“She walks in beauty; Like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright. Meet in her aspect and her eyes.”
Lord Byron

What I Know About Beauty
By Maya

When a woman creates a website relating to beauty it should be clear that she loves and enjoy her work on it. I really love to share all I know and it makes me happy when I transform “simple and hardly noticeable” into “beautiful and sought after.”

I have already disclosed my knowledge and experience I’d like to offer on these pages in other posts, so I only wish to stress again that there is more to beauty than meets the eye.
If you properly care for your face, body, soul, and mind you’ll become transformed. Often beyond your wildest dreams.
Your confidence, self-esteem, self-assurance, your mood, enjoyment, your inner happiness, and satisfaction shall rise sky-high.

Beauty is powerful, beauty Is Power. Far-reaching power. From the beginning of times, women were beautifying themselves. It is in us somehow, that desire to look pretty, to look desirable, to feel desirable. Women go sometimes through unbelievable sacrifices to improve their looks. In a face and body.
Cosmetics are here to help them in their quest and this is just wonderful.
Often just looking at all those beautiful jars and bottles containing that secret promise of beauty could excite you and force you to just get it. And then enjoying it, every single day… and see wonderful results every single day, hopefully, if the right product is applied just the right way. 

But there is more to all of this. Not all of you have a flair for or knowledge or time to know “how to.” But again, there are some of us who do have all of that either through natural abilities or training, plus desire to share it all, to demonstrate how to, to teach, to make it happened for others. Those who are involved with this kind of activity would confirm what a joy it is.
Yes, it is a creation, actually art, making changes from plain to beautiful, from a frown to smile, from shy to outgoing, self-poised and confident.
I do enjoy it also, very much. I do love sparks in the eyes when a woman suddenly realizes that this is really her when she looks in a mirror or goes out dressed tastefully being charming and beautiful.
Oh, yes, she likes very much what she sees. And realizes that from now on, all shadowy in that particular corner of her life unexpectedly, but surely would become better, brighter, more beautiful, always. She now knows “HOW TO.”
See you as one dedicated to helping you become a “beauty star.”
Happy to share my knowledge…

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