“A man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.,
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table

How can I practice a growth MINDSET?

Carol Dweck’s book Mindset:
The New Psychology of Success is for anyone who wants to focus on their personal development and find a life path that is the best fit for them.
In essence, Dweck’s premise is that the view we adopt for ourselves can dramatically affect the way we lead our life. She explains the difference between a fixed mindset (believing that our skills, strengths, and qualities are set in stone and there’s nothing we can do to change them, for better or for worse) and a growth mindset (believing that those same qualities are things we can cultivate through long-term dedication and effort).
So if the idea of having a growth mindset appeals to you, here are 5 ideas to practice it:

Idea #1. Learn something new every day.
It can be anything that’s outside your current school curriculum, your job description, or a particular interest or hobby. Maybe you’ll spend a few evenings watching documentaries on Greek philosophy, artificial intelligence, or solar energy. Or, you’ll want to research something more practical and useful in your daily life, such as which foods can keep you healthy or how you can practice HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Whatever it is, it’s important to stay curious and be willing to learn what you currently do not know.

Idea #2. Surround yourself with a “growth mindset” people.
Do you know the saying that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with? You may not even be aware of how much those closest to you (family, friends, your partner) can impact your mood, your attitude, your belief system, and even what you perceive to be your strengths or weaknesses. Growth mindset people are easy to spot: they are the ones with a can-do attitude, they exhibit positive and optimistic behavior, and they work hard every day on getting better at something. Befriend them and cultivate friendships with them.

Idea #3. Change your definition of success.
You may think to be successful means that things come easy to you, whether it’s being a straight-A student or a swimming champion. The downside to that way of thinking is that you get too comfortable in doing something well with little effort. Instead of thinking that success is being the best, start thinking of success as doing your best. This means you switch your focus from staying in the comfort zone to coming up with ways to improve how you do your work, such as planning a difficult task ahead of time or waking up 30 minutes earlier to practice a positive habit such as working out or meditating.

Idea #4. Avoid getting lazy about things.
One major drawback to having a fixed mindset is doing something well and then just slipping into complacency. You sit back, take it easy, and expect things to go smoothly from now on. How about making sure it stays that way? For example, if you’ve passed your exams, you don’t have to spend your vacation watching TV or gaming; instead, work on improving a skill for 30 minutes a day. If you finished a big project at work, don’t get into idle office gossip; rather, brush up on your LinkedIn profile by adding relevant skills or learn a new app or tool that can help you do your job more efficiently.

Idea #5. Don’t get envious, get proactive.
Whenever you hear a friend, coworker, or relative talk about being passionate about a personal project or getting promoted at work, resist the urge to feel envious that things are going well for them. Instead, take a cue from them and spend some time brainstorming some ideas of your own. Which project can you start that can improve the quality of your life? How can you take your career path into your own hands and make decisions that are good for you professionally in the long run? It takes a little time, but it’s well worth it. Spend a few evenings writing ideas down, then come up with a plan to turn them into actions. When you’re open-minded about making a change in your life, it means you are proactive and are practicing a growth mindset. One small idea today can turn into a lifetime of opportunities for personal growth, and that is the path you want to be on!

Maybe some of the ideas would come useful to you… And I think point # 2 is well on the way between You and Maya 😉
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