“Time for business, an hour for fun”
(Tsar Alexis of Russia)

Great day to all visiting my site!

After posting some Russian songs around,(Quora, “former” Twitter, previous websites, etc…) where I translated those by myself I am enclosing also one of the answers to Quora’s question about Russian President Putin, what kind of man he is, what he likes, if he likes music, etc…
So, for this “occasion” I have chosen one of the melodies he personally likes, actually, it certainly looks like himself being in it as a real “hero”…After all, you can see what kind of person he really is and I am sure you will like what you’ll see.
A great, warm human being, loving his country, its people, nature, animals, and receiving lots of love back from his people. Very simple.
Seeing lately his 86% approval by the nation, after all, show me another president with such a score…
Well, here we go…enjoy the song, ask questions if you wish, and let me know how you liked it…
Best in every step of your day, wishing you

Please note that I shall be introducing many Russian songs from various styles and other clips from the life of Russia, so if you will be interested in the translation of either those or some other translation service from Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish…no problem.
I’ve decided to abandon some of the other activities to be able to start doing more of what I like and prefer, using my extensive knowledge in various areas.
Because I still have to make a living, and all here I do is for free, of course, quite a time consuming, I have set up on this website a “tiny shop” dedicated to this. (landing page at the top right (shop) So, if any of you feel some generosity to contribute, whatever amount, even symbolic dollar, it would be greatly appreciated.

All the best to you, happy listening, simply ENJOY! M.

One of the songs V. Putin loves…

A cover page is a clip from Moscow...
Peace in this world!

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