“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Thought about Russian music…
by Maya

Let me explain. I wasn’t born an American, although I am one as a naturalized citizen, for, actually a larger part of my life.
I accepted this country as my new home and love it.

However, my sense of justice and some strong desire in me to put wrong into right at least in my very insignificant capacity, led me to…..well read on…

Some of you might have noticed that I post lots of Russian songs on my websites. I am not Russian born, I am from central Europe, but I am “half” Russian after my mother. That, with good knowledge of the language, numerous long visits of that country, studies of its culture and literature, but mainly knowing Russians rather well, allows me, at least to try, to “open eyes” of those who are open-minded.
We often hear “Russian evil empire” and similar expressions.
Did it ever occur to you that “propaganda” is the culprit in either accepting favorably another country (s) or not?

Meaning propaganda on both sides, of course. I am lucky to know both sides sufficiently well to be able to bring up my point.
I am convinced that IF would be possible for people of all nations to chat freely together, without malicious propaganda and government’s involvement, there shall be boundless friendships and very few wars!

Blaming ordinary people for world events is foolish. First of all, it would be somewhat like now everybody in the world who lost some assets in a stock market would be blaming the American people. Do you see my point?

Actually, I discovered, and know since childhood this. Russians are people who are as big-hearted as their big country is, they are generous, superbly hospitable, friendly, merry, and warm, love their country and what’s more they are THE best singers.

I stand behind this statement very strongly. Practically everybody sings and sings well. Once people gather, no matter where it might be, always someone pulling our “harmonica or balalaika” and singing goes on.
Songs romantic, hunting, sad, happy, old, new, but mainly folksongs… everyone knows them by heart. My mother was a great singer and I was happy to inherit a good voice, but unfortunately, my carrier as a singer has been thwarted…
But this is another story.

Old Russian romances are hunting and deep, which stems from the unbelievable suffering of Russians for long centuries. During my studies, I could not sleep reading about that. In the time of WW2 Russians showed tremendous heroism, men and women. Nation losses were in high millions. And do you know what helped them tremendously?

Not sufficient food (there was just a hunger), not warmth (endless thousands ended frozen to death) not any comfort (not even dreaming about it) there was just poverty, desperation, and uncertainty of survival….but their songs were there, they talked, they cried, they loved…
Yes, it was their music. Soldiers sang when the moment of quiet introduced itself, women sang working in war factories and helping wounded… people sang in fields, everywhere…

And that is what I would like to put on a pedestal. Music.
Music is powerful, music is a balm, and life without it would be like a rose without its flower and leaves, just a dry stick with thorns.
Every nation has its very own, but this one due to its specific history and superior talent comes across as quite more significant.

Certainly, all of you felt the power of music at any given time, have memories associated with it so strong that you hear it just to thinking about it.
It is a well-known thing that hardship makes one stronger, and also more appreciative of all good. Hardship and suffering created great melodies, full of sadness, deep emotions, but also happiness.

I think that you understand my message by now and when you hear any of the songs I posted in my “Music” section you’ll hear them with a somewhat different “ear”. You might feel their message a little better.

To end this long statement (hate to call it a lesson) I would like to introduce you also to the “most powerful” song created in WW2 times that led Russian soldiers in their fight against Hitler’s armies. Even those felt its power and shivered whenever heard it.

I came across one, which now has an English translation, so I am glad I found it.
The name is “Sacred War”.

Also, realize enormous singing talents when you hear the Russian army choir.
(I later post other songs where soloists are just soldiers, for example in song “Nightingale”.)
Now put yourself a question…Are bad people capable of such emotions? Think about it…

Thank you so much for your precious attention and now enjoy music. It is being said that through it we understand each other better, no matter nationality.
In a world’s peace,

Choir Russian soldiers– Sacred War

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