“My dear young lady, there was a great deal of truth, I dare say, in what you said, and you looked very pretty while you said it, which is much more important”
Oscar Wilde

Class and Sophistication

“Being Classy…Way Of Life”
By Maya

Please note that this article is only for a certain segment of the female population.

“Becoming a Lady”
(my story)
I am well aware this is a somewhat tricky subject to be presented completely as it is intended because some of the content might seem to have a shade of “unreal” or as being “made up.” But it is not, absolutely not. All is truth and nothing but the truth.

For those who expect some “fantastic” story about acquiring the title of the Lady via being married to the Lord, this is not it at all. It is a journey of an ordinary girl who due to luck, education, desire, perseverance, and self-development…achieved that status and that judged by claims of those meeting her on her way through life.

Strange as it may seem, I’ve met just a handful of real ladies in my life. And again I don’t mean titled ones… after all, having a title absolutely doesn’t transfer a woman into a real lady in a sense I shall attempt to describe here…

When I was still very young and reading stories about “ladies of the castle” (meaning real history) it came as a big surprise to me as to how hard they worked. When men went to war for the king, they were in charge of everything. Many defended castles against invaders, even took arms themselves.

Their responsibilities were endless and very admirable. Not that they had to do everything personally, they had servants and various other workers everywhere, but they knew it all. So they could teach and train and their knowledge gave them power and control and also prevented possible deceit and cheating.
They knew how to heal, often their peasants depended exclusively on lady’s knowledge of that art, they knew how to preserve harvest and meat, how to make preserves and soaps and perfumes, how to sew and darn, they made beautiful tapestry, they knew languages, playing musical instruments, some painted, simply they were superbly accomplished. Of course, I’m talking here about ancient times and later.

I am and always was a vivid reader, kind of forever student;-) and that paid me great dividends later in my life.
However, it all started for me in real life when I’ve met my best friend. I was 13, she was 83. Peculiar combination, I admit, but for me, it was an ideal combination.

I always respected older people and liked to be around them, because children of my age never could provide what I was after… KNOWLEDGE. Not to mention that care for my 2 brothers and friendship with my classmates was sufficient contact with youth for me.
So this “real lady” became my teacher, my friend, but mainly my guru.|

“A beautiful lady is an accident of nature. A beautiful old lady is a work of art.”
Louis Nizer

She looked so very young for her age, rosy complexion, no wrinkles, petite body, beautiful white hair, always kept in the style I loved (renaissance, or “Mucha” style) but what’s more, her manners, knowledge, wit, ability to speak on any subject, her wisdom, her Class… were priceless.

Her growing years she spent in Paris, in a “school for ladies” and then later in life she was moving in higher social circles, mingling with famous artists, writers…
At the time we met, she was a widow. The treasure she had in books, magazines, and endless memorabilia from years long gone fascinated me and I spent many years with her, learning when I was growing up. We talked and talked. I questioned her relentlessly and she always answered with a smile that seemed almost secretive.

You would not believe what 4 yrs old child could do…as she showed me beautiful gloves she knitted at that age, beautiful embroidery and so much more…I remember it all…
She passed away at age 93 and this is my tribute to a REAL Lady whom I’ll never forget. And what I have learned from her neither. It is instilled in me, became a part of me.

Happily, I have picked up really great amount of knowledge…about beauty, health, manners, thinking, reasoning, philosophy, there are not enough books in the world being able to provide me with so much knowledge in the shortest time of my youth, when the mind is considered to be a “sponge” capable to absorb fast and well. I learned some special secrets from her I’ve never come across later in my life. She instilled in me ALL that makes a woman great, makes her special, what makes her a Lady, and ultimately puts her in a category “Class.”

Four things a woman should know:

“How to look like a girl, How to act like a lady, How to think like a man, And how to work like a dog”

(I couldn’t agree more with this quote I came across. It sums it up very nicely.)

However, I do not mean to give a “seminar” here now on all I know. Perhaps one day I’ll open again some more of what I taught some special women already in the past. Now I just would like to somewhat summarize what a real lady is all about, which is definitely not what is generally perceived.
Unfortunately, we live in times where ladies are very scarce. What’s left is only an expression. Nowadays, when one wants to use a more flattering or just nicer expression for a “woman” uses the expression “lady.” In reality, as I have mentioned already, lady means so much more…so let’s summarize…

* “Being classy:” because there is no lady without
being classy.”

  • Education:
    Without it, the majority of what is part of “class” is simply not possible. I mean wide and deep general education plus special knowledge.
  • Manners:
    As they should be and are so natural and admired in a classy lady. She should know-how, what, and when. All should be automatic, part of her life, part of herself.
  • Facial expression:
    Intelligent, balanced, serene, avoid excessive facial mimics that only accentuate flaws, “takes care” of premature wrinkles, and completely destroys the illusion of balance and what Lady should present.
  • Posture:
    Great posture can’t be obtained without exercise, preferably such as ballet and/or yoga, or learned specifically to achieve this goal.
  • Sitting:
    There are allowed several sitting postures for the woman. Actually, the majority of those are rather soft and womanly, almost “sensual.” Never sit in public with “one leg under on seat”, open legs like a man… etc.
  • Speech:
    Voice modulated lower, never high pitched, loud, screeching…
  • Walking:
    A woman can’t ever learn to walk like a woman, not to mention like a lady, when not being able to wear high heels well. And the dresses! The constant wearing of jeans and snickers could totally kill the ability to move like a woman/lady later in life and rob the woman of her inborn natural sensuality in movements.
  • Make-up:
    A must. There is no need for a heavily made-up face, but well balanced, well learned “how-to” make up makes a woman. We could “correct the nature” (as French women say), cover flaws, accentuate our best features… possibilities are endless what and how we could make ourselves prettier. One of the omitted to mention benefits is one very important and that is…make-up keeps your hands off your face, stops you from wiping your eyes unnecessarily stretching most sensitive skin around it…
  • Hair:
    Always well kept. No need for a daily hairdresser, absolutely not, neither for elaborate hairstyle, on a contrary, simplicity always wins. When not enough time, there are many choices on how to camouflage, including putting on a hat or tastefully arranged band, etc. Lady would never stoop to a “crazy” haircut or color. That itself announces to the whole world who we are.. “crazy” without any taste.
  • Dressing:
    I believe that how we dress we show respect towards ourselves and at the same time towards others. A classy woman always distinguishes between the propriety of her dressing for a variety of occasions and never would dress to restaurants or similar places like going to the beach, etc. She always should appear as she just came from a “beauty salon”, but still natural, approachable.
  • Health:
    Caring for health via movement and nutrition is without question. Keeping a balanced weight absolutely a must. There is never possible to be classy and be significantly overweight at the same time.
  • Never! Ever! Tattoo
    One tiniest tattoo and you are out of the “class”… this is an unwritten law.
  • There is one very important thing that enhances the beauty of the woman- lady.
    Her personality; goodness of heart, compassion, generosity, understanding, good disposition, warmth…

With best wishes to all ladies,

Intellect and Wisdom

Well, this all is just in a nutshell, surely I could talk about this subject for ages…However real lady would be in harmony with this post, those aspiring might appreciate a hint (even contact me if they wish) and the rest… we just leave them in their own world, won’t we?
Good Luck ladies, come visit often mayagalaxy.com…

Russian song for you about Love of 2 trees…
White Birch
transl. by Maya

Over the river, over the forest, curly maple grew
It was in love with white birch,
And when the wind died down over the field,
He sang this song to the birch.

White birch, I love you
Well, give me your thin branch,
Without love, without affection, I disappear
White birch, you are my love.

She playfully rustles her leaves
I already have a cute field wind as love
From these words, the poor maple became very
Anyway, to the girl he sang a song.

White birch, I love you
Well, give me your thin branch,
Without love, without affection, I disappear
White birch, you are my love.

But once the wind this song heard
With a terrible evil, he attacked a maple,
And in an unequal battle, the curly maple fell,
It was only heard through a faint moan.

White birch, I love you
Well, give me your thin branch,
Without love, without affection, I disappear
White birch, you are my love.

Thank you for your visit,

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