“Time is like a river, which consists of events that happen and its current is strong; but soon something will come and be swept, and another will come in his place and be swept as well.”
Marcus Aurelius

About My Blog…


Dear friends,
as all you who visit my site are considered as such…
Feel free to browse around, read, listen, enjoy, and don’t be shy to ask questions.
I would not like you to be confused by the content of my site, which is, as usually a bit overwhelming, reaching into quite unrelated corners of knowledge and wisdom and far away from it again.
Many topics are seemingly being unrelated, so I have to confess to you.
I have written literally a ton of articles of all kinds for my fans around the world and it’s always the same story with me.

I would start on a certain topic and then I realize that I have so much to say, share, inform, etc…make four pages from one page, to organize everything logically and transparently. And here I am again.
Intention or not, I decided to share it all…From all the corners of my mind, collected wisdom from the studies and the world I visited and know.

On the other hand, this one-sidedness is for me far from satisfying, then I decided to extend the site to all the cardinal points.
Therefore I’ll reveal to you now exactly what you can expect from this site, so you can decide if it’s something for you or not.

* Attractions and pieces of information from all over the world
* Interesting facts about life
* Things you should know or might interest you
* Inspiration in various forms
* Wise advice from wise people
* Useful advice about youth, beauty, cosmetics, and how to do it right (special for women)
* Health Information – Alternative Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda…
* Advice on self-help treatment as well on a healthy diet and how a diet can change your life either to satisfaction or misery.
* Useful information from various researches in many areas of life
* Humor in words and pictures
* Music from different corners… all the foreign songs are translated by me.
* Much about life itself, how to solve problems, how to take advantage of various new knowledge…
* And last but not least, a lot of aphorisms without which I cannot imagine my life.

* Stupidity, trivia, frivolities, and vulgarity
* Cheap quirks and farce
* Cheap celebrities’ admiration or admiration of cheap celebrities.
* No complaining from me about an abandoned, condemned, despised, and unhappy woman.
* I am totally satisfied and balanced, so no complaints about how it was or still is life cruel.
* Fortunately, I am blessed satisfactorily, so no complaints on my part about “chicken chest” or
“elephant’s butt.”
* No gossip, gossip, gossip… and similar successful inventions

However, in conclusion, I would like to point out whatever I do, say, write…is NOT!! for “fame” and similar nonsense;
I do not care about any doubtful “15 minutes in the sun”
or the number of visitors, but their quality.

Those who are interested in information and knowledge, have spirit and soul, good heart, love for neighbors, including nature and animals, will certainly like this site, leave me a few words of comment to show their satisfaction and will come back for more.

“I just love to write, I like to share my knowledge, and in the end, it’s a great way to keep my brain in shape…
As you can see, not all here is so innocent… 😉 M.

Yet, as is the case with everything, even my site is not for everyone, but it will certainly benefit those who are seriously interested in rich events in the world, in further education and knowledge, in the development of their own personality, and also those, who are still courting a reading like me, who started reading at age 6 and ends up with the book in hand on deathbed (I hope…)

Hence, accept my invitation to the Mayagalaxy realm and start browsing…


Thank you for your time, I shall appreciate your comments very much and always answer any questions you may have. I would like this blog to be active.
To request a personal connection, click “Contact” to fill in the data and click “submit.” I will respond within 48-72 hours.
Cheers, Maya

Russian group BUMER- brings you the song “Moskva- Magadan.
“Do you know what is Magadan?

It’s a place far north of Russia, a place where you could freeze to death…
you can also call it “where foxes wishing us goodnight”…and this song will lead us there by chance…”

Russian group BUMER- “Moscow- Magadan”
transl. by Maya

Do you know how strong are our winds in the north?
Do you know we have endless kilometers of snow?
And have you heard about our polar nights?
Here letter in the envelope, a letter from home…

Flying Moscow-Magadan with mail
reaching us with messages
I don’t believe and begging…
About fate, I do not complain
Just send news about what’s happening, send it to us!

Do you know that the sun can browse?
The skies and gives light but no warmth?
And do you know
Who once lived with us, doesn’t regret a life…

The smell of the first frosty spring…
And film about fate,
You can see only once a week
And just glad be to that!

Flying Moscow – Magadan…

So this is it. The distance here means, how far I would have to reach, to bring you highly varied content…just joking…
Enjoy my site and let me know if there is something special you wish to know about…

Friends, you and me
You brought another friend …
And then we were three
We started our group or circle of friends
No beginning or ending exists …

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