“The Most Beautiful In This World Is FREE”

Because I do not mean just physical beauty, or beauty of nature, but also internal beauty, that of heart, goodness, and soul.


Beauty & Potatoes-Recipes

I really do love face masks, not just for making a face looking healthier and prettier, but those 10 up minutes required to relax play its roles very well as well.


What I Know About Beauty

“She walks in beauty; Like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright. Meet in her aspect and her eyes.”Lord Byron What I Know About BeautyBy Maya When a woman creates a website relating to beauty it should be clear that she loves and enjoy her work on it. I really love to share all I… Read More

Beyond Cosmetics

There is no doubt that woman practicing good skin care and keeps good lifestyle would always look more youthful than her actual age.

Mind, Body, Spirit – Music

I am in the mood to stop all I am doing now, just to sit down, let my mind leave all thoughts and worries behind…just for a while.