“A very unwise man once said,
“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.”
A very annoyed woman once said, “He who does not want to communicate will never enjoy their silence for very long.”
― Shannon L. Alder

A Dignified Revenge
translated from Polish
by Maya

One woman, recently divorced, spent the first day of sadness by packing her belongings into boxes and suitcases and furniture to large boxes. 
On the second day, the movers arrived and took her belongings and furniture away.

On the third day, she sat on the floor of an empty dining room, played peaceful music, lit two candles, prepared the dish with shrimp, a plate of caviar, a bottle of cold white wine, and proceeded to eat until she no longer could.

When finished eating, in each room she dismantled the pretty curtains from their rods, removed the stopper at the end, filled half of the center with portions of shrimp and caviar, then put the stopper back in place. She did that same thing in every room, so all the rods were filled nicely and stoppers were put back at their ends. Then she resigned quietly and went to her new apartment.

When her husband returned home, he moved in with new furniture and with a new girlfriend. During the first days, everything was perfect. But over time the house began to stink horribly.

They tried everything! They cleaned everything, aired, and scoured the whole house. They checked the ventilation for a dead mouse and washed upholstery and carpets. In every corner hung air fresheners. They used hundreds of cans of air freshener sprays. They even got rid of expensive sofas and purchased new ones.

Regardless, nothing worked. Nobody came to visit, the workers refused to work at this home, even the maid said; “goodbye.”

Finally, ex-husband and his girlfriend were so desperate that they were forced to move out. After a month they realized that it would be impossible to find anyone who would be willing to buy such a smelly house. Vendors would not even answer their phones. So they decided to spend a huge sum of money and buy a new house.

Then ex-wife called the man in matters of divorce asking him what he heard regarding papers. He just replied that all is well and added that he is selling the house, but not giving her true reasons.

Listening to him calmly she then said that she misses that home very much and that she would talk to the lawyers to sort the matter in the papers in such a way as to be able to recover the house.

Man, thinking that his ex has not the slightest idea about the smell, agreed to waive her house for one-tenth of the actual price, if she signs the contract on the same day. She agreed to it and within hours received his papers to sign.

A week later the man and his girlfriend stood in the doorway of the old house looking at each other with a smile, then packed their belongings and furniture and booked the truck to take it all to a new home … including curtains…

I do love happy endings, don’t you?
(question addressed to women, of course… M.)
Great Day to All,

What Woman Should Have

German Dehesa said: 
”We men must understand that with women we can’t win, they are unstoppable and unbeatable.
“There is something to It.” …Sometimes ordinary curtain would do.

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Oscar Benton- “Different Dreams”

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