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― Ludwig von Mises

“Verdict”…Song with History
by Maya

This sort of music is called “Chanson”…obviously, in this case, a “Russian Chanson.” It is a superb song, full of drama and has great augmentation and rhythm.
Singer, Сергей Наговицын (Sergei Nagovicin) had a very sad fate, dying at the age of 31 in a car accident.
All his music are actually stories, that’s what generally “Chanson” is, however, he dedicated many of those people in prison, victims of the communist regime…

The story of “Verdict” is from tremendously hard post-war times, where millions of men died and their children grew up either without fathers or as orphans. There were hunger and misery and children learn to steal and that led to the criminal life, often for the rest of their lives.
Translation of this song is rather difficult because it combines many words special to the situations specific to those times, also a criminal brogue.

Therefore, Voronok (raven) symbolically meaning black color was actually a black car with a wagon attached to it
where people were collected at night from their dwellings
to be taken to prisons very often for no reason at all, many
for political reasons. At the same time also various criminals were collected to face just the same destiny. Just like a hero of this song.
People were scared for years and years and listened at night
for the sound of “Polnotchnyi Voronok” (midnight raven) to see if themselves or which neighbor that black monster sent
by KGB would take.

Lubjanka = KGB interrogation center in Moscow, from there
people were sent to prisons, mainly to Siberia.
The name Kresty is a similar establishment in Leningrad.
Krest (Kresty-plural) means cross/crosses. From the airplane, the prison outlay is visible as built in a form of the cross.

Words are superiorly written, but unfortunately absolutely not possible to translate in any engaging way as the song has it, so a result of just “dry” translation must suffice.

Sergei Nagovicyn

Like a tale, the judge was reading the verdict to me
behind windows heard harsh weather of February
he told me this is the last prison sentence for me
next shall be death by being shot.

And I knew him so well since
he was still a little boy and I was actually a friend
of his …but then I’ve already gone through
Lubjanku and Kresty
when he was still sitting at a school desk.

Since early age “pampers” I was street smart
and soon I was also a friend of seasoned criminals.
My mother gave me birth during transport
to prison after my father was shot at our home.
by a prison guard.


Show me such a town, such a parts
where I’ve never lived
so show me where I’ve never been
where I did not fight, sing, and steel.

I was changing like cards women and houses
and after heavy drinking was without my senses
and in my memory often prison cried for me
and me too when so lonely I missed it.

And at midnight wagon behind
black “Voronok” arrived and waited
and judge like an artist was painting
last stroke of my life…

My dear wife in diamonds and tears
was saying good-bye to me as usual.
I’ll come back to you dear, oh “what a talk”
if my sentence shall be decreased in years

Like a tale… (repeat first part)

Сергей Наговицын – Приговор
(unfortunately, I couldn’t find the recording I wanted, it’s
some yrs back, so…??)
Here is another recording, at least some replacement…

Who loves this kind of music, here is a superb collection of his several songs.
Thank you for visiting,
be well and hope for world peace!

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