“Communists? What a word, it’s a lie. What an act, It’s a crime. ”

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“Being (kind of ) active on QUORA, half Russian, speaking the language I am receiving many questions on the subject Russia.
One of those was about Russian czar, his family, and other details about the sad ending of that dynasty. In my best effort best I did post quite a bit about it and decided to bring this information on my website as well. For those who care about the world’s historic events, here it is.”

Russia has brutally got rid of the last Tsar
17. 7. 2013
Yekaterinburg – 95 years ago, the last Russian car Nicholas II died. The Communists shot him at the Urals with his wife, Alexandra, five children and servants. For a long time, their murder was silent.

Five years ago, however, the state rehabilitation came true. The Orthodox Church even declared them holy. Car Nicholas II. symbolized old Russia and its imperial power, wealth, and Orthodox religion. It was the enemy number one for the Communists.

For most of the last century, the Soviet regime sought to denigrate Nicholas. The Car symbolized everything that was needed to get rid of: the Tsar Dynasty, the wealth, the Imperial Pump. Officially he was declared a tyranny, ruined by the revolutionary year of 1917. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, the Russians’ view of their last ruler changed dramatically. Nicholas even won a poll of the greatest Russian – Stalin.

“Nicholas II. has always been forced to reforms. Forbidden by circumstances, he did not want to do business himself, and he never wanted to retreat from self-indulgent, taking it as a sacred power, as a sacral autocracy that can not be broken or canceled, “said Hanuš Nykl of the Institute of Slavonic and East European Studies.

During World War I, Nicholas II led the Russian army. Military failures and revolutions forced him to abdicate. In March 1917, the Russian carriages ended. Car was then moved to Tobolsk and then to Ekaterinburg, where he de facto lived as a private man. On Nov. 7 a new revolution broke out, which brought the Bolsheviks and Lenin to power, and it became fatal to the former Tsar.

The emperor and his family were executed by the Bolshevik Revolutionaries on July 17, 1918. For many years this act in Russia has been called a mere murder, and the lower instance courts refused to change anything. The turn came to the highest court, according to which the whole family was the victim of political repression and should be rehabilitated. The judgment was mainly symbolic, but it ends up with a long-term effort by the descendants of the Romanovs to make the car a victim of crime.
Murdered with rifles and bayonets

Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, their five children, a doctor, and three servants were shot dead without trial on July 17, 1918, in the city of Ekaterinburg, where they were interned after the Qur’an abdication. Female family members had dressed with inlaid corsets, making them harder to shoot, so with bayonets they were eventually slaughtered. The bodies of the murdered were mutilated to prevent later identification and buried in a common grave in a secret place.

The tomb of the Tsar’s family was discovered 60 years later
Anything about the tragedy, the Soviet regime has been hiding for decades and the public has gradually begun to learn it only during the reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev. The grave of the members of the Tsar’s family was discovered in 1978, but it took a long time to exhume and verify the authenticity of the remains. Between the dead, however, the remains of Catherine Alexei and his sister Mary were missing. Their tomb was only discovered in 2007. The uncertainties surrounding the identification of bodies during the 20th century led to the demolition of a number of imitators who claimed to be Alexei or the youngest daughter of Anastasia.
“Statue of Russian Tsar Nicholas II. source: ČT24”

The Orthodox Church proclaimed Nicholas II. and my family as holy martyrs.
Sometimes historic lies get corrected, by so much we learned is just myth, some of it made up by those in power, so we never know the truth…but it is good to learn from mistakes, always.
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Enclosing song by Zhanna Bichevskaja dedicated to Romanovs:
“Holy Royal Martyrs”

You can see the Romanov family before execution, a real place, where executing has been made, bloody wall real. What can I add…communist’s vermin in action…

Жанна Бичевская -Святым Царственным мученикам
Zanna Bichevskaya – To Holy Czar’s Martyr’s

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