“How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”
― Ronald Reagan
(smart man, Ronald Reagan, my favored president)…Maya

Russia Loved Him…
Loved Igor Talkov!

Igor Talkov, singer and composer
Murdered in Petersburg, after his concert,
by communists in 1991

Still didn’t see communists at their best? So here again are some pictures…testimony…they loved to kill, torture, destroy… all in their way… the church, child or grandma, doesn’t matter.

Igor Talkov had the courage to stand up, to write songs about those times, to keep the memory of those murdered alive.
I am including 2 songs.

  1. Russia with Commies in action
  2. Russia sings free! with him

However, the Commies didn’t like it, so they took care of it, only the way they knew so well, even in 1991!

Song 1. “Leafing through an old notebook of shot General”
transl.by Maya

Leafing through an old notebook of shot General
I vainly struggled to understand how could you give yourself
At the mercy of vandals
From time immemorial dismal you raised giant
Your enemies reconciled Petersburg high valor regiments
The Golden Age of Catherine…
Russia, Russia!

Opened up the skies with a bang and rushed shrieking out
Tearing head churches and praising the new king
Newly appeared Judas
They tied you with red cloth and dropped to your knees
Ax flashed over the executioner’s head, and the verdict read
Bloody King, the great genius
Russia, Russia!

Sacred music of times over the gold-domed Moscow
Rippling music of bells, but the quietest
as if it would bother someone
And golden domes whose eyes they with black smeared
And the spread was the power of evil, which apparently caught up with them
That they decided to make you blind
Russia, Russia!

Leafing through an old notebook of shot General
I vainly struggled to understand how can you give yourself
At the mercy of vandals
Oh, the general’s notebook, the forgotten truth of the Renaissance
How hard is to read you
To Deceived generation.

I do feel not just surprised, but horrified how brainwashed 
is being a new generation, knowing nothing about the real history, actually not that far back but repeat communist’s lies in promises of something that killed millions…so now they are after new bloody slaves to help them get back to power.

Why Communism Can’t Be Realized, Ever!

Song 2. “Lords Democrats”
transl. by Maya

The song was “Dedicated” to K. Marx and V.I. Lenin,
so, here it goes…

Igor Talkov – Killed in 1991 by communists

“Lords Democrats”

Lords Democrats of the past century,
We would like all of you to resurrect,
To look at our successes,
Well, we have been able to repay.
We would anyone who does what expressed his gratitude:
Thresher – farmers, workers – a key
Enemy of the People – Kirk prosthesis Afghan
Well, I’m also who’d lit a brick

Like this! Like this!
Living America with Europe,
Like this! Like this!
Well, we have all through …

Lord Democrats of the past century,
 why do you raging, threatening the throne,
After all, nature – not a fool, and God – not a cripple,
Well, you have it in the neck – well, just can not be!
Maybe you wanted to adjust everything at once,
Only the rush is needed in the hunt for fleas,
And nature can’t do on the order,
And, absolutely clear, neither can’t the God.


Lord Democrats, you know examples
When your colleagues have committed the terror:
Exterminate the flower of the nation with the sword of Robespierre,
And Paris washes shame to this day.
Radishchev lover of truth, after that grinder,
“Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow”
A little annoyance is not eaten, damaged intellect
And swearing masons plunged into anguish.


Lord Democrats hurry to rise,
Come out to the court before duped masses:
Let them answer for all Chernyshevsky and Herzen,
And the dreamer Belinsky and sage Karl Marx;
Let them answer and those that come after you
Bouncer of the people and the joy and sadness,
And free Slavs paid servants,
And in the prison turned Great Russia!
Through hardship to the stars!

Russia and it’s Czar

Thank you for visiting and for your comments…
Peace forever for all nations!

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