“For the unlearned, old age is winter; for the learned, it is the season of the harvest.”
Hasidic saying

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”
Mark Twain

“Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!” ~Ingrid Bergman

Beyond Cosmetics
by Maya

There is no doubt that woman practicing good skin care and keeps good lifestyle would always look more youthful than her actual age.
It is just the same as taking care of anything else. If you like your houseplants looking fresh and bloom you would give them proper care. You would provide suitable soil, water them regularly, dust them and add also some plant food.

Absolutely the same we should for your skin. If you don’t provide moisture and other nourishment, your skin would become hopelessly dry (especially if you still use soap) and wrinkles would show up very soon. Your skin starts looking dull and lifeless and surely that doesn’t add to your beauty.
Then you might desperately start looking for that “younger you” that you saw in a mirror just “yesterday.” However, the one you are looking for is gone forever, until…

Trust to experience, older that ages, that taking proper care of your skin, which really takes a few minutes a day, is simply essential. Still, it is important to understand your own skin and choose suitable products just for your skin type and need.
Yes, you could achieve quite a bit with the use of good skincare and good cosmetics. Your skin could be smooth, fresh, even dewy looking and your wrinkles could be kept reasonably in check.

U n f o r t u n a t e l y, there is another, more serious beauty killer waiting for you. Yes, it is invisible, but works as sure as your increasing age years.
It is called Gravity (the force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth) and no one could escape it.
Regardless if you spend a fortune on cosmetics and care for your skin religiously, your age starts eventually showing as more pronounced. Your skin itself could stay nicely smooth as far as texture goes, but would lose its elasticity and firmness. Gravity, which works since the day we were born would have more power now over that weakness.

There is no need to describe how and where it starts “hanging” that you know well yourself, don’t you? ☺
Therefore, now we have suddenly found ourselves at the land “beyond cosmetics.”

Let’s face it, if there would be cosmetics available that could conquer the gravity, why would celebrities go “under the knife” trying to turn the clock of aging? They could afford those most promising and prohibitively expensive “youth improvements.” How they often end up, well…you surely saw some horror results.

There is simply NOT such cosmetics existing…
there is good information available. There is an alternative to that “knife” that works. It is cheap; it is affordable for every woman caring for her appearance and wishes to turn the aging clock. By the way, I must stress again, this is the only thing that works with permanent results when maintained.

Here and now I tell you the reason why:
Just use your logic and observation. Imagine 2 women of the same age; one is vibrant, flexible, her body firm, younger-looking, etc…

Reason? She exercises her body. She made her muscles strong and they now hold all that possibly by now (due to her age and that hateful gravity) be hanging loose, making her simply OLD. But still, there is something else though that could give her age away. Her face. She did not exercise those muscles.

Now, answer these questions yourself:
Are these muscles any different, just because they sit higher? Does gravity avoid those?
Well, there are about 50 muscles on a face and every single one is handling its own movement. They create our expression. But they are also susceptible to losing their strength. They cannot, without your help, function anymore as they did during your youth.

I am really amazed at how some so-called experts; claim that facial exercises do not provide any results as far as improving face tone and shape. They justify it with a reason that we do make enough facial expression during our day…

What absolute nonsense. The only reason I could come up with for such a ridiculous statement is that they are either in cosmetic or face surgical business.

To continue, we all also walk and sit and get up, bend and climb the stairs and actually are on our feet a lot. Why then some have a body without muscle tone, loose, hanging, etc. and ONLY those practicing good physical activity are really in shape?

They toned and strengthen their muscles due to proper and increased physical activity, supplied their bodies with more oxygen, improved overall needed circulation…(just briefly for the core of this article)
Absolutely, exactly the same would happen with your face. With proper employment of your facial muscles, that are actually either 90% of the time unemployed and/or due to the wrong habit mimic even misused (you certainly know what I mean) you could make them stronger, being capable of fighting gravity naturally, so your appearance becomes more youthful.
Once you accomplish that, just maintenance would suffice, not to mention you’ll also pick up better facial expressional habits and would not contribute further to new wrinkles.
Lastly, let me tell you an obvious secret. Every single one of celebrities who do not have any facial surgery done and looks young for her age discovered facial gymnastics and also have great facial mimic.

Foods For Health & Beauty

I hope I explained this matter in short rather well and now leave a decision which way to go to turn around your aging clock up to you…
Your beauty adviser

Не бойтесь любви

Don’t be afraid of Love…
transl. By Maya

Gulls (sea birds) meet the Love
When spring accidentally enters the house.
Follow her, run.
When the road of happiness will call.
Awake a love, awake.
When the love falls asleep,
it sleeps for a long time.
Warm up the love, warm.
Find feelings where love is burning.

Do not be afraid of love, do not be afraid.
Forget jealousy, days of ridiculous resentments.
Do not be afraid of love, do not be afraid.
Let the hope light up the heart.
Do not be afraid of love, do not be afraid.
Understand the joy of the warmest words.
Open yourselves, love, open yourselves.
Let love reward you for this.

Forgive love, forgive.
When she is insane and blind.
Give love, give.
When separation believes that is right.
Confess to love, confess.
Write a fairy tale, happiness about love.
Give yourself to love, surrender.
Look for the feelings of your close ones.

Do not be afraid of love, do not be afraid.
Forget jealousy, days of ridiculous resentments.
Do not be afraid of love, do not be afraid.
Let the hope light up the heart.
Do not be afraid of love, do not be afraid.
Understand the joy of the warmest words.
Open your love, open yourself.
Let love reward you for this.

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