“The love of beauty in its multiple forms is the noblest gift of the human cerebrum.”
Alexis Carrel

“The Most Beautiful In This World Is FREE”
By Maya

What life would be without it…What the world would be without it…
We might not think about it often, if at all, how much it is needed, how much it helps make everything so much better and more perfect, and that without a shade of doubt it is like water to the flower, like air to a human being.
Because I do not mean just physical beauty, or beauty of nature, but also internal beauty, that of heart, goodness, and soul.
I think I’ll write about it happily, whenever I see the opportunity to sneak some beauty in. From nature, from beautiful creations, from natural talents, etc…
So, here is one of my favorite subjects and I try to show “HER” natural existence, visible and also hidden where discovery shall be more of an adventure.

So let’s start with something beautiful, enjoyable, and admirable.
The beauty of movement created should please the eye and warm soul of every human being, not to mention leave us all in awe…
My compliments to you, young ladies!

AMAZING Russian Female Ensemble Beriozka Performs Marvellous “Gliding” Dance

Thank you for visiting my site and when anything reaches your heart or soul…let me know…I certainly appreciate it…

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