“Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it.”
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Inside/Outside-Out of Balance – part one
By Maya

Dear readers, I realize fully that some of the articles in this series are not for everyone…well, at least not for those who are incapable to perceive written with an open mind. However, I, as an author feel that I have a right to express openly my feelings and opinions on chosen subjects.
I simply would like to bring to your attention some ideas not discussed that often, at least not from this angle and being somewhat wider in varying content than articles are commonly presented.
So what is supposed to be “out of balance?”

Actually, quite a lot. I would start with our bodies. It is not just my impression from observation, but real knowledge acquired from studies and teachings that people are most uncomfortable with their bodies for various reasons. One most common would be having problems with curbing overeating and for that reason with excess weight, finding themselves more and more sedentary, totally lacking energy and enthusiasm to work and consequently not being able to live their lives fully and happily as they naturally should. No wonder, body full of the fat-containing poison of chemicals put tremendous stress on other organs, those not being designed to carry and cope with such.

Still, this article is not about weight loss, (that I might address at some other time) but rather “Health Itself” is what I would like to defend here. And here it is, that “center” where “healthy balance” comes to play.
Some years ago, when I studied philosophy, optimal health, etc., I came across a very interesting analogy, actually centuries old and I think it really makes very good sense.

Just imagine now for a while how your body works inside, being on 24/7 duty during your whole life. Your heart is pumping your blood that is flowing through your veins, your digestive system keeps its steady employment (often unnecessarily hard one), your breathing goes on unstoppably to supply you with oxygen, and so on…simply put, your LIFE is being maintained here.

Now compare all this perpetual motion to your actual outside activity. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle or manage just very little activity, do you think you are creating so much needed optimal balancing of inside and outside activity? How much physical activity do you perform daily to keep this important balance? Or are you “out of balance” here? If your answer is honest, statistically (and visually) you ARE!
 However, you answer this for yourself! If you feel tired, if you lack energy, interest, and enjoyment in your life, then this is a desperate call of your body’s “inside” asking you to correct that.

That’s because all chemical processes, absolutely unnecessary for your very own life maintenance going inside your body are hindered by improper, insufficient, or practically none balancing from outside. So then they become slowed down also and are forced to keep pace with your non-activity, or insufficient activity, and such a situation become very traumatic to your overall health and host of health problems settle in stealthily but manifest themselves sooner or later by your health deterioration.
Just to name a few here; digestive problems, weight gain, heart problems, clogged arteries, diabetes no.2, lack of oxygen, and so on…

So GET UP! from your comfy chair more often and perform any kind of exercise. Simple walking is wonderful. If you need motivation, walk with someone, get a dog and he’ll take you out in any weather, every day (mine does, no excuses, 1.5 hours) run, do yoga, aerobics, whatever. In no time you’ll improve your body inside and outside, your overall health, your complexion, your energy, even your mood. You’ll accomplish so much more every day and even won’t notice an effort.

Want success in your life? Reaching your goals? Look, feel, and really Be healthier? Then enjoy the fruits of your efforts as long as possible? You Do need your health and energy. Start here…then all becomes so much easier and soon… Just try it!! And let me know your results.
I gladly post your success story.

Note: I personally Do Not recommend overdo running for women, due to greater gravity impact and thus showing aging signs much earlier. Just look carefully at women runners, how haggard their faces look comparing to, let’s say those who are fond of walking, yoga (I do it at least 3 times a week), and similar activities.
With you in your corrective balancing efforts,

Mind over Body- (Out of Balance) part 2

If this article helped you in any way, stay tuned to
Part 2- “Mind over Body”

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