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Alfred Tennyson

Wedding Ring and Fourth Finger

Why should the wedding ring be worn on the fourth finger?
There is a beautiful and convincing explanation given, though many Legends existed…

Here let’s see the reasons:
* Thumb represents your Parents
* Second (Index) finger represents your Siblings
* Middle finger represents yourSelf
* Fourth (Ring) finger represents your Life Partner
* Little (the last finger) represents your children.
This is a really lovely theory, so let’s try it yourself:

So, let’s try it:

*Firstly, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers, and hold them together – back to back.

*Secondly, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb – tip to tip

*And now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents)…, they will open, because your parents are not destined to live with you lifelong, and have to leave you sooner or later.

*Please join your thumbs as before and separate your Index fingers (representing siblings).
They will also open because your brothers and sisters will have their own families and will have to lead their own separate lives.

*Continue with joining the Index fingers and separate your Little fingers (representing your children).
They will open as well because the children also will get married and settle down on their own someday.

*Finally, join your Little fingers, and try to separate your Ring fingers (those representing your spouse). You will be surprised to see that you just CAN NOT… because Husband and Wife should remain together all their lives – through Thick and Thin!!
Easy, isn’t it?

Be happy, all of you!
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