“Irony is wasted on the stupid”
Oscar Wilde

Story Of An Ant

Every day early in the morning was coming to work a little Ant who was productive and happy. Here he spent the whole day working and murmur the old songs about love.

He was productive and happy, but alas! No one controlled him. Hornet, a chief manager, thought it impossible so he created a new supervisor’s position, for which he accepted a Cockroach with a great experience.

The first concern of Cockroach was to standardize an hour of arrival and departure and prepare detailed reports about it. For this reason, he needed a secretary that would help to prepare those and therefore hired a Spider/ female to organize archives and deals with phone calls. And the Ant was still productive and happy and worked and worked.

The Hornet, a chief manager was thrilled with reports, but still, he would wish for comparative tables and charts, plus indicators and analysis of management development.

It was, therefore, necessary to hire the Fly that would assist the supervisor and she has been equipped with a new computer and color printer.

After this entire happening the Ant, the productive, ceased to sing his tunes and began to complain about the amount of paperwork, which he must develop. The Hornet, the chief manager, decided that it was necessary to take action and create the position of Head of Unit, where the Ant worked, productive and happy.

The new position obtained Cicada, who also ordered a special chair for her office. And of course, the new head of department needed a new computer, then the Internet.

The new manager soon needed a new assistant (Parasite, which was her help in the previous work) and which helped to prepare strategic plans and budget for the department in which he worked the Ant, productive and happy. Ant didn’t sing any longer and every day was becoming angrier.
“Now we must establish a workplace that will address the work atmosphere,” said the cicada. But one day, the chief manager right after he received the numbers and saw the results of the department, where Ant worked – productive and happy, has found out no profit has been made. Therefore he contacted the Owl, a prestigious consultant to make an analysis of the situation.

An Owl has been spent in the company for three months and produced a detailed report of a large volume and for many millions Euro, which conclusion was:
“Company employs too many people.”
Therefore, the chief manager listened to the consultant’s advice and fired an increasingly angrier Ant, who previously had been so happy.

Lesson learned:
Don’t you ever think to be an Ant, productive, and happy? Rather be useless and incompetent. Incompetent doesn’t need a supervisor, they all know it. 

And that’s not all;
If you are productive, do not show that you’re happy, that would not be tolerated.
On the contrary, every day invent some misfortune and you would provoke sympathy.
And if, despite this warning, you decide to be an Ant – productive and happy, keep in mind that you would feed on your shoulders hornets, cockroaches, spiders, flies, cicadas, owls, and parasites.

With wishes for common sense and justice,

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