“In modern war… you will die like a dog for no good reason.”
Ernest Hemingway

WORLD WAR 2- December 4, 1941
Piece of history…let’s learn in….

December 4, 1941 – Hitler 30 km before Moscow. Russian victory in Stalingrad – in Germany the Day of National Mourning. “The sons of the homeland” – an anthem of Russian youth. And “Europe is weak because its men are weak”.

Since Hitler’s assault on the Soviet Union in June 1941, nearly six months have elapsed, Hitler troops reached Moscow, December 4, 1941, 30 km from Moscow, and the Kremlin was allegedly seen by military binoculars. After extremely difficult defensive fights in the autumn of 1941, however, the Soviet armed forces managed to slow down at the expense of huge losses and eventually stop the Wehrmacht process and on December 5-6, on an almost nine hundred-kilometer front even unexpectedly go into the counterattack.
It was the first defeat by then the invincible and state-of-the-art army, which had a successful European campaign at that time. The world received a message of defeat with enthusiasm, and even in the United States a film was created in 1943 that not only blasted the heroism of the Russian nation but also describing why Russia has to defend itself during the whole of its existence with the attacks of various armies – about Russian resources (time from the 6th minute of the document “Why the Eternal Fight Against Russia”).

At the beginning of December 1941, the Russian command decided to move into a counterattack, but on December 4, Hitler said: “The enemy’s fighting capabilities are not so great as to be able to start with the current forces against offensive “. But the next day the Germans were very surprised – the documentary “The Battle of Moscow” (time from 40:30):

Battle of Staligrand – “No step back”

The Battle of Stalingrad (September 3, 1942 – February 2, 1943) was one of the most important events of the Second World War. It can be said that it is a so-called “break on the eastern front”, as the German army advanced into the interior of the Soviet Union until the time of the outbreak of the battle, but after that battle, the “card turned” and the German troops set off to retreat before the Soviet units. In the spring of 1943, attempts were made to reverse the development on the eastern front, but it can be said that this offensive, despite the fact that it infused a few hopes from the beginning, has failed (source and more)

In the spring of 1942, the Sixth Army was nicknamed “Capital Slayer” and appointed a new Supreme Commander.

Hitler translated his headquarters into the Vineyard in the heart of Ukraine. The decisive factor for Hitler’s decision to move to the south was something that was determined to him quite often, not a strategic one, but an economic situation. Americans were constantly supplying material to the Russians through Persia, the Caspian Sea, and the Volga-through the supply. If the Germans could stop him, they would have a very valuable strategic advantage and would seriously damage the Russians. This was the plan to conquer Stalingrad and occupy the Frozen oil fields. Because of this, Hitler divided his powers. It seems, however, that the capture of Stalingrad was mainly about the political significance of the name; in Hitler’s fight against Stalin, it was one of the great political triumphs that he wanted to weaken. Stalingrad’s occupation could have interrupted the flow of oil from Baku and US aid to Moscow, but that could have been achieved outside of Stalingrad, a little further along the Volga. In particular, Stalingrad was a symbol for the Russians, it was their city built in their time, and was named after the leader of the Soviet people (although not all of the beloved) Stalin.

On July 23, 1942, General Hader reported to Hitler that the Soviets deliberately avoided the battle. Hitler was angry at him: “Nonsense !! The Russians are struggling to the fullest, but the forces are over. They just can not recover from the wounds that we have planted in the last few months !! “

In Stalin’s headquarters, they know the situation of the Sixth Army and plan to help Stalingrad. Vasilevsky plans to use Paulus’s weak wings, which are under-equipped by the Italian and Romanian army, plans to encircle Stalingrad. Stalin was initially opposed, for he was worried if the Red Army was so powerful to such a maneuver. Stalin just wanted to increase the pressure around Stalingrad. In the end, however, he was convinced by his probably best general Zhukov to plan to encircle Stalingrad. 19 November 1942 a counterattack was launched. Two thousand T-34s launch an assault, coming from both sides of the Sixth Army. The Italians and the Romanians have nothing to resist. The Germans wanted to retrofit their wings with anti-tank guns, which was just as little and the Germans could not deliver the material in time. Romans possessed old 37mm caliber guns, which were called door knockers, and the T-34 was in no way sufficient. The German Army Staff stopped reporting, no one knew what was going on. There was confusion, and the Russian attack was noticed until November 20, when the Russians were already in Golubinka. The army staff in reluctance retreated from the approaching Russians. The Soviet divisions are so prevalent that it will not make them more difficult to crush the allies of the Wehrmacht. The power of the Soviet attack is unprecedented. After four days, the Russians managed to close the encampment of Stalingrad near Kalač and thus to trap more than 260,000 soldiers of the Wehrmacht. Paul repeatedly asked Hitler for permission to retreat immediately. Hitler always answers: Keeping Stalingrad is crucial for war …

The Battle of Stalingrad (present-day Volgograd), together with the Battle of Moscow (1941) and the Battle of Kurska (1943), represents the most significant and decisive engagement of the German and Soviet troops during the Second World War. The Red Army conquered the historic victory by first surrounding it and eventually completely destroying the German 6th Army under the command of Field Marshal Paulus and causing the Wehrmacht significant material and human losses that were one of the reasons for the retreat of German troops. Today it is one of the greatest war clashes of all time ever. (Official Wikipedia summary)

It is not an anniversary like an anniversary – what is in Russia a reminder of the patriotic defense of the country, it is in Germany The Day of Sorrow for Innocent Victims

We have the 4th December and the anniversary of the defeat of the Nazi troops 30 km before Moscow in 1941 receives a place of recognition and gratitude to the Russian nation for the rescue of the world, a touch of rewriting history so that Russia is blamed for the fact that Hitler was almost in Moscow like Napoleon in front of him), and that Russia was defending (just like others throughout its existence).

Today is seeing how close to NATO’s base is Moscow, but it is Russia (and who remembers today that there was a Warsaw Treaty that Russia dissolved after the collapse of the USSR under the promise of the West that NATO bases would not shift even towards the East?), who is referred to as an aggressor to defend himself against.

The first thing that happened after the fall of communism was the change of the end of the war – the new war did not end on May 9 in Prague, but on 8 May in Plzeň – the end of the war did not deserve the Red Army, but the troops of the United States. And since human manipulation is creeping, the older generation is rejoicing in this “fact” while the new generation accepts it as a finished thing.

However, a humane way of manipulating mankind has recently taken a “higher level” – when it turned out to have even experienced the new Russian generation! And I mean Russian students at the Bundestag taking part in the money of foreign funds (!), Where one of the students regretted the death of a German soldier in the so-called “Stalingrad boiler”, a soldier of the 6th Army whom he described as “innocent” of the deceased.

It is already in itself a warning and a good thing, since giving the equinox of innocence between the challenger and the attacker has no logic. But more importantly, there is another fact: a Russian student told the world of the Bundestag on the anniversary of the Red Army surrounding the Wehrmacht soldiers in Stalingrad (19 November 1942), but for Germany, the day that is labeled the Day of National Sorrow for Innocent Victims . And to be little, a Russian student, as an example of an “innocent victim”, has just given the soldier of the 6th Army (!) (For more see VV Pjakin).

Everyone who reads a little between the lines (and in the end, the current campaign against Russia must already see the blind) must be clear that something is wrong and that the game is similar to what has been repeated in history at times. And when President Zeman recently met with Mr. Putin, who said he did not learn history, he had to experience it again and quoted a statement by the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Jaceňuk, that Russia was moving to Germany while occupying Ukraine, so it was probably not the message.

And when we add the recent statements by Teresa. May, see “Although” eurocrats “are carefully concealed, in fact, the” Eastern Partnership “project is directed against Russia,” especially the V4 countries should consider whether or not they are playing games.

“Whoever does not learn history needs to experience it again!”

In accordance with this quotation, I have reminded the events connected with 4 December 1941 and 19 November 1942 (and 19 November 2017).
And I will add that every decent man has to be ashamed of such a rewriting of history as he is after 89. And that every decent person who listens to the Moscow radio broadcast on June 22, 1941 – see video

Note to this content by Maya:
I, fortunately, didn’t have to live/survive any war. I was born after horrible event as was WW2. But I know all about it. I studied history.
You know, when you think about it, just a bit is enough, you surely would realize what this horrifying matter means.

Killing humans in any way possible, just, let say, to win some territory.
Well, there is quite extensive part of this website content dedicated to the history, important events, even “horrors” of what one nation could do the other, better say, what human is capable to do to another…most of the time innocent (children included) and simple people who lived their life in peace and suddenly an “evil” decided to “visit.”
PLEASE, learn how to avoid such, save your future to live in peace, happily, bringing up new generation, unharmed and with healthy memories on their childhood and worry-free about such ongoing. You have no right to be in control of individual humans, just simply try living in a humanly order, peace, and happiness. Such a nation could claim its success. Such achieved America, which the whole world envied and I do hope that commies power that has been deceitfully building up undercover for many years shall not reach its goal.
Peace and Freedom to all!
Regards, M.

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