“By three methods we may learn wisdom:
First, by reflection, which is noblest;
Second, by imitation, which is easiest;
and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

Mind Over Body- (Out of Balance) part 2
by Maya

Do you love your body? Many would say: “not really.” But as my observations disclosed to me, there is an undisputed fact that people really do love their bodies. They might not like it as far as appearance goes, but certainly, do not skimp on food and leisure.

The question arises: To achieve what? Please their mind? I doubt it. Should I correct this answer? 😉
You might say: “what’s wrong with that?” Well, actually quite a lot. In part one of this two-part series, I pointed out how “imbalance” could disturb health in general.

Today, I would like to spend some time on our minds. More often than not…
“Our mind is the last thing that we have in mind” to put is simple. Therefore, I would like to insist that it should always be first. Because that would make all the difference in how our life with all it entails would shape up. Same, how our brain would perform and subsequently how our body would be considered in our own view. How would it be treated? In a more balanced way or in a more indulgent way?

So, let’s start. There is an old proven saying:
“In healthy body healthy spirit dwells”. As I say,  no need to prove this claim for sure, just look around you and you’ll see that this answer is unquestionable. The saying starts with a “healthy body”…What do you think? Can the body make a decision what’s good and what’s not without the employment of mind? You know the answer to this one.

The mind has commanding influence, mind exercises control over the body. So, better the mind works, surely better control it could provide, not to mention excellent direction it would give and ultimately indisputably better results would be achieved! Done.

Actually, it would be only, when we would take good care and supply good “food” to our mind. Food? What do you mean by that you might ask? Well, like everything else in existence needs its own food… just as a car needs gas for its movement and plant needs water for its growth… also our mind needs its food and that in a specific form of stimulation, actually ongoing stimulation, like education in all possible ways.

With that provided, the mind is formed, nourished, and would flourish. Not trying to make silly rhymes here, but it is as I say. When we provide proper stimulation we increase activity and at the same time health of our mind. Our mind should manifest itself as almost “tangibly alive”. To put it more clearly, it would perform better, enthusiastically, with lots of energy and deliver great positive changes.

All those who never paid attention to this matter would be amazed. I often say: “My mind was acting so alive, I just enjoyed it and had so many ideas that even not sleeping almost gave me more pleasure, than otherwise.” This is a sure sign of a healthy mind.

Now, stimulation certainly is not to be provided only via “dry” education, but by many other “food” positives as reading, stimulating conversations, watching and/or participate in worthy activities, listen to good teachers and motivators, learn new things, ideas, discovering so much you still have yet to discover (there is a never-ending supply of those) and always trying to improve…
The result will show…

What would be the result of all these activities? Difficult to answer? Not a chance. Our mind would become reliably functional and would give us joy because it would be well trained to do a job that had been predisposed to. It just needed proper “food” to function well. This is strictly our responsibility to provide that kind of nourishment.

What then happens to the body? At first, it certainly shall not suffer due to the lack of sustenance, that’s for sure. You’ll always take care of that, no doubt.  But a huge difference now would be the reward for all the special care you provided to your mind. It would now exercise more control over the body, which often asks for too much. Too much food and drink and leisure. The mind will decide with newly developed stronger will, with more knowledge what’s good for the body, how much and what is good for it and that would be accepted with no questions.

What’s more,  you might even start liking your body because due to the right nourishment and more activity that mind without pardon would dictate, it could become
“Some Body”,  you’ll be able to even to preset a “show off”. No more depression (today’s plague)  no more laziness;
on the contrary, more energy and more zest for life itself.

Another, very important benefit for a large portion of the population who fights obesity. I’m of a strong conviction that in this instance, more than anywhere else, the mind simply lost control over the body. The body is the one asking constantly for more than it needs and the mind is reduced to the role of the servant. When this is reversed a lot could be solved.

The healthy mind would always celebrate victory and its power would be so strong that the body simply surrenders automatically.  It would be much easier to lose weight this way, without even realizing it, because cravings for wrong food together with the demand for a large amount of it would simply disappear.
Yeah, the healthy and well-nourished mind can do all that and put all in proper balance as it should be.

Try it, grab that book, listen to educational audio, video, show curiosity in worthy things and believe me…you’ll become so involved and happy with your own life that you even wouldn’t care what some “celebrity” lost in a maze of own conceit does day in and day out 😉
There is a life to live! Your own!

What I said about “healthy spirit in a healthy body” I wasn’t joking! The matter is way too important; your health, your whole life fulfillment depends on it.

Inside/Outside (Out of Balance)-part 1

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