“Children are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, but also entertainment. Anyone who has children will confirm that they have a lot of fun with them”

1. I was terrified when my mother got sick because I thought that our dad will cook.

2. Mothers should not shout because they are beneficial.

3. When two people fall in love and kiss each other for the first time, they collapse immediately
and do not get up for at least an hour, but maybe longer.

4. The nurse again had all number one on her report card. I bet she’s doing it on purpose.

5. Granny is fat because she is full of love.

6. I would have liked a little brother, but my mother still uses a tampon…

7. The older a person is, the more expensive his teeth are.

8. Girls can’t pee standing up because they don’t know what to hold.

9. When Grandma’s teeth hurt, she puts them in a glass.

10. I no longer have a grandmother: we planted her in a cemetery.

11. And do mothers have to graze for milk to flow from their breasts?

12. Swiss cows are primarily used to produce chocolate.

13. The inhabitants of Sardinia are called sardines.

14. For good, the nurses in the hospital must be sterile.

15. Doctors say fatal diseases are the worst.

16. When my little brother was born, they put it in the battery.

17. The most useful animal is a pig. Every part of it can be used:
front and back like meat, leather for shoes, hairbrushes, and in his name we can even scold.

18. I am not baptized, but I am vaccinated.

19. I don’t know how old I am, because it keeps changing.

20. There’s a baby in my mother’s belly, but I don’t know how she swallowed it.

21. An aquarium is actually a small sea in which domestic fish swim.

22. The child’s salary is when the father moves out of the house.

23. Each fish produces eggs, Russian fish, and caviar.

24. Cows cannot run quickly to avoid milk being sprayed from the udder.

25. Men here can only marry one woman. This is called monotonous.

26. I don’t understand why my mother is angry that I broke a vase.
She was old and even Chinese… anyway if she were ours…

27. A peninsula is an island that has not been completed.

28. Grandma moved to the Second World. So I will have someone abroad to go as well.

29. “Dad, why don’t you ever let me drive our car? I am old enough.”
The son begs his father. “You maybe, but not the car yet!”

30. The baby boy is trying to reach out to ring the bell, but it’s too high for him.
The old man walks by, and when he sees the boy’s misery, he wants to help him and rings.
The boy looks at him gratefully and says, “Okay grandpa, and now we’re running!”

31. TheTruth About Parents:
When you are a kid, they teach you to talk and walk.
And then they want you to sit at home and keep quiet?

32. “Dad, what is the largest lake in the world, please?” Asks little James. “I don’t know.”
“And dad, which president was the oldest?” “I don’t know.”
“And dad, which dog race is the most widespread?” “I don’t know.”
“Daddy, you do not mind that I am bothering you with my questions?”
“Oh no, no, just keep asking, otherwise, you won’t know anything” …

Enjoy your child/grandchild while you can…They grow up too fast.

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