“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”
Aristotle, Metaphysics

Welcome, My New Star!
by Maya

Great day going to be today for me…How do I know?
Well, I do not mean the weather, that is never guaranteed, but…
I decided to open the door to one live person to enter my website, meaning as a “contributor”.
Not personally, of course, but with his endless wisdom…
Although he doesn’t know it, regardless, I am sure he would be pleased to be liked and admired so much…

Actually, to be more accurate with my explanation, his wisdom is accumulated from the history and achievements of the oldest country on this planet, which is India.

Archeologists have found human remains in India dating back to approximately 30,000 years ago. At that time, India was not an established country. Rather, various groups of people settled in or traveled through the area that is now India. The Indus Valley Civilization was established during the Bronze Age.

India Civilization.
The history of India and its civilization dates back to at least 6500 BC. This perhaps makes the oldest surviving civilization in the world. India has been a meeting ground between the East and the West.

I must admit that the above facts are quite important to me, especially since I discovered THE enormous treasure disclosed to me via exactly my star and hero, guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, commonly called Sadhguru.
Important is, what he is sharing, from his endless, deepest, and richest knowledge and wisdom, completely different outlook on life, superior understanding of human inside out, thoughts, spirituality, meditation, yoga…
Which, simply say, could totally turn one upside down.

It is fascinated and I can say, although I am a quite well-educated person, extremely well-read, knowing history, traveled the world, lived in several countries, speak 6 languages…
there is nothing for me more fascinated and educational besides listening and learning from Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

My life changed totally.
My perception, values, looking at many things from a totally unknown, or different sphere, analysis…ALL is really upside down and widely spread out.
Learning amazing, highest developed spiritual approach to life, to be able to understand to all that better, is fascinating for me…
My attitude towards many things, outside and inside myself changed, my mind became calm, my nerves strong, I do not see obstacles anywhere, where I saw before, it is now a real

Who would not appreciate such a miracle?

I always was a highly individualistic person and loved philosophy and wisdom, etc…
But this is amazing, powerful, wonderful, mind-boggling and…life-changing…This is a reason for me that I decided to post, periodically, really randomly some of Sadhgurus videos, for all those who still missed such, simply not coming across it or perhaps didn’t pay enough attention. Tons of those are available to see, he travels the world, where he meets top brains, specialists, scientists, historians, politicians, you name it…
For you I shall choose the best ones, I know them all…

It is not a simple matter to go through hundreds of videos, some of that possible at the beginning wouldn’t catch the attention due to it’s randomly chosen content, but I would say, I’ve never seen/watched/listen to anything boring, always discovered either smaller or bigger “TREASURE” for my mind and actually whole life.
Here I present really randomly, a real knowledge, which should be as water is for the person lost in a desert, teaching how to see, understand, and manage and…all the rest…your life…
Because nowadays, this nation got totally buried in cold business matters, everything is numbered, one cannot keep any worthy, intellectual conversation, just figures, numbers, counting…competition, tables, statistics…
however…creativity, intelligence, deeper thinking, real wisdom, cultivation, interesting conversations…are gone.

That is very bad for human creatures, born with a brain for somewhat higher use, that animals have, to be so wasted.

I can give one personal example right here:

I had several, very successful websites in the past, closed after I widowed, I needed to come to peace with personal matters.
All my sites were of creative nature.
Now, when I started this site, I cannot believe, how my creativity is being nicely sent to… what word I should use…
OK, let say “packing…”
Because now Google takes care of putting it all in line, just like soldiers in march…do this, do that, you didn’t put your “Keyword” right at the beginning, you repeated some words more times that allowed…

Yes, this works surely well for businesses, statistics, etc…but not for creative people.


Next example:
I love and use lots of relevant quotes, wisdom centuries old, and I certainly do not intend to put the name of an article, which is right at the top anyway, at the beginning of my post. So, I simply very unlikely could fulfill these statistical requirements.
Actually, I am then intentionally dismissed. I do not follow exact rules, but how can one create under such rules?

“Creativity, which this country needs most, being way behind all European civilized countries, is being here killed totally.”

One practically can not see good creation as before, anymore.

Now 90 percent of the public writings are:
7 ways how to do that…
5 ways how to improve this…
12 ways how to change that… am I right?

What to expect from such rules?

* How could one expect to have space for creation here?
* One must behave like a soldier, just follow the rules, repeat one thing 10 times, matching this with that for statistics…
* Is the art of writing totally dead in America?
* I do match nicely a picture with content, but “no good” so what is expected? Statistic chard?
* Keyphrase was not repeated several times in withing text.
* Really highly suitable among great aphorisms, expression of ideas, etc…

Always fighter for truth and common sense,

History, Philosophy, Art…My Love

iI think that’s just enough for today, so listening to the wisdom, without rules and numbers and strict restrictions wouldn’t hurt.
Or are your brains already fully trained not to be able to understand just simple thoughts and written or spoken words in a way to warm you, to tell you a story, bring some wisdom, to understand you?… To enlighten you?
I should have known that and my website most likely would not be born. I would have used other avenues to write.

Thank you for reading this “special” issue…
All the best,

Like it here? Please comment and share…

And you know something? I am going to add one song from Leonard Cohen, the talented man, who never was afraid to name things by their proper names, as I’ll bever be…

“When the need becomes obvious, then that is the day you will not be looking for explanations.
When your hunger becomes so obvious, that’s when you stop going through the recipe books, and you head for the kitchen.
That’s where you will find me: I’m in the kitchen.”
Listening to Cohen…

Leonard Cohen- Darkness

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