“Next to sound judgment, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world.”
Jean de La Bruyere

Taking That Golden Middle Way…
By Maya

Where to start? In the middle? 🙂 That would be great, but on second thought at the beginning would be much better…
Because then all this would somehow (hopefully) develop into a “making sense” blog.

If there is something I accepted always as wisdom in my life and that from early youth, were sayings from our predecessors. After all, nothing would “survive” that long it there wouldn’t be at least a grain of truth in it, would it? All those many years ago living their lives in “good and bad” as we all do, had also many problems and dilemmas to solve every day and the right or wrong decision brought either success or failure of things, just the same as today.

The path always had to be chosen. We all follow our own paths on our way through life as individuals and as nations. So what always historically worked the best? What decisions made the most sense? So what was is to keep people behaving more as they should as humans? What always made people get along better? These questions could go on and on… but my goal is to determine an answer…

By going back to my youth, I must say I became very soon familiar with a saying: “Golden middle way”, just simply because I’ve heard it often and it sticks in my mind for good. And that not just as a saying but definitely watched for it in real life too. When you think of it you must feel it has something natural in it, something logical, some common sense. Yes, this best definition. “Golden middle way” makes simple sense.

Now let see where we can apply it as wisdom, as advice, and as a rule. I discovered and that not just “out of the blue” but really by thinking and by careful consideration that it simply fits everywhere. And if the rule is disregarded in any way, consequences and outcomes are not pleasant.

Another thing I discovered was that people are more often than not lacking that particular “common sense”, opting for totally nonsensical ways in solving things, accepting things, and follow up things and people for that matter.

Now let’s look at our world, as we live it. Wherever I look, whatever I consider is simply lacking that “common sense” following “Golden middle way.”
America is actually somehow immune to it to a very unfortunate outcome. And how very detrimental it all is. I noticed that shortly after coming here over 2 decades ago. It is so very peculiar phenomena.

Let me give you an example, or many if you wish to bring this point across:
Some years ago when I watched TV I saw commercials on woman’s bra demonstrated on a plastic manikin and that even having a piece broken to be sure the audience trusted that this is not real woman, it would perhaps insult its” fragile sensibilities?”
In movies in every remotely nude scene, there has been black cover provided on any “sensitive” places.

Some years later I am disgusted even to mention what we (not to mention your children) see and even being taught to see and hear and consume on a daily basis.

Question: Do you see even remotely use of
“Golden middle way?” Because I don’t. In both situations approach was/is irrational, totally lacking specks of common sense. Because both ways are wrong, in one case unhealthy show of “Puritanism”, in a second virtually sick show of “Vulgarity.

Next: I was always shocked by how readily people accept trends. This is a real disease in this country. By using a real example, I would like to present and that’s, unfortunately, harming your children is the following of “infamous” Dr. Spock’s ideas. Just being in shock to see that and actually devastating results are so on display that only someone with no ounce of the brain could follow it… still, disregarding all evidence.

I made my point to read some of his writings. Well, as we should know from examples of others (Dr.Atkins to name one) digging up some theories that are somewhat different, seemingly progressive, and well thought of (perhaps they are in the monetary value and counting on those who would “swallow” their theories and deem themselves enlightened) but in their realization damaging to the criminal point.

Conduct psychological debate with your child; it will surely understand your well-meant point. Actually better than you would expect, but to your dismay on the totally opposite pole.
It will instinctively know that it can do whatever it wants because punishment is not coming. Look what generation you brought up.

Have you ever heard about children with no feelings, no respect, without a desire to please you as a parent? Not being able to accept discipline, which is alpha and omega of all success in learning, in achieving? Look at the place where you are statistically comparing to even undeveloped countries in education. Look at the teachers that are being abused, even murdered by very young children.
I don’t need to go on… you all have a TV.

On the other side, we hear about horrible child abuse. This is even worse than in the first scenario.
Question: Do you see even remotely use of “Golden middle way?” Because I don’t.
But that choice is always present. Do not abuse your child, but also spank it when he deserves it. We all were spanked. And we grew up as healthy and psychologically better individuals.

I mentioned somewhere in one of my article’s story about a mother who decides to ask Socrates to teach her son.
He asked her: “How old is the boy”. And when she hopefully stated “Only four”, Socrates responded: “Sorry, he is too old.”

Children should understand the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, what good and bad manners are. Certainly not by forgiving them all and let them grow like trees in a forest, just simply apply the rule of “Golden middle way.”
Often is even better letting them do what they do to get a lesson, which could then stay with them for the rest of their lives. However, the experience of the memory of something inappropriate might work as well. Applying exactly the same measures on all, wouldn’t work.

I can give you many examples and actually, all fit the bill. You could firmly bring your point across without insulting anyone. This smells to me of the “Golden middle way”.

Our Democrats and Republicans can discuss the issues not be unreasonably and antagonistically in always staunchly on opposite sides. Hello!! There sure is the way!
Use the rule of “Golden Middle Way”!

Think of this: You want to buy something. “Well, this stuff is so cheap, it cannot be any good, and you most likely get what you paid for”.
This one might be what I am after, but it has so many parts I really don’t even need and they ask a fortune for it. By now you probably guess what would apply here…

When you eat, apply the same rule. Eat too much you’ll get fat, eat too little, you might get ill… (too…;-) )
You follow a healthy lifestyle, what way is that…Don’t joke with me, I just told you, several times…

As I mentioned earlier, there is always extreme either to the left or right and besides in obvious situations, such as when you drive and must take right (or left) otherwise you’ll find yourself visiting a totally different place than intended, this golden rule simply applies.

Think of it when you making a decision when you handle any situation when you are in a quandary in any decision.
The “Golden Middle Way” would take you there more safely and with less or no regrets. Because, at the end of it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I specifically have chosen an appropriate picture…

Look at it. This certainly would be your Better way to deal with it all. Following a lighter and easier way, direction straight and not confusing, and a light waiting on you to celebrate your destination, which would turn out to be the proper one. You were not lost, you found the way! Way of logic and common sense… This is only one worthy of your pursuit.
Best regards always,

Are You Winner or Loser?

Meeting you in the middle of “Gold middle way” 😉
If you still didn’t get it, well…it’s so simple:
“Use your common sense” and you never miss.

As usual, I am enclosing a bit more, an Old Russian song-
“Oh Dorogy” – “The Roads”, performed by Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the man whom not just Russia, but all with love for music would miss…

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