My philosophy:
” I’ve never gone where the conventional path leads. I made my own path and left the trail.”

I Love to live my life fully with all it has to offer and I would like to share with you on these pages something from many aspects of its bounty…
Hence, I wished to create content that would be not just of value to you by employing my extensive education in many areas, my experiences from the world where I lived and visited, also open to you widely world of personal and spiritual growth.

Therefore, I designed this site to bring you the knowledge, information, inspiration, and enjoyment. I hope you’ll find here all of that and more…also, when you apply at least some of it to your own life, it could become transformed into what you always wanted it to be…

My very own say would express this notion significantly enough…


I share all that, I teach it, but mainly I LIVE IT…
One cannot appreciate well enough the endless wealth of life not being totally aware of all it entails.
First of all, be aware deeply enough if one’s mind is not ripe for it.
When one doesn’t realize fully what is really there to see, to discover, to value, to appreciate, to admire, and to love, there always be something lacking in life.

In that spirit, I would also like to present this site, where mind and sensible thinking governs. There is still more to it, of course, because life has a never-ending bounty of topics and I would not want to miss all the great it has to offer.

With that said, I’ll “stray” sometimes into “lighter” aspects of
If you are looking for:

Information, Education, Thoughts, Lessons (abt. it all) Self-development, Philosophy, World events, (including translations) Politics, Economics, Lifestyle, Health, Beauty, Music (including songs translation) even humor…

Then Welcome to MayaGalaxy.com!

However…If you delve in, count on staying longer then expected…because you should leave with the major idea firmly in your mind:

“Celebrate Life, Cultivate Mind, Value Health, Admire Beauty”

About Maya

Happy browsing and BTW, coffee is always ready to serve…

Giovanni Marradi – Forever Beautiful

I do hope you make comments and share all you find here to your personal liking…
Thank You.

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