“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”
― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

“If Women Ruled The World…”

* PMS would be a legitimate defense in court.

* Men would get reputations for sleeping around.

* Singles bars would have metal detectors to weed out men hiding the wedding rings in their pockets.

* A man would no longer be considered a “good catch” simply because he is breathing.

* Fewer women would be dieting because their ideal weight standard would increase by 40 pounds.

* Shopping would be considered an aerobic activity.

* “Miss Magazine would have an annual swimsuit issue featuring scantily clad male models.

* Men would be secretaries for female bosses, working twice as hard for none of the credit.

* Little girls would read “Snow White and the Seven Hunks”

* Men would earn 70 cents for every dollar women made.

* Men would bring drinks, chips and dip to women watching soap operas.

* Men would HAVE to get Playboy for the articles because there would be no pictures.

* Men would learn phrases like: “I’m sorry”, “I love you”, “You’re beautiful”, “Of course you don’t look fat in that outfit.”

* Men would be judged entirely by their looks, women by their

* Men would sit around and wonder what WE are thinking.

* Men would pay as much attention to their woman as to their car.

* All toilet seats would be nailed down.

Men would work on relationships as much as they work on their careers.

TV news segments on sports would never run longer than 1 minute.

All men would be forced to spend one month in a PMS simulator

* During the mid-life crisis, men would get hot-flashes and women would date 19-year-olds.

* Overweight men would have their weight brought to their attention

* After a baby is born, men would take six-week paternity leave to wait on their wives hand and foot.

* For basic training, soldiers would have to take care of a
two-year-old for six weeks.

I assume a majority of women agree with above, so here is little (just by youth) Russian girl singer singing One of the Most Popular Folk Songs: KATYUSHA / КАТЮШA:

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