“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”
Terry Pratchett, Diggers

Enjoyment with Cohen

You know, I am also sometimes tired from thinking on a certain subject, folding all kinds of thoughts into the nice, presentable package, which would have sense, and obviously some usefulness for others as well.

However, moments arrive unexpectedly, all kind of different than those I am dealing with at the moment. In the past, I was usually pushing those away. Then I realized, why should I?

As there is a say “listen to your body’, there must be also one “listen to your mind”, don’t you think so?
Such happened to me just a while ago, when I put on the music of one of my favorites, Leonard Cohen.

Come on, let’s think with him, by listening with closed eyes, just feel, enjoy the music and let thoughts come and go…
simply get into Enjoyment with Cohen

If you wish to spend here and there such an enjoyable moment with me, my music, whatever, come in, you are welcomed.

Without tea or coffee, which after all, you can make for yourself, make yourself comfortable sitting with closed eyes, breathe deeply, and listen…
Let me know how you felt after…relaxed?

Thank you for our company…
Always here for you,

Data About Leonard Cohen,
which I located by pure coincidence…
He wasn’t a singer he was a poet who sang his own songs.
I am a musician, so I do support all these positive analyses such as his timing is perfect, his poetry is amazing, and he wrote his own songs and could play very well.
His family was rich, and Jewish, this gave him an opportunity to be in the in-crowd at the time, in Canada and the rest of the world. He had a talent and knew how to use it. Without Jewish backing could he have had fame, who knows!
Neal Young made a lot of hits and he could not sing. We had so many bad singers in the sixties, but back then if you were a communist you were in the in-crowd and promoted. Now, most of my generation is in government or wondering why the country is going to shit!

Cohen taps your deepest thoughts, lays them bare, and reminds you just who you are beneath the civilized veneer. An absolute giant amongst lyric writers in any era.

Leonard COHEN – Tower of Song

2 Comments on “Enjoyment with Cohen

  1. I really love Cohen, his songs are superior, absolutely unique, and one can never be tired of them. He is missed a lot…
    This is not meant as a comment to myself, it’s my new site and must make sure all around is working… so at the same time
    I used an opportunity to add my own opinion on someone I always admired as a talented man.

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