“If You ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave”
Mo Willems

Sometimes “Simple” could mean a lot. It depends on how we are able to receive it.
Many wouldn’t be able to see value in such simplicity and, well, that would depend on
personality, level of intelligence, education, experience…

There is a very truthful say, as an example, in fashion:

“In simplicity lies an elegance.”

That indisputable fact nobody without good taste, knowledge, understanding, training… would grasp.
For example, practically the majority of women, making effort to look special going out, usually overdo it. Too many colors, wrongly matched colors, not fitting colors/sizes to their body shape or age, etc…is common to see every day.
Just the same is the situation with talk, behavior, etc…However, it is not my goal now to conduct any presentation or analysis,
merely to make sure for those who wouldn’t find “special beauty” in something special, interesting, etc… to understand better what kind of development of their personality has been reached. That’s about it.

I often use my own ways to get to know what I wish to know without asking any opinion on it, just a reaction tells me what kind of visitors my site can welcome. So far it is definitely not for those with insufficient education, non-thinkers, not interested in more than something to be found easily around everywhere, which is sadly practically, nothing worthwhile, besides various specialties, for example, such as technically oriented, as an example.

In the last decade’s overall intelligence dropped drastically, as well as knowledge, besides discovering ways “How to sell”, which is trained everywhere.
There are really scary statistics which already could claim that this generation would first time in history be without a Step Up. All who can give a thought to this and understand it should be really horrified.
So, here, youngsters should stop for a while and think a bit more, skip perhaps what they are involved in, and get up a step towards better content of their learning and responsibility, not to bring a shame on their nation.

With interest and care for nowadays development of personality,

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