorrect, not GRAMMATICALLY!! Wake UP! It’s see-through!

I have no nerves going now into the details and list here all these ridiculous inventions, so let’s mention just one most dangerous – “terrorism” instead of calling it what it really is, employing “careful dance” around it, even trying to justify it. You are giving a gun to the hand of the murderer, yourself staying unarmed.
I shall not go on here because as I say, I feel that peculiarity, shortsightedness, and outright stupidity of it, it’s notorious!
I’d like to warn you all of being in favor of this ludicrousness:

At first, I would like to remind you that the English language (my second, actually third, my parents being different nationalities) is rich enough. Unfortunately,  as time passes, fewer and fewer words are used and those words of great value, which were always used and practiced as expressions of higher intellect.
What replaced them gives me shivers any time of the day when overhearing conversation (if I can call it such) blossoming with WOW! and LIKE!
Sometimes I think that if not for those two words,  there will be total silence nowadays on this land 🙂 Oh, just a side note, sorry!
So there is just a right and proper expression for everything.  There is no need for twisting into pretzels words that supposedly are more understanding 🙂 
as an excuse.,

Political correctness is Killing you,  your life, your future. You are forced to say things in such and such a way and you getting to be afraid not to do that. Let me ask you?
Do you still think you have Freedom of speech? Now, tell me, Who is actually annoyed with using your own Good language?

Or you are just a puppet of some “gray eminence” playing its “intrigues” in the background? Do you realize, that all words involved are words to excuse, to make big wrong smaller or somewhat less significant? Not to mention the intent to encourage mediocrity and suppress a desire to excel, which is always bad, a bad thing for any society, and causing irreparable damages. This means also the suppression of education!
But of course, correction is intentionally desired of ONLY words somehow hiding negative!  Exactly where things SHOULD be called by their right names! Great! If all is so very innocent, why there isn’t an invention of some words expressing beauty better? Or knowledge? Or a positive achievement? (just an example of a few ideas.)
Why stealthily encourage bad? Doesn’t common sense tell you that bad should be punished not rewarded? Why is it so often put on a pedestal, The Wrong and The Bad?
Is there an idea to change the perception of things for you either? Do you realize what your children are taught?

It seems to me that everything is somewhat twisted. You are in the absolute power of misleading advertising, being taken, and fooled with unreasonable approaches hiding just simple greed. You already celebrate the wrong people and the wrong things without realizing it. But I might write about this next time, there is a never-ending supply of such…so please take this as another sidestep…

Who do you think came up with this idea of political correctness in the first place?  Someone who had your “welfare” in mind? Or is it “copying” of the communist’s way, preparing you for your new way of life?
To make a conclusion of this, because as I keep saying this somehow irritates my sensibility, let’s see here:
This is MY conclusion, so please compare and make yours:

Scenario One: Real Democracy and freedom of speech:

“I do not agree with what you say, but to my last drop of blood I defend your right to say it”

Scenario Two: Socialism and Communism.
Freedom of speech? What’s that?

“Politically correct”  (used to it already? )

As I see the situation developing, all that is just around the corner….

Regards, M.

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