“Immense power is acquired by assuring yourself in your secret reveries that you were born to control affairs.”
A. Carnegie

“I have never been able to conceive how any rational being could propose to himself form the exercise of power over others.”
T. Jefferson

“Truth” series
” Why Communism Can’t Be Realized, Ever
Part 6, conclusion
by Maya

This is the 6th and final part of my series. And yes, thousands of pages could be added easily over and above those already written about events that were so real and still are so very new historically, so full of hope for millions, but in the end, all ended in disaster. Loss of hopes, dreams, talents, inventions, prosperity, happiness, and freedom was the least of it. Losses of millions of lives were the achievement of it.

Why? Why did all this happen? Is that desire for power so strong? I suppose it is. Are there still those who would like to repeat what is indisputably proven as a utopia? I am sure they are and always be. New generations will come and be fooled with empty but so temptingly sounding promises.

“Equality” for all, Social Justice, Wealth balance” you could name dozens of those masked lies used by unscrupulously grasping individuals.
What still amazes me is that regardless of the fiasco of socialism in so many countries of different sizes, different cultures, different languages, and different histories, were all ended exactly the same, that is with REVOLUTION against socialism, those who nowadays let their voices to be loud about some changes for the better, just repeat exactly the same words I’ve heard for the large part of my life. They even do not bother to bring something new of their own. Oh yes, they present it as a new idea, but they can fool only fools. It is so easy to see through it, because I did live through those promised lies, which when became reality became also a nightmare at the same time.

Today, due to the indoctrination of children at schools new generation of potential victims is out there now. And it is loud as it is to be expected of young people. Thinking they know it all.
Repeating what they were taught to think and say but not being able taught how to think. “They” don’t need those who know the truth, they need brain “adjusted” ones who would follow and help them to power, and then… they can all go to hell…Well, I have to remind all this again and again.. sorry, but it can’t be otherwise.

Socialism. What is it? Soft communism. Although there is really nothing soft about it, it is still something that leads to the other as an ultimate goal.

“Communism is an idea for which no single human has been born yet.”

This statement is in my own words, but it SITS. My purpose here is not to analyze communism as an idea anymore. I did that already and you know by now how it all turned out…but to show WHY it can’t ever be realized.
Hopefully, you did notice that I always speak about the communist government but a socialist country. Not a communist country.

Simply, there never was such. Through all those years of socialism existence in so many countries, communists NEVER accomplished their ultimate goal. This should also tell you something.
Now let’s look at the base of the core word. It originated from the “commune.”
If you look up this in the dictionary it would tell you that commune is a group of people living together and share possession and responsibility. So that setup was “supposed to” exist in a communal settlement in the communist country.

But there wasn’t anything like that. That was only in the name, never in reality. Communism itself was supposed to be absolutely ideal ultimate goal (of course, for communists) meaning that in the future (when?) there shall be something like it (I explain shortly) but it never was realized, because people were so fed up on the road aiming to this horrifying utopia that revolution took care of this threatening misery every time. Not to mention this promised road never even led to it, not in a good sense anyway, just far from it.

When some naive individual would read any of the ideas he might even think. That sounds kind of good…certainly unique. Yes, it is, in its stupidity for sure, but in reality? Do you wish to hear “joke” of the day?” No, you wouldn’t, it would turn out too bitter…

“Someone”, I suppose, one day came up with an idea, (original one but never presented in such a “disclosing” way as I do now, that would not have worked, would it?) communist’s idea that people, just because being live creatures are actually something like animals. So when animals could be concentrated to live in some designated spaces, being obedient and useful for whatever their “specialty” of usefulness was, people could be also. They would listen to commands of those above (meaning government) and behave like a sheep (the animal is chosen randomly, but docile for sure) be useful and easily controlled. For that, they’ll be provided with rations of food and other necessities for living. That would be just ideal, wouldn’t be? Dream come true for the communist’s government…

There is one huge flaw with this scenario though. People are born with brains. And those cause thinking. And thinking could bring on ideas…ideas different than intended by those who like to control and command. Those ideas might turn into certain desires; desires of creation, invention, free expression, independence… and eventually an unstoppable desire to be free.

To live life as an animal with a thinking brain deserves. And then this animal wishes to become “wild mustang.” Without being tamed. Without being shackled. That is called FREEDOM! And questions shall rise:

Who are you to dictate my every move? Who are you thinking you always know better? Who gave you the right to limit me so? Who are you deciding mine and my children’s destiny?
And then those animals with brains get together and get stronger and risk it all to be FREE! They want to live lives they deserve as thinking creatures. Work as their ability allows them and be able to develop, improve, perfect themselves, and their lives and bring up their children as such also.

At school we had one hour a week special class (communists invention-indoctrination) called “citizen’s upbringing” (this is the closest translation I can get) and thankfully, only one hour, meaning specifically dedicated hour. I shall never forget how during one such class our teacher (a woman) told us this:

“You are so lucky to live in these times when such  “progress” is being made when we all are equal (about that I can also write a book) and just wait to see what awaits you when you’ll grow up. There shall be no money anymore, nobody would need it, only capitalists are hungry money-hungry…
because you will have everything for free, according to your needs. Remember what comrade Lenin said…
“All that gold, destruction of people will have no value at all and as proof, we shall make public toilets out of it.”

”So when the time arrives you will just go to some supply centers and receive what you need for your life… food, clothing, everything.”

We listened, staring at her, and I, always a rebel, have made forever enemy out of her with this question:
“But comrade teacher, something like that is impossible. Even if there will be such centers, how this could be done? People are so different, some like eating better, some prefer to dress better, some would wish for a car… we are all different. Who would be happy with something like that? People would fight over everything… Who would decide how much and all that and plan properly?”

“Sit down Maya. You are still too young to understand such an important development that is going on in our country and there are those who certainly will plan well for us. You just learn what you need to and do not try to be overly smart.”
(Do you smell an indoctrinated teacher, government’s slave person?)

However, after the class, all my classmates gathered around me and totally agreed with me. Supported like that, from that moment I was thinking and thinking and that was a time I started reading old philosophers. At the age of 14th.
I already was finding sense in those. My collections of aphorisms were almost fanatical. I wanted to have my suspicions supported more and more. And I had, from elders too.

Several years later I understood very well how the nation was feeling and thinking, I saw great dissatisfaction, waiting for lines and lines before empty stores, the importance of money, and those idiocies my former teacher (thank God for only one hour a week) sprouted, vanished…

People in government and in positions were getting richer, having it all…should I continue? Surprised? Where was that “social justice?”
Their very favored and famous line in speeches? What was it, actually? Oh yeas, that was the confiscation of properties from those rich capitalists who provided jobs at the time of prosperity to our country. Redistribution of wealth? Ha!

Confiscation, yes. But sharing? With whom? People? I can’t believe people’s gullibility? And heating it up still today. Don’t people realize what all that actually means? They are needed to help those who are after it to get it!!!
They need voting power of the nation, part of the nation, anybody, simple numbers to help those hungry for power to Get It!!! Then.. they become disposable.

I believe that just the same as everything no matter what it has its buyer, that also every idea, no matter how stupid, had its followers.
However, when presented well, there you have it. The whole nation swallows blatant lies. But still, only those who don’t know any better. Those who don’t know history, are poorly educated, do not think, or like to stick their heads in the sand… because with a good education comes also an ability to recognize lies, conceit, big egos, desire for power, and so on.
Another example of total ignorance is the fact that lots of rich people support all these dangerous ideas. Don’t they realize that their wealth could be confiscated overnight when such a regime is established? Not to mention they would never ever had a chance to accumulate their wealth in the first place and surely not anymore under that new regime they are helping to get to power.

Talking logic: Accumulating enormous wealth under Capitalists and pushing Socialists ideas. WOW! Stupidity is a weak expression… Remember us supposed to be all equal? Those first are those to be “equalized” that’s for sure. The government needs money. It will be a BIG government. 
Remember… managing everything, deciding everything, even your destiny…
How would you like that?

But don’t worry, it still is only socialism, not communism;-)
For such, no one was born as yet and never will be. Do you agree?
But for socialism, so many people fell. How they ended up? My series just revealed that if you, by some chance, missed the history…
With best regards,
I am wishing to all never ever live under communists.

With you in Freedom,

Leonard Cohen
First We Take Manhattan

Article coming… Education… But that shall not be part of the series anymore. That just ended as socialism did. Do you wish to wake it up? Think about it!

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