“Fashion is General, Style is Individual”

“Fashion and Style”
By Maya

This subject matter is a rather interesting thing. In fact, the style has its own rules and it is something that we can undoubtedly discover only in women in their forties and “up.” It is something that goes through development and it is not just the right feeling and eye for style, quality, color​,​ and cut, but also the feeling for what suits her best and what’s more, she is able to carry it with confidence and satisfaction.

After all, she had the time to find out what strength is in knowledge being able to dress well, but also she could now not just win at any time with her looks, but can also even take away some years from her age and reveal the aura of her unique personality.
She can be admired at any age, as someone who is unique and apparently separated from the crowd of those who simply succumb to every change of fashion for that alone, regardless of whether it fits their body and/or personality. It feels like she has discovered a whole new world.

She is the winner of the presentation of herself as someone who knows…she recognized the secrets of being unique, being someone who is admired and often envied by those who have been tied up either in their younger years, unfortunately by the only mind and not a body, without realizing it.

Or those who have started and ended up neglected and frustrated utterly unnecessarily just because they knew nothing better and actually never realized that life had not stopped. That by now they are mature women who should command, if not admiration, at least a respect.
Fortunately, some women just look great, even in the seventies, eighties and above.

It is being said, and it is a fact and obvious that some women simply have a sense of Fashion and Styles and some do not.
But that doesn’t mean one can’t learn. The woman could and should learn, improve, even excel.

Remember, it’s never too late to become more beautiful YOU!
It certainly does not hurt you financially, and remember that at this stage of your life it is better to own less of your clothes and never sacrifice quality for quantity. Then, with the right accessories and makeup, you can also feel like a conqueror of the world. And it should show: a self-assured, self-confident woman is walking down the street.
So much ​on ​introduction to “style”, and please stay tuned to the line of articles on how to follow style, fashion, ​to what say yes, or not…​​
With you in conquering the world​…​
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